[BAGEL LABS] World’s First Perfect-Fit Jeans with Smart Tape Measure

When buying jeans on online It’s hard to find the perfect fit. Because Our unique body shapes
don’t always fit to the typical size. As a result, we end up wearing
uncomfortable jeans. No more mistakes with ‘Bagel Labs – Tailored Jeans’ Finely made-to-measure jeans
designed by you Purchasing our tailored jeans
will revolutionize the way you buy jeans. First, you purchase the jeans from Kickstarter. Then our smart tape measure
will be delivered right to your home. Measure your body with our smart tape measure to
gage exact measurements with our easy-to-use app. Like a tailor, the guided app
will assist with the measuring. Soon after, you’ll receive
a prefabricated pattern of your jeans. After you check for size and comfort, and let Bagel Labs know of any modifications you’d like to make. Finally, you’ll receive your jeans. Comfortable Stylish and perfectly personalized But with Bagel Labs Jeans: there’s more. It’s designed with a true artisan touch. Made with the finest Kuroki denim fabric, paired with the highest quality YKK zippers. Within the waist area of your jeans:
you can find a personalized monogram. And since the ordering process is 100% customized, there is no over-stock. Which makes Bagel Labs Jeans
environmentally friendly. Revolutionize the way you buy jeans,
with Bagel labs. Jeans by you, for you. Bagel Labs

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