BARBIE Fashionistas Dress Up Party with Disney Princesses Dolls Fashion Show Kids Toys

Hello everyone this is Sandra here with the
DisneyCarToys channel and today we are going to play dress up with these new Barbie Fashionistas
dolls. The fashionistas dolls are a little different from other Barbie’s they all have
unique faces unique hairstyles and of course new fashions. Here are the new fashionista
dolls out of the box and ready for the runway. Out first doll is lovely she has caramel colored
hair and her dress is really trendy with polka dots on the top and stripes at the skirt.
She’s got a cute little white handbag with white sneakers to match. This doll is super cute
as well, she’s got dark hair like me and I love her dress with red on top and the floral design
on the rest of the dress she has a cute little pink hand bag and black shoes to match the dress.
Barbie’s outfit of course screams Barbie to me it’s got a light pink glittery top and a
big poufy feathery skirt. The only think slightly unique and not like Barbie is she is wearing silver
flat shoes. Our last doll has nice long medium brown hair her arms out just so she can carry
her big purse I love her outfit, it kind of seems a little like 1960’s hippie style
to me but trendy too at the same time. Her shoes match her purse. And for a special treat today
we are going to have a big dress up party we are bringing in these Disney Princesses our
new fashionistas clothing. So we will switch out Ariel with this polka dot and yellow dress.
And we are going to give Mulan the floral dress with red I think it is going to look really
good with her lipstick. The Frozen Fever Elsa doll will try on Barbie’s outfit, which should
match well with Elsa’s pink flower in her hair. And for Cinderella I am going to give her a totally
new outfit with his jean skirt and tank top. Alrighty we’ve got the dressing room and
boutique set up so everyone can try on their outfits. And of course we have our lovely
judge Barbie here who is the best dressed. Well I am the best dressed of course. But I can pick
out he second best dressed because I know fashion! Alright lets start with Ariel and
she can change dresses with this doll and wow that’s a tight dressing room ladies. Okay
I think they are ready to come out so here is our original doll in Ariel’s dress and wow check
out Ariel, I love the new outfit. Wow I have never seen Ariel look so modern with the sunglasses
the dress and of course these High Top sneakers. Wow Ariel you look so much better
but I don’t think grey is your color so yea. Ouch harsh lets see if Mulan bears it
any better. Okay ladies lets get in the dressing room and oh you’ve got to put your arm down.
There we go, tight squeeze tight tight squeeze. Alright I think they are ready lets
see how the ladies outfits turned out here. And holy cow they both look great wow. This is
totally great dress for Mulan. Gee Mulan looks perfect it’s like this dress was made for
her. If you think Mulan has the cutest outfit now then right down Mulan in the comments. Wow
Mulan red is tots your color and the floral looks great on you too. I totally vote yes
for your outfit. And now lets move on to outfit number three with Barbie and Elsa. Uh whatever
you called that doll Barbie she’s not even like super tan like me her hair is like medium
blond not like super blond. Well even though Barbie doesn’t agree this is Barbie. Lets
get her in the dressing room and switch out some outfits. Lets see how they look and holy cow
this is my favorite so far. Lets see Elsa she looks beautiful in pink and the Barbie looks
fabulous in Elsa’s dress. Its kind of crazy to see Elsa in a dress this short but she looks really
pretty in the light pink. I think this is my choice but if you vote for Elsa then just
put Elsa in the comments. And I just cant get over how pretty Barbie looks in Elsa’s Frozen
Fever dress if you want you can vote for Barbie too. That Barbie looks okay in the dress but
I would so totally looks better in it. But Elsa you look fabulous I have been telling you
that you need ot wear pink more often because you look so good in it. And our final dress
up will be with Cinderella and this brunette doll. Come on ladies lets get in the dressing room
last outfit. Okay girls lets reveal your next look and wow very nice, very pretty ladies. I honestly
hardly even recognize Cinderella she looks so hip and cool in this little trendy hipster
outfit and it’s almost kind of strange to see this Cinderella dress on a brunette. Oh Cindellie
I totally like that top on you your necklace looks good too you should totally wear jewelry
more often. And thank goodness you got rid of the dress with the puffy sleeves ew. I
think all the girls looks really good in their brand new outfits. But now its time to vote, if
you think Cinderella looks best in her hipster outfit then write Cinderella in the comments. Or
if you think Ariel looks the best in her polka dot dress and sunglasses write down Ariel. Or
in the pink dress Elsa, if you like her outfit the most. Or write down Mulan if you like her
dress the most. Uh wait guys you’ve got to write down Barbie I think I was dresses the best
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