Backpacking Clothes – What I Wear & Pack

Backpacking Clothes – What I Wear & Pack

all right it's the water filter check that off take oh that should be all good except for oh yes that's right hey everybody syntax 77 here almost forgot you creeped me out a little bit being in my basement just there I'm multitasking today I'm actually packing for a trip I'm going on tomorrow in the White Mountains got my backpack here back to my ultralight backpack but what I'm down to right now is just getting my clothing together and popping that in a bag and then also more specifically getting together the clothing I'm going to actually wear to hike in and I have had some people out there requests that I do a specific video on what I actively hike in while on the trail I've done some what's in my pack videos but today we're going to talk about my actual clothes on the trail so I've got them all right here and then just for good measure I will also go over any other back up clothing spare clothing etc that I have in my pack but first let's get started with what I'm actually wearing so here we go one item in time let's go right through it by the way this is a three-day two-night trip when I show up trailhead I'm gonna be wearing t-shirt right synthetic t-shirt that's the key here may have heard me preach this before I'm going to preach it again I do all synthetic yes some of your parents out there or maybe even you will say I've hiked plenty of times and blue jeans I never died that's true you're not going to like burst into flames if you wear blue jeans in fact it might be less likely to burst into flames because this synthetic stuff is pretty flammable but it also wicks away sweat and dries a lot faster than cotton and it is more likely to keep you warm actually it definitely will keep you warm while wet compared to something like cotton so everything I'm going to show you is either synthetic or in the case of my socks well I'm jumping ahead but anyway so the t-shirt nothing special about it I have several brands this is a Hanes ex-something version I don't know it's polyester I've got some Gildan ones just whatever is on sale a champion brand whatever just make sure that it doesn't have any cotton in it check it out there usually be polyester sometimes a mix of some other synthetic stuff but veer away from the cotton so cheap t-shirt probably get one for five to ten dollars and I wear one of these on the trail I should also mention the trip we're going on is to the White Mountains in New Hampshire at a tempering for this trip is going to be between I'd say realistically the way things are looking on the forecast probably 40 and 70 degrees max this stuff here that I'm showing you will pretty much cover any three season because in the whites it could very easily go down I'm prepared for possibly mid-30s so in that case it might be pretty cold in the morning maybe 50 degrees 40 degrees when we hit the trail and I'll have this long-sleeve shirt as well synthetic again this one is the champion brand nothing super fancy we haven't we don't have any real hiking brand stuff yet this is just whatever I can find on sale at whatever store I happen to be at this one is a champion shirt by the way the t-shirt was around five ounces and this long-sleeve shirt is going to rack in around seven ounces okay I do keep weight in mind so this is nice and light it'll just take the chill off cut down on wind and then as I warm up I can push the sleeves up right and then eventually I'll probably just toss this in my pack shove it in there and continue on in my t-shirt so I'll be wearing this long sleeve synthetic lightweight tee alright here's an important piece of gear and here's where I actually spent some money okay actual hiking pants in this case these are EMS convertible camp pants I think they call them just about every camping or hiking or outdoor brand out there has something like this in their catalog and it's a pair of hiking pants with a zipper that you can zip off the legs like that see now the leg came off and if I did that twice you get the picture it would be a pair of shorts pretty versatile I bought these for going on five years ago I wear the same pair of pants as those of you have seen some of the videos probably notice on my cartoon character I'm always wearing these same pants I do have a great pair that I bought back then as well but honestly I usually just take as you'll see one pair of pants and it's usually these I just like the color they've been on a lot of trips I like them I've heard people bring up before that that zipper is a possible point of failure so they avoid the convertible pants I can tell you that um myself and Mike my friend Mike bought these same exact pair of pants well he has a different pair we don't share them we bought the same pair from EMS four years ago plus and neither one's ever had a problem with the zipper so I'm not worried about that anymore I like that because if you're hiking in a taut you just zip that right off also an advantage of that for me that I found is when you're hiking sometimes the bottom of your pants get muddy and whatnot at the end of the night you might want to get in your hammock or your tent your sleeping bag and everything is clean except for the bottom of your pants just zip off the bottom of your pants let them hang outside they won't get your sleeping bag dirty and when you wake up in the morning you can zip them back on tada they also have the cargo pockets on the side which is great I find that super useful and when I'm without it I find myself really missing it so you can just shove all kinds of random maps snacks gear whatever you got plenty of space in those cargo pockets on each side and then of course back pocket front pockets etc it's got a built-in belt if you really want to you can take it off but it's nice and adjustable they do find on these DMS ones sometimes when I'm hiking my hip belt the pressure from it will cause these to pop off it's not the end of the world but it does happen and yeah those are my pants so these yeah just about every brand they're usually around 50 bucks which would be first starting out backpacking at least for me I was like $50 pants what but like I said if you buy one nice pair it should last you the rest of your hiking career well worth it and you can kind of dollar cost average with the cheap shirts I showed you but invest in the pants will be at least my suggestion pants done let's move on oh I usually wear a hat okay this isn't synthetic sometimes I have a synthetic at sometimes I wear a cot anyone like this yeah whatever it's not life or death so I guess I lied sometimes I do have cotton and it'll be a hat like this if I'm expecting it to be wet then I will bring along in actual I think I have a alto research hat that's synthetic but if this gets wet I just put it on the outside of my pack I just usually wear a hat anyway so I wear one in the woods it also keeps the shade off of you also if there's a little chill in the air just having even a light weight ball cap on can reduce your loss of body heat so that's good next up underwear once again synthetic just go out and shop around find a sport or athletic version of your favorite brand of underwear or if you're like me you don't have a favorite brand of underwear so you just buy whatever's on sale these ones a Reebok they happen to be pretty good once again just make sure they're not made out of cotton in this case they're made of the label wore off who knows they're probably polyester and next up socks now I did mention earlier that socks or my one thing that is not necessarily synthetic I do wool socks used to do synthetic but I have learned to invest in the wool socks I was go to at first I must admit you're going to pay about 15 bucks a pair for a nice pair in this case they're darn tough I also like the merino wool smart wool guys whatever whatever your preference is I think it is good to invest in a nice pair of wool socks wool naturally I don't know let's just call it magic of nature keeps you warm when you need to be warm and keeps you cool when you need to be cool which is perfect for something like socks which can get really hot when you're trudging along or cold at the end of the night when you're hanging around camp also when wet still works just as well unlike someone say it cotton right so I like the old wool socks here you could get synthetic ones whatever you want to do then of course there's Footwear that is important now I'll be honest for this trip I'm still trying to figure out what to wear but I'm going to show you the three options that I have that I use for just about every trip and I'll show you the reason for each I'm on the fence because I don't know how wet this trip is going to be I got to check the forecast again and well we'll get into the reason for that all right so check it out these are merrill hiking like trail runners and these I believe are their Moab's ventilators or something like that either way pair trail runners they are not waterproof in any way whatsoever they will tote get wet but for a dryer trip or warmer trip where if they get wet they'll dry out quick whatever I will wear these these are actually my day-to-day shoes as well but because I'm doing a lighter set-up I will often wear these in a dryer conditions and get away with it and it feels fine but on this trip if it's a little wet I really don't want to slosh up my sneakers that I wear on a regular basis so the other option in the trail runner category is I have a pair of adidas Terrex swift arse yeah that's a mouthful but anyway there are basically gore-tex trail runners and they do work really well I've stepped in some puddles with these in subversion for a decent amount of time and they don't get wet now of course if you go past the ankle the water is going to get in and then they're probably never going to dry out so for like stream crossings and stuff I wouldn't even bother bringing this I just go ahead and bring something like this let them get wet and dry out but if it's going to be like a light rain or walking through a lot of undergrowth and stuff like that you know get all that do on your shoes these will keep my feet dry or like the occasional couple inch deep stream crossing I don't have to worry too much with these so these are possible I've worn these in the whites before one thing to point out the Adidas shoes here have the adidas tread Merrill's have vibrant red most hiking boots use the vibrant red you know why because it's awesome and I can tell you from personal experience these adidas treads no comparison to the vibram I matter of fact one of my worst slip and falls and it was mostly no it was 90% carelessness on my fault but nonetheless I wish I had to buy rooms I might not slip was when I was wearing these they don't have nearly the grip but I do like the capability to stay dry so those are a contender and then my third option classic old-school mid top boots I might bring these if I'm expecting it to be wet and sloppy I will burn these because I can just beat them up slop them up I'm only using these for hiking also if I'm carrying more weight than say my 20 pound total ultralight set up I'm going to bring these for the ankle support and how so I'm back and forth lately maybe I need to do a separate video on it but lately I don't know if my I'll put it this way if my if I feel like my ankles bothering me or if the terrains gonna be real rocky and I just want some more peace of mind I'll go ahead and wear these yeah they weigh twice as much so that adds to fatigue but a nice pair of boots I don't know I got away from it from a while now I feel like I might be getting back into it but I don't know so I might bring the mid tops these are garment zee nuts I believe mids they are treated somewhat they'll a little water resistance but like the other ones if I step in a puddle there they're going to pretty much get soaked after a couple splashes but they do have good ankle support that pretty much covers everything that I wear on the trail wait one more thing sunglasses I always have pair sunglasses usually on my head ready to go or in my pack keep the Sun out of your eyes so technically I guess that's clothing so I will throw that in there so next up let's move on to the other clothing gear that I pack because that's literally everything I hike in pretty simple right what else do I bring well the other stuff I'm going to shove in my pack it's not much it's right here synthetic hat weighs about an ounce pretty cool it's lightweight again this is not a winter trip this is like a three season trip when I sleep at night I wear this I usually pull it down it looks a little better I have a quilt which actually is my backdrop my hammock your 40-degree quilt here doesn't have a hood over my head so I'll wear this at night to keep my head toasty as well as in the morning but I pretty much save this for sleep so it's nice and dry and not sweated on during the day next thing I'm going to pack instead of a spare a pair of hiking pants which weighs a little more like 12 ounces 3/4 of a pound I won't bring that I'll just bring a pair of shorts because I'm going to hike everyday in those hiking pants I'm going to wear these around camp and in my sleeping bag or in my case a quilt that way if I get wet during the day in the rain or sweat or mud or whatever I got a clean pair of shorts that I can put on and be comfy around camp and when I sleep now on top of that because of the temporaries for this trip especially in the whites for anything could change I'm also going to bring a pair of long johns as they would be commonly called or of a slayer if you want to be fancy these are Patagonia's I bought these because I forgot to bring a pair when I was out in Utah and all they had at the gear shop was high-end brand stuff and I've grown to really love these maybe it's cousin nostalgia because honestly you can go shop around and you can find something for a fraction of the cost that works really well so anyway some sort of base layer is what I'm going to bring for my legs and I actually usually do this it's not the most fashionable thing and your wife or girlfriend is maybe going to look at you weird keep that in mind but I'll just wear this and then a pair of shorts over top makes you look really cool around camp but it also give you a nice warm dry option at camp and I will not hike in either one of these ideally it's not a winter trip this is just for cool nights and sleeping and those cold mornings when you're getting together your stuff doing your camp chores then I'll switch back into this all the same stuff I showed you over there now you might be saying what about your shirt and no spare shirt yeah I usually do nowadays I almost always bring a spare shirt we already went over the shirt right the t-shirt okay so same thing I'll bring one that's up to you is a three-day two-night trip ideally I'm going to use this just for sleeping as well and then at some point depending on how sweaty and dirty I am I'll make the decision to switch over to this and hike in it it might be on the second day it might be on the third day I might just be dirty and where the original shirt the whole trip but either way I do bring a spare again the idea is if I get super dirty or rained on or whatever I have a dry version of everything every night to sleep in which brings me to the next thing and that is a spare pair of socks I think I'm bringing one on this trip again every night I put on the dry sleeping pair on the last day I'll leave them on and hike out in these and then I'll probably have my cleanest socks as I reinter society sometimes and I go back and forth on this sometimes I'll bring a third pair so I have a pair for each day socks are important but even on a trip longer than three days I don't think I'd ever bring more than three pairs of socks total because if it's a longer trip you can always just wash them in a stream hang when your pack and little mayor out very similar to the underwear situation I'll bring spare underwears well at least one pair similar to the t-shirt at some point I'll just decide okay it's time for do underwear or if it's going to be a hotter trip or just depending on conditions a pair per day again though I wouldn't bring more than three I can always watch one and dry one on a longer trip also continuing my theme of a version of everything for a round camp I don't know if I'm doing it this trip but sometimes I will bring a pair of flip-flops a lightweight cheaper pair but not too cheap because I want them to be comfy I might be walking on some kind of iffy terrain around camp so I don't want them to be too terrible but this is just a pair of flip-flops that sometimes I bring they will cost me a little extra weight in this case almost seven ounces so that's why I usually bring it on but I tell you what it is nice sometimes to get to camp and you maybe walk through a stream and your boots are wet which by the way the best way to dry them out is to keep them on as long as possible but nonetheless it's pretty nice sometimes to take those boots off let your feet kind of air out and nothing does that better than some flip-flops although if it's cold out that might be a little painful but that's an option sometimes I do bring the flip-flops as well and another item that I really enjoy and the reason that I bring that lighter weight long sleeve shirt a down jacket now of course you can omit this on a warmer trip but I bring this unless it's going to be downright hot most in places I go at least for those first few hours in the morning when you're first warming up it's cold out this comes in super handy weighs about nine ounces and I find it well worth it especially if you're going to somewhere like the White Mountains where I'm going you never know you go above treeline it can be a whole nother atmosphere up there gets super cold throw this guy on and you're in a much warmer situation it also packs down really small this particular model is by Mont Bell and it's their UL ultralight parka the park of meaning that it has the hood on it you can go even lighter than eight and a half ounces if you get the version without that but I like it because it's like a full jacket and then if I combine it with my rain jacket I've got kind of a full windbreaker and down combo going on which can be really warm the rain jacket I bring by the way and even if it's not going to be rain on the forecast I still bring this it's only around four and a half five ounces max it's a dry duck's rain parka it is about 20 bucks for a pair of this and the pants they will rip kind of easily there borderline disposable but I've had this one for a couple years now it's been fine just keeping in the pack and like I said it's a super lightweight windbreaker if it's going to be more extreme temperatures where it's life or death if I don't have my windbreaker I'm not going to bring this because it might rip although you can fix it with a little duct tape in that case I would bring my heavier grade EMS shell I think that covers everything at this point so there you have it the clothing I wear as well as the clothing I pack for backpacking please share with me in the comments section below I'd love to know some feedback from you guys leave you think some of these options are crazy maybe you have some better options share it with me I want to learn more and you guys teach me tons so go ahead and post below let me know what you use what you like and I think that pretty much covers it so till next time I'm syntax 77 have fun out there

28 thoughts on “Backpacking Clothes – What I Wear & Pack

  1. Hello my outdoors friend. Thank you for sharing this very informative video. You always have an abundance of helpful information. Take care and be safe out there. 🤗

  2. Synthetic can be great, but raw silk and merino wool rock. Stay warm when wet. And, don't burn or melt. Worth checking them out! Think about your WOOL socks. And if you want want something for stream crossings, look at Aqua Socks, for streams and camp slippers, not for hiking. Way lighter than flipflops, too.

  3. I wear a very light weight sock liner under my main sock all the time. Have a pair for each day (or wash as needed), and can get by for multiple days on the one outter wool pair.

    I also keep clean change of clothes in the car, sometimes it is just nice to be able to put on fresh clothes for the ride home

  4. I own 3 pair of Adidas TerraX GTX SwiftR's or whatever they are called with the thin pull cords instead of laces. Paid from 99 to 135 for them.. they seem to be leaving us. I'm very sad about this. I hope they dont just replace with some lesser build. Please Adidas.

  5. Very good advice as always! I do enjoy sleeping in cotton more. Just feels more homey and cozy compared to synthetic. I also leave a change of clothes and maybe even some baby wipes & deodarant in my car for the trip's end… that way I can feel like a new person if we are heading into civilization or if we have a long drive back home.

  6. I love your packing and review videos, top notch!!! Really, all your videos are awesome, before your hiking vids I'd love to see your pack plans for each specific trip

  7. From experience…for those without it….If you wear the down jacket, and put the rain jacket over it…be aware, if you hike in that, and you sweat at all, you will soak your down, and that can lead into trouble. Then, if you stop, and have nothing else, temp drops, and your in trouble….I have been there, when i thought that this combo would be the ultimate solution. Save the down for non walking. maybe take a super light fleecy type shirt jacket, or a thicker Patagonia base shirt under the rain jacket to ward off an unexpected cold rain, etc, while walking.

  8. hey Syntax, hers's a suggestion for your footwear. instead of bringing along the additional flip flops for when your shoes are wet, what if you put on your dry socks, put bread bags or some other lightweight plastic bags over your socks, then put the shoes back on. it would save you the added weight of the flip flops .

  9. Do you still carry your EMS Stasher gear? That's my go to lounge wear around camp, also scored the ems convertible pants and the rain shell, EMS is great gear im glad you turned us on to them back in the day, I've had mine for about 4 years as well and i haven't had any problems with it. great gear, you pay for it, but thankfully only once.

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