Back to School Shopping for my Girlfriend

Hello my people so this video you’re all experiencing it too But it’s kind of directed at one person to like give a bit of background. I don’t Really let my girlfriend Watch my videos. Ah, I just want her to watch them when I am with her But I wanted to you know spice up this long-distance thing And make a whole video dedicated to her because I thought it was fucking cute. I Will be sending her this video. So hi My plan for this video is to go back to school shopping For her because she’s in college kind of really miss going back to school shopping I have a lot of credits at my local thrift store. So I thought it would be cute or whatever if I Went back to school shopping for her I try to see when she was working and busy and also had a lot of you guys pick out outfits on into them story Thank you. So thanks for the help guys. Love my people great taste I obviously enjoy making serious content on my channel related to mental health identity etcetera, but But it’s okay, can you tell my voice gets really high when I’m nervous If you’re new, not only am I gonna say you should subscribe but yes, there’s always a flag in a bowl of lemons intellectuals only I Wanted to do this video because I get a lot of messages from you guys Like hey the way that you wear frickin rainbow clothes all the time or like you haven’t colored hair I see myself in you and there’s no one at my school that dresses like that and it’s really cool to see that makes my Day, but it also really makes my day knowing that a lot of you guys. See yourself in her She said she got a ton of messages from people which is so cool that a lot of you Identify with the way that she dresses and seeing her being confident in her identity and a girl but also dressing androgynous a lot of people Identified with that and I’m happy that a lot of you can relate to her and bringing exposure to that makes a lot of you Great I tell her to post about it all the time because she makes such good points about how the way she dresses Doesn’t define her identity as a woman and I think we don’t talk about that enough So overall what I’m trying to say is the way you dress doesn’t have to affect your identity in fact It’s super cool to be so in touch with yourself and to feel so confident within yourself that you can give yourself the freedom To wear what actually feels genuine to you. Yeah cute, so wanted to give exposure to that I look like an emo sugar daddy. That’s the new branding emo sugar. Daddy. No one asked for it. It’s here. Okay Enjoy followed Jessie Paige. Yeah, okay If no makeup on trying to just practice not caring as much my friend. Chris is gonna pick me up and I’m a little nervous that I’m gonna mess up. It’s all the thought that counts Yeah, I have tons of credit so it’s gonna be really cool because I donate my own clothing. Yeah. Yes. Be sure to thrift Sustainable shopping important save the environment for a month. What’s up? You guys? What are we doing today? Jesse we’re going shopping. Okay again lid what is on the list? Remember when I tweet it to all my friend text me a picture of Brendon Urie. Oh my god Brendon Urie picture. Oh we got options Okay Inspiration but sure find anything else than like we’re just gonna roll with it. All right, let’s go My hair oh my god It’s so pretty. Thank you. I Think we did really good. What do you think Jesse? No money cuz I just donated all of it Be like Jesse donate your clothes. I Told you we can’t take her anywhere I Can’t take her anywhere You swear where are you going? Well save the turtles No, can we not leave what is okay So what’s on the schedule now I’m going to go check on my Appa now. Yes. I have a Pokemon he does Puppy eyes always Hello hi. Hello, I think I did a pretty good job. I’m actually pretty proud of myself I think I hope the size is okay, but guess all up to try them on Yeah, I thought it’d be fun. If I try it on all the stuff. I got it. It’s not my style and that’s why I want to try it on for all of your entertainment all of you and For Danny ha enjoy I’ve been doing this thing. This is so random where I would highlight or my toe I don’t think it necessarily is like a makeup thing, but I just think it looks cute So here’s the before outfit feel like this is something I would normally wear This was a meme that was going around last year kind of love it because it’s fully me seems soft on the outside But I will protect a skirt that I always wear I try to stay close to the inspo pictures I hope you like them if you don’t like anything, I’ll keep it ha. Hold on ha. There we go. She’s a Gryffindor I’m a Hufflepuff I thought this would be a good idea because had Gryffindor colors we went to Universal and I was like I have a lot of Hufflepuff clothing and she was like, I have Gryffindor colors So, I mean this kind of still is just Gryffindor colors, but I look so different. I would never wear this This is so weird. Well We have a vans shirt cuz you know, I’m such a skater girl. Fun fact first time I ever met Myles we went skating And Yeah, I don’t know how to skate We both have black vans like okay And these are colors that she likes and they’re Gryffindor s this matches well with my apartment we love the general going on here Wow, I never wear clothes like this It feels good. Wow. Guess I’ll have to borrow this with us Phoebe are you okay? What a fucking news My life, I look like Harry Potter after he was in a very intense wizard battle Everything matches super well with my apartment. Do you see this? the synchronization Also, I love the ones I Don’t know where the other string is but the thought is really what counts do I try to pose like her She’s gonna hate this you’re gonna hate this Let’s see I Own so much stranger things We know Jessie you’re all like we know I am a blonde stranger things clothing and I thought it would only be appropriate Post we watched it together. So there we go. Give it stranger things, honey No, we’re not doing that if anyone is new I Basically went through a year where I was a stranger things fan account I had a stranger things themed birthday party last year It was my intro on YouTube until I got copyright, but I was like take my money a stranger things Take it Ben wolfhard. Take my money You know You deserve it self-care giving all the money from all my hard work to the stranger things kids a little too selfless cute I don’t know. She’s a blue bandana, but I thought her Qi blue hair. I thought I would get a blue bandana, but I don’t Do you know it’s the thought there we go Protector My life falling apart after I frickin found out that they might be ending the spider-man series Kind of emotional about it I was shopping for myself the other day for a different thrifting type of video I’m doing I was feeling that type of way. I don’t know I want to through it Yeah he’s sustainable shopping and being a cute girlfriend and I just saw that I was just gonna get it anyways for her and then it was like wait why don’t I just make a whole separate video cute and then Lastly this shirt I found and it was $2.00 like okay, it’s two bucks. I am NOT a Gryffindor at all, huh? No, I am most hucklebuck person I feel like we need to look up Hufflepuff and the dictionary you see a good Ben Platt You see a good Thomas Sanders Cedric Diggory You know people sleep on him and then like you definitely see a photo of Jesse P that you have. Anyways, there we go Woohoo, lots of Harry Potter. I was feeling a type away. There was a lot of Harry Potter stuff at the thrift store I was like, why would you give this away? This is art throwback to when I made Harry Potter videos It started a tiny clip without on the screen For Danny because I won’t show you any of my old videos if I’m not there. Here you go There goes my dignity. Huh? Cute look bad Anyways, let me find my glasses. I have a dimple Anyways, I Don’t daily vlog I don’t even really show a lot of my friends on my channel as much as I used to because I want to just keep A lot of my personal life personal but I feel like when an important moment comes along I thought it could be cute Also, I thought this would be cute for Danny So yeah, I hope you enjoy you know There’s only so many like texts and face times you can do before you’re like I’m gonna make a whole freaking video So yeah cute and like flirty or I don’t look as good as you look in all of this type of clothing. I’m sorry about that and I Can’t wait to see you wear these cute I’m gonna do my traditional feature your pages on the screen as well as your post port you all I love my people thought, you know, I’d end the video like the prom one cuz everyone loves that Penguin made me gay


  1. Aw, Jessie Paege brightens up my day every time she posts, she's so bubbly, has a great sense of humor, and has a great sense of style! 😊😁👍

  2. Jessie is such an amazing human being, like no words can describe it to be honest, the way she talks about her girlfriend makes my heart melt, she is so open and honest and they are the best type of people, even though I've never met her, I feel like I've known her for years like oml, sending you all the love this world has to offer girl, heaven knows you deserve it 💘🖤💘🖤

  3. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
    I came out to my mom today!!!!!!!!! I was so terrified but she was actually super supportive, she’s even supportive of the fact that I want to be non binary, I know my dad won’t like it which is why he’s not gonna find out, unless I take a girl to prom 😜

    Thx Jessie for giving me the confidence I needed to tell my mom that I’m Bi!!!!

  4. Had a bad day because there were kids on my bus who were supporting trump, being homophobic, and all other bad stuff but this made my bad day a lot better because this is cute as hell 💖

  5. this is so cute esp since i go to school w your girlfriend (we're kinda acquaintances i guess?) and i love that you're both happy

  6. I am really new to your channel but I love your videos so much! Especially the 50 things not to say to bisexual. It made me feel more accepted to be bisexual

  7. as a SD handler, it was awesome to see your friend's ESA not being taken into public and seeing him not take advantage of that cute little vest to try to gain public access just because people are ignorant enough that he'd get away with it. honestly what a responsible way to handle an adorable ESA.

  8. This is to cute and wholesome Jessie you have helped me through a lot depression,anxiety,self harm,and general challenges I face including gender dysphoria but I love you so much dad

  9. I have a few things
    – Jessie Paege is so wholesome and sweet
    -her and her gf deserve the world
    -when her lense falls out its my whole mood

  10. this is the first video i’ve watched of yours in a long time. i used to watch all your videos and you look so much happier now and i’m rly proud of u

  11. how the fuck do you always stay so happy i ruin every fucking thing cause of my horrible personality one person understood me and she moved and i had a really big crush on and felt empty then recently found you and watched as many of your videos i could in a 3 day time period i watched over 50 of your videos and i absolutely love them so thank you for filling the empty hole in my heart

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