Hey Everyone! Today I have some back to school aka back to hell (let’s be real) outfits to share with you I used to really dislike school but in my opinion it’s way easier than being an adult (really, being an adult sucks lol) I tried to make these outfits kind of cute even though most of the time I’m just in gym clothes because I just don’t care anymore, it’s probably because I’m getting old but I used to really like picking out my outfit and thinking about what I’m going to wear to school tomorrow but I just look like trash now I mean I never really like dressed up that hard but you know, I just like literally don’t care anymore If you are in school let me know when you’re going back I hope you enjoy this video and let’s go ahead and get started!


  1. Thank you so much for everything you do for us especially when it comes to uploading, I appreciate your Hard work into changing in and out of those clothes 😂 thanks for also adding on to where you got them or adding the brand of the shoe/clothing on the side, it really helps us 💖 you deserve more subs and likes on all your videos!!!
    but I still don't understand why you look so good in everything Shsbshjssnjdjsbdhdjsjdh Thank you so much, we love you😁😁💞💞💕

  2. Okay, your outfits are always super cute.
    Also I hope this isn't weird asking, but how tall are you. Because I'm short and I can never find pants that fit my legs without being scrunched at the bottom.😭

  3. These are all so gorgeous but i can only wear leggings and tops i can move in to college since I'm a performing arts student 😭 oh well, i couldn't pull these off as well as you anyway haha; ily ❤

  4. The 2nd outfit is my favorite, I'd wear the 3rd one too but only with long black pants and some darker shoes (love the all black look)

  5. Simply watching this coz the outfits looked cool. (I have to wear uniform to school 😭) also you look younger than me and I'm 15

  6. hi jennifer! May I ask what is your height? I'm fucking courious hahahaha thank you! I also enjoy watching your video and its inspire me a lot!

  7. Ugliness is my city…..
    I was laughing bc i will never look good with them but i enddes up crying….
    Btw in our town / city only uniforms alowed.

  8. Tomorrow i am going shopping for school..i am sooo lucky that u uploaded…thanks…hope i find something like those outfits..btw i love the first one…LOVE UUU…😍😘😉❤💋💛💚💙💜💗💖💕💟💞

  9. I'm literally going back tomorrow y i k e s
    But I love the outfit you put together there so nice I wish I had that clothing tbh 👌

  10. AWESOME OUTFITS! 🔥 Girl you have the best style and shoes!

    I went back August 7th, it's been three weeks and I'm already failing a class 😭

  11. I'm so sorry for just now discovering you. Your channel popped up in suggested YouTubers/channels that I might like and omg your aesthetic is slaying me. This is like an unexpected gift, subscribing 39k 🙂

  12. I'm going to start my first year of college tomorrow. I love your videos!!! Your fashion style is what I aspire to look like! I love it! 😍😍😍

  13. I start school tomorrow and I'm stressed ugh 😂 picking an outfit is too stressful especially when you're broke 😂😭

  14. I'm going to a college this upcoming Tuesday and I'm really scared because it's the first time I don't have a uniform since year 3. This video really helps though💕

  15. I have a big but so long shirts wont look good on me T_T LMAO it looks like a balloon on my back man and i like baggy clothes

  16. Wooaho you are so beautiful ^ I love the first outfit, I want to be a stylish but i'm 12 years so my mom don't like the style. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE x)

  17. Understanding from the style is this same as you😊😊very cool and dressed in style,Thank you for sharing these with us💜💜😍😍😻😻👍👏👏👏

  18. When I first saw your videos, I thought you have over 1 milioan subscribers because the content and the editing skills are literally screaming quality
    You, girl, are underrated😞😞 but I purple you💜💜

  19. I love that I watch these outfit videos but in the end, I wear track bottoms and gigantic hoodies😂 potato sack for life lol

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