BARBIE PET SHOP, CANTORA E FASHION! ★ Abrindo Fashionista, Rock’n Royals e Cão Banho de Cores

Hi guys! Today I will open the Barbie dolls my birthday! And with you! Is not cool? This one I got from my friend Ana Clara And of her brother, Higor Ana Clara’s my best friend from school! And that here I won the Manu, my best friend from the academy of ballet and swimming. Guys, I’m very excited to open! Here we go? I’ll start by opening the Ana Clara Guys, this is a Barbie Model I love fashion like her! I love clothes. Draw dresses with accessories … And she is almost like me Look! brown hair too! Is not cool? I loved it! Let’s open? She is so beautiful! I’m almost there, I’m almost there Already got! I’m almost there. It is the music of Tiana The film “The Princess and the sapo” It’s beautiful even seen? Now I’ll open it and take the plastic Look, guys, how beautiful! Look at her high heels! It is very chic same, see? You must release the rubber band that is in her hair There you go! I really enjoyed it! Sit here. Hush! There! Okay, now it will not fall Hey, baby? Now let’s open that I won the Higor Hi friend! Hi! Guys, this is a doll movie Rock’n Royals The film Rock’n Royals is very musical Like me! Ador music! And fashion! I like many things, people! Look that! I also always wanted to play an instrument Type guitar, piano, keyboard I really want to even touch keyboard! That yes! She has a guitar or a guitar? It’s a very beautiful guitar! Let’s open? I want to see her sing Oh, sling off here! People, look! He stood! Now we open Where open, huh? I think it opens here Ready! Look how beautiful! Look at this cool clothes Our, it made me want to have an equal clothes to this Now we see her sing? You can do a show? Yes I can! Look that I’ll play my guitar Making a song well radical In the show I’ll play Singing in the moonlight That’s quite nice Sensational! How beautiful this song! Thank you! Good, huh? Beautiful song And people, what do you think of her music? If you like it, write in comments Oh, people! The guitar does not fall for it, look! Here in her clothing that is to hold the guitar Now, people! Tantantantan Let’s open this! Look that When you put the dog in the water, it changes color! Its very cool! You have to put in cold water It has a pot to put water, the dog and has a shelf also Oh, people! Look back here! It is also showing. You can make any model. I love animals things too People, he’s so cute! Let’s open? Ready! Look, folks! Here are the things with Barbie and dog I’ll take the first doll Free, free! We’ll get you out, my cute! Now is the puppy Here is his bathtub Look, I want to get into the tub And here’s the shelf Here’s a cushion for him This raises the tub Well, folks! I loved my new Barbie dolls! The model, singer and designer dog And the cute dog it! So a kiss for you And a very special kiss to Ana Clara, the Higor and Manu special and brilliant kiss! Now I’ll get there running cold water and warm water To see how this works Barbie Only that will only be in the next video!

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