Bad Boys, Beautiful Dresses and Bermuda | Weekly Vlog

Canada this is going to be Monday
today’s April Fool’s I feel like this morning was like a good
April Fool’s joke with the kids you know the whole process of getting the kids
out of the house to go to school is like every day is it April Fool’s but you
know what I want to say I had a really compassionate moment with Jake this
morning you know he with he misbehaved a little this morning he was really upset
about it and I pulled him aside and I just told him to calm down and I talked
him through I asked him why he did it and I just found that it’s like I found
this new calm which I really like with him
I find that I’m connecting with him and I think a lot of it have to do with the
fact that I spent that time with him in Miami I know I spent those few days and
I feel like I found a little more I got to work closer and then when he does
stuff like this I can actually just call me have a conversation okay guys so
today is April Fool’s decided to do a prank on Karen where we got a stripper
cop to come but he’s not gonna strip like I’m not gonna do that Gary but he’s
going to pretend to look for Gary it’s gonna happen in our weekly meeting
so just Watkins oh man this is cute guys we are done with our weekly meeting we
checkmark the stripper and Gary’s we can move on with right now we are going to
Narcis that is a Canadian brand we’re basically looking for a dress for me
that I’ll be able to wear to castle Awards which is the Canadian Fashion
Awards Gala I’m super excited to attend it will be my first year attending this
gala is basically an evening where we honoring Canadian designers and other
like prominent figures in the Canadian fashion industry is super excited and I
really wanted to wear a Canadian designer to you know bring more
awareness and we have so many amazing beautiful pieces in Canada so many
talented designers and I’m just really excited to feature it so we’re going
through their showroom and we’re gonna try it on a bunch of them seek hi this is Nikki how are you we are
basically looking for something to wear for Kappa okay to be that I love you too
sorry we’ve had more extra than this but especially because to me I’m just like
this is my first year going I’m like we don’t have you on the list so it’s all the way clear sequin yeah I
thought it really is this is really pretty
yeah this is from our new collection definitely you’re welcome to try it for
day Instagram thing I would want three very different things maybe one color
like one big one and then something like varying yeah so would you actually go
with whichever gets the most votes I think you’ll be a great experiment to
see what gets the most kind of reaction tonight yeah I love to do it with
everything okay I know okay okay no I know but
specifically about it yeah the beginning good day okay
I just dropped up the kids I went to the office to catch up on some work I’m
getting really excited because I have booked my mom and I to go on a vacation
on Friday so I’m literally just like counting down the days and the hours and
the minutes for that to happen I’m gonna head to pick up the boys and we have so
women Gina went with the boys this time for
swimming so mommy and maxi you can hang out max I haven’t been with you
one-on-one and so long there’s boys around us all the time but
just you and me it’s been so long it’s been so long maxi rolled over yesterday
for the first time and we have we have teeth coming out oh my goodness and
you’re celebrating six months shortly who is this giant who is this beautiful
giant come let’s go let’s go hang out on our way to an airport and our flight
is at 9:00 and 7:30 I check this in and said Bermuda here we can hi sir how are you yes thank you so much
so pretty enough OB honey I don’t care what the population here 65
them we arrived to our room and they spoiled us with this sweet this is the
living room no children’s or stains this is the work
area dining room this is our bedroom gonna sleep together just like old times
this is the master bathroom and this is a walk-in closet
my arm is super happy about this one okay I have to show you the most amazing
view pepper this Canada this is where I’m going to be reading my book now
we’re going to eat just basically remission here this is not the lose
weight type of vacation planning to work out eat read and talk a lot with my mom
that’s what this weekend is all about spot favorite time of day
food time guys it’s so clean here I thought it’s open oh my god we are ready to take over the town we’re
dressing our finest gears my mother is very excited to learn more about Bermuda
short cooking the mutiny shorty yeah then continue with your lives I forgot
my concealer I forgot my foundation I forgot any other jacket by jean jacket
which right now I’m basically wearing Canadian tuxedo
maybe this vacation would be a test of how rested I can you show me at the
concealer taffeta yes the harshest blue now considering another wall to get the
booty test oh my god I don’t know mom I think okay guys he just came back mama
yeah buddy I don’t know they did not focus always know she loves you I was
like my just don’t scream out loud I just need to say hi you live here where
should we go everything smell what do you got for
dinner yes yes sushi yes go to pearl pearl is
really yummy it’s on Front Street yeah further along that was crazy the
specialist gazelle gazella whenever I have anxiety i watch your
videos babies and then it makes her feel better
doctor I’m not giving her anxiety she get me to devour you zero okay day to
have a little retreat my mother who went to chill like the water today is not so
warm and there’s no Sun it’s cool overcast just decided to walk around and
look at the property at the Hamilton princess which is beautiful it’s amazing
how many simple things start doing when you’re so busy with life where am I
going that’s the showers cool huh okay mama
you wanted to come on a vacation with me this is the kind of work you’re after
there so I’m gonna have to prop her and just tell it to click the button
are you ready mama yeah this is it this is the final countdown okay mom smoothie now what is a set of Arrakis a scimitar
no what’s that they buy seed sure you’re my designated photographer for life
Tibetan Upstate vacations any Buddha brat mi don’t get a bad with the ground we are just packing to go to our flight
we had the best time the weather was perfect he got a little
pen you can tell at the moment and that’s it I’m ready to go back home I
feel so good and I finished my book and I feel refreshed and I slept and I need
to do this disconnect thing more often I didn’t film a lot and vlog a lot this
trip because it really was about just connecting with my mother enjoying some
alone time and it was amazing going back home one last bye-bye you


  1. The second and the third are stunning🙌🏼Those are definetely gonna help you make an entrance.
    But you look amazing in every single one of them, so any choice will be great🙌🏼💙

  2. long time subscriber here. Do you even care that you a losing your connection to people who have supported you for years? It is so disappointing to see you just ignore your subscribers repeated comments and frustrations with the misleading and less genuine content you have begin to produce. I guess it is time for me to unsubscribe.

  3. I love the vlogs where her mother is in. I have so much respect towards her mother. I wish Bermuda part would have been longer, it was the most interesting part. 🙂

  4. I love you so mush, you make me happy, you make me smile, I just love your personality and everything you do and say. Love to hear you speak Russian because I understand it<3 Love your mom and kids and gary.
    keep make us happy!

  5. I've been seeing a lot more negative comments on this channel now a days, definitely not all the comments, but it makes me very sad to read some of the things people are saying. There are things Valeria could improve on with recent videos, I agree, because she's not perfect, I'm not perfect, and honestly no one is perfect and we all have our ups and downs. I believe that everyone is better than their worst moments, and we never know what she could be going through and it's the same for all of us. We all want acceptance and belonging, and some of these very critical comments may not help her in a positive way and might even bring her down. Please treat her like how you would want to be treated yourself. I think what she might need is support and kind advice through this time of change and rather than harsh criticism, and there's a fine line between giving advice and telling someone what to do, and it's often hard to differentiate. I hope everyone can understand, and let's be a more supportive community together. ❤️

  6. The little toast with your mother made me emotional 😭😭😭 I cannot wait to have the opportunity to treat my family to getaways like this.

  7. I live in Bermuda! Please have a look in some of my videos where you can appreciate beautiful views of Bermuda.

  8. #3 is my favorite because you could wear a red lip and our hair up and it would look sophisticated and regal!!

  9. I’ve been to Bermuda a couple of times. It is picturesque. My fav travel destination esp because it’s only a couple hours from Toronto. Love your vlogs, Valeria xo

  10. Neeever bored of you! Such cuuuties…aaand didnt like the #5 and #6 dresses… But the rest were peeeerfect

  11. I also watch you when I have anxiety. It relaxes me and makes me happier. Cheers and thank you for your vibes!

  12. Valeria, I love you. Dont worry about meeting your "quota" . Your content has always been likeable just because It is authentic. Nurture yourself and your amazing husband and those beautiful boys.

  13. I know its too late , but the blue is the least hideous, just take off that stupid poof. The black dress you wore to your mum's wedding looking amazing on you

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