Berghaus Women’s Ramche Hyper Down Jacket

I am wearing the women’s Ramche Hyper Down
jacket by Berghaus. This is an ultra lightweight insulating piece that is insulated with high
quality 850 fill down. The down is also Hydrodown which means that each plume is treated with
a water resistant finish. What is so important about that is that the jacket is going to
stay dryer longer in wet conditions. It is going to dry out faster if it becomes wet
and it is also going to keep you warmer longer in wet conditions. So very high quality materials
here. The shell fabric here is the ultra lightweight Pertex Quantum material and this jacket weighs
in right at 169 grams. Berghaus is known for their body mapping and
the technology, the innovation they put behind all of their products. So you have definitely
got body mapping going on here. In areas that you lose heat the fastest you have more insulation
and you have different baffles. So right here in your course where you want to keep in your
body heat Berghaus has more insulation there. And under your arms, through the middle of
your back you do have a more breathable area. So as you are climbing, hiking, doing, you
know, active pursuits, this jacket is going to breath, but it is also going to keep you
really warm. You have got a full length zipper on this
jacket and there is a storm flap behind the zipper. You have a very light weight adjustable
draw cord that goes around the hem, so just keeping the weight of this jacket down. The
zipper is really small. The teeth are really tiny. And the draw cord is very light weight,
but it is all you need to cinch down the bottom of the jacket. Around the cuffs you just have
stretchy cuffs on either side, really simple, and a nicely baffled collar so you can zip
that all the way up. On this jacket you just have two hand level
pockets. Again, you have a really light weight zipper there. And the pockets are set up a
little bit higher in case you are wearing a climbing harness. You can still access the
pockets. When they are shut you can barely see them, so, you know, really nice shaping
and really nice style on that jacket. I really love the fit and the feel of this
jacket. First of all, since it is so light weight it feels really airy on. So you put
it on, you can feel the warmth from it, but it is not weighing down at all. And I am wearing
a size European 12 right now and I normally wear in other brands and US size I normally
wear a size small. And this seems to fit really well. With the drop hem in the back it definitely
doesn’t feel like it is going to ride up at all and I feel like I can get a lot of
layers underneath of it. Right now I am just wearing a light weight t-shirt, but if I needed
to layer up in colder temperatures, could get some layers under it. It is also low profile
enough to wear a shell or layers over top of it. So it is an excellent mid layer piece
as well. I have got the jacket packed down into the
included stuff sack so you can see how small and compact that is. For the warmth it provides
and for the weight this pack size can’t be beat for sure. With the high quality materials,
you have got 850 fill down, treated down and the Pertex Quantum GL fabric, this is going
to give you confidence to stay out longer in the back country. It is the Berghaus Women’s
Ramche Hyper Down jacket.

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