Behind the Scenes with Alegria’s Director Jean-Guy Legault

Jean-Guy Legault. I am the director
of Alegría 2019. People are familiar
with reinterpretations, particularly of plays, like Shakespeare
and the other great classics. Doing this is kind
of a first for us. But what we found
interesting inAlegríais that its message,
the reason it was created, is still relevant today. The piece explores the theme
of resilience quite a bit. It’s about a kingdom in turmoil
because it had lost its king. and the main character, Fleur, who is still alive, tries to take over. He was the king’s jester. And in the kingdom,
which is not quite stagnant, but has been stuck in
its ways for a long time, the status quo gets challenged
and a wind of change gets blown in from
the street, by the Bronx. So that is something that
we can feel strongly today, a desire for change that can
be felt throughout the world. For us, it made sense that what we did with the
reinterpretation of the show should be consistent
with its message. We can’t do it exactly the same
way as it was done originally. That would be like going against
the show’s own message. In fact, Franco always used to say:
“I don’t make museum pieces.” So, we’re not gonna take his work
and remake it the same way. The idea is to rethink it
and deliver something new. Today we associate resilience
with a sense of humanity. So we wanted to connect
with the characters. You can see their hair–they’re
not all necessarily wigs. The makeup is done in a way
that makes it possible to recognize the performers. We changed some of the costumes. People often ask me
about the Singer, but what exactly is the Singer? She’s the voice of the show,
so that led us to ask, where doesAlegríacome from? It’s a cry used in moments of
great distress.Alegría! We’re going to overcome
these difficult times. In fact, it’s a cry of hope. You have to feel that the person
who sings it, who gives it wings, hasn’t had a
particularly easy life. It’s a cry of resilience. So we’re looking at something that gets lighter
as it progresses, in terms of both
the stage lighting and the angels’ costumes, which look slightly dirty, and we can sense that at
the beginning they’re wearing the scars of what they
suffered on Earth. But as it goes on, they
become lighter, cleaner… We’re creating a wind of change. We’re keeping the show’s DNA, but approaching it differently
and making it relevant for 2019, which is a different
time, in a sense.


  1. Hey everyone, we hope you enjoyed this interview with Alegria's director! What else would you love to know about Alegria?

  2. Noo, how beautiful they are leaving it, the costumes very well made, the makeup too, as they always surprise us. Joy was always a show that I love, this frame my childhood always and I used to play that belonged to this show, you always surprise us Cirque Du Soleil 😍💖💖

  3. I believe I have high hopes for the next generation,and that their experience,will not only memorable,but inspirational and almost..revolutionary…am I going to far with this?

  4. As much as I love the original Alegria, I'm all for this reboot. I'll admit I'm still not a big fan of the singer's costume, but everything else that I've seen so far has been wonderful. I think a lot of the negative fans need to keep an open mind. It feels like they just want to see the same show over again and I have to disagree with them. The original had a good run and I honestly don't want to see the same old show over again. They need to take the nostalgia goggles off and at least see this full show first before tearing it apart.

  5. I really hope they aren’t changing a lot of it! I’m not traveling to Montreal for a completely different Alegria…

  6. Alegria is my absolut favorite show of cirque du soleil and I hope, that the reboot will be beatiful and entchanting like the old one. I always thought, that the story of Alegria was rather simple. Just a circus with a crazy director. To see a well written story like in other shows is a wonderful idea. The costumes are beautiful although diffrent, but thats not bad. So keep up your good work and I'll wait for all the new information about this project.

  7. Well my expectation has been lowered. After watching this video I see the STRONG acrobatic skeleton of the show has been replaced with a more cost effective "dance" skeleton for this show.

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  9. I wouldn't Change the Original dress style for the singers and classic characters costumes. It takes away the love I had for why I liked the show. This show got me into Cirque du Soleil, seeing my favorite show done in another fashion will ruin it for me. It shouldn't be called The same name if it isn't what it used to be. My expections for Alegria are so high.

  10. Thanks for the interview,, it’ is very interesting and I’m very curious about this new version of Alegria.😀I can’t wait to see the show in Italy!

  11. William Whitlock-London, Ontario, is this production coming to the Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario in the near future.?

  12. I adore the original production and was hoping very much to see it again (21 years later) and introduce it to my family. A new production is an intriguing idea, though it seems like an unnecessary expense when Alegria's design transcends the decades (unlike other early Cirque productions which could definitely benefit from a reboot). It sounds like they also changed the music/score and I find that VERY disappointing. In musicals and opera, there are many interpretations created from a single show bit the music remains. I feel a sense of dread at the idea that the beautiful sound of Alegria has been remixed. We shall see, there's no going back now. Alas

  13. I love that the jester looks like he just tourned a little older,
    In general I LOVE the new costumes for the show – Alergria will always be my number 1

  14. We have been loyal fans since the beginning of Cirque du Soleil ! Every performance, every show, is magical and wonderful ! That said, they all run together for us, they are more the same than different anyway, so there's no fuss or complaint about new or old versions, as far as I'm concerned. Bravo, Cirque !!

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