Okay… What? Are you kidding me? Who reversed
the door? What the? Seriously! um hi everybody!
My name is Tommy, um I am locked in here! I can’t believe somebody reversed the door
lock I don’t know what happened to my art
project. I was just working on in a minute ago and now all of the sudden it disappeared? No, you gotta be kidding me! *Welcome to Tommy’s Puppet Lab* Okay. Let’s try the window. What the? That’s the hat I was working on. There’s a can- oh! So somebody wants
me to carve this pumpkin… Yep and the window’s locked of course. Okay then! That’s a word lock. Yeah I’m not getting in! Well that’s a box, but I need a key And Foxy was supposed to be in here, but
I got Mimikyu. Another box with a lock on it. It’s a tape player. I don’t see how
that’s gonna help me right now. Well, I know what this is. This is a disguise for Mimikyu. Hey! There’s a key in the coin pusher! I just need some coins. You know what? I just want to get out of here. So I’m just gonna cheat! *alarm sounds* Bendy! Okay! I will find some coins
then! Well the key is right there That would be able to open this box or maybe this box. You know what? I’m gonna put this mirror upside down because I don’t want to see that face ever again! Oh there’s another locked box! What’s with the locks around here? This one here is a word lock so I need to know what kind of word it is. *static* Ooh! This is new! So I guess… whoa! bendy Oh no. This is very bad if Bendy is playing games right now! So I’m supposed to carve
Bendy”s face onto this pumpkin. That’s the hat I was working on. I guess I put the
hat on top and well obviously I put the candle inside. So exactly how is
that gonna help me? I honestly don’t know but this is weird enough already, so yeah. That’s what I thought. It’s fresh. Only Bendy can be behind this. I just put this right up here I guess. okay I like this! Computer! Yes! Technology! *tone* Okay, that was weird. My laptop just
turned into a puddle of ink but wait Hey I got myself a key!
Covered in ink… It’s a candle. Well… I’m gonna try something with this. Let’s get inside Pirate’s Cove and… Foxy: PINEAPPLE! Well it’s good to see you Foxy! Why you always say pineapple? What’s this? Ha ha! I’ve got coins! I can actually
play the coin pusher! I’m gonna get that key. Alright that’s the key right there. Yes! I did it!
I’ve got the key! Okay let’s try it on this. Ok, let’s find out what’s in here. Matches! Yes! Oh come on, really? I guess I’m gonna need that to light the candle. Heh, is that blood? What does that even mean? Oh! Light bulb! I’ll bet it’s red because it’s a red lock, and red letters. I bet that’s the combination to
this lock! Let’s try it! Yes! It worked! Ahh, a pineapple. I don’t think there’s anything else in
here that can help me. These are just a bunch of receipts. Well I think it’s long time we gave Foxy his pineapple don’t you think? I think it’s long time
and give you your pineapple Foxy! Foxy: Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! Foxy: Yum! Yum! Yum! Well, he seems happy. And he just disappeared! He spat out a key though! So we can
open the other lockbox! Okay, let’s find out what’s in this box. What do we have? This is a pumpkin carving knife. Great he’s got everybody on strings! Well he’s missing an eye. Maybe I need to find the other eye! Where would it be? Guess there’s just an one more thing to do right now. We’re going to carve this
pumpkin! The tape player! I don’t know what’s on this tape, and I’m
a little afraid to play it. But if it means my salvation, I gotta
play it! Ready… set… Doesn’t even work… Oh for Pete sakes I I don’t have any batteries. Hmm…maybe… no those
are not the right batteries. Bendy will try to kill me if I even try to pick
this thing up. Yeah, no that’s not the right battery. But this one takes C batteries. This has the right battery so I’ll just steal… them from here. Well, I guess all I can do right now is carve bendy face! So let’s get carving! There’s Bendy! We’re just missing the hat
i guess. And I don’t even have the batteries for the tape. So I honestly don’t know
what to to at this point. I am stuck here! (reads letter) Hey Foxy! Can you open the door? Maybe he can’t. Maybe it’s locked on both sides. Oh well. Anyway at least least he
told me what to do. I never did look under the air duct. Well I never did look
under here. Oh I see something! Ahh! the other eye!
Of course! Thank You Foxy. That really helps! Batteries! You had them in your mouth Freddy? Seriously? It’s never a good idea to put batteries in your mouth! Unless you’re a robot I guess. Alright so now we have batteries! You ready? 1… 2… 3… (clarinet music playing) Well, now we have the hat! So I guess now, we just need to finish the Jack-o-Lantern! Whoa-ho! Hey here’s a key. (gasp) Is what I think it is? I’m gonna go try this on the door! Yes! Free! Yes! Thank you for watching! Captions added by Tommy’s Puppet Lab!


  1. There is a sequel to this video! Another escape room with Bendy, Boris and Alice Angel!

  2. hi hi Tommy ich mag keine Filme weil du deutscher bist süß und nett und ich mag dich auch sehr du bist liebenswert du weißt es gern und Mamas manchmal gruselfilme aber das ist manchmal schrecklich mich weiterhin gruselfilme aber bitte machen mehr solche Filme du bist süß Ich liebe dich

  3. I subed you on another phone and on this I couldn't find your cannle but now I found it yaaaa you are asome!!!

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    Now I know why (Good Reasoning. Somebody BROKE The door. U DUMB PERSON U DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS SOMEBODY IN UR HOUSE? WOWWWW)

  6. How is this scary he just planned this and made it all happen and he keeps clipping the camera so he can add stuff but besides that he does a good jon

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