1. I hv bamboo fibre waste (waste od Chopstick product) for 3-4Tons/week.Anybody interest to use it? contact my WA +6289523468890.I am in Bandung-West Java,Indonesia

  2. how much investment for making this plant ? and how much capacity this plant ? 3000 TCD ( Ton canne per day like sugar plant )

  3. Design a outer layer of fabric impregnated with water activated ceramic with an inner layer of expanding cellulose impregnated with water activated ceramic and develop a new building material you can generate huge rolls of and build structures out of then add water with the inner layer swelling up and turning hard acting has insulation with the outer layer curing hard like concrete. A amazing new building material.

  4. Design bamboo fabric impregnated with a water activated ceramic like concrete canvas. Cut into squares then rivet a bendable screw strip to one side. You can make shingles that can bend and form around corners. You could shingle a whole house from bottom to roof then just spray down with water and let it cure. Really amazing product with multiple applications. ; )

  5. Use the bamboo fibers to generate a stretchable net with the fibers impregnated with a water activated ceramic like concrete canvas. These nets could be stretched over surfaces then bamboo fiber concrete foam spread over it like stucko. You could even impregnate bamboo fabric in strips then weave the strips together to form large panels that can be secured to poles then add water let cure and you will have a hard ceramic wall. An inner and outer wall of bamboo fabric concrete hardened then fill hollow in wall with foam or foam concrete. Take bamboo use to a whole other level.

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