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what's up babes it is Matt back with another video and if this is the first time you've ever seen this come to the babe spam I'm sure you're joining the basin because you're all watching this video but anyways just a movie a beautiful and yeah so for today's video we're going to be doing a back to school clothing try on haul don't addition if you guys do not know do is do is an online shopping app where you can go shopping you can go live while you go shopping I mean they have so many cute stores and I think it's really fun so all of my clothes that I'm gonna be showing you that I got first school um will be from Joe and I know it's not school yet but school will be happening in August and September and I will be on tour your girls going on to her lit so I'm making it now and posting it now just a matter of beautiful love you so much if you have not subscribed to my channel make sure you do that I'm not pressuring you but you won't regret it cuz you know I'm cool and give this video a big thumbs up and comment down below what your favorite outfit is that one I got so much let's go with the video okay so the first item I want to show you guys are these dangly star earrings which I am in love with yeah there's really not much to say but except that I got them from Brandi and they Dingell and they've started on them and obviously they're earrings I know I said that I think I said that don't say that dangly star earrings oh yeah they're dangly star earrings that I got from Brady that's the first one so now I'm gonna be scandalous and I'm gonna chain and here we go okay so as you guys can see this is a top that has a open back and has really really long strings you love that but I'm gonna either a lot of yelling like you guys keep pulling me anyways it's not tied but as you can see I do not wear a bra with this because if I did since I don't have big boobs you would see it but let me show let me go to the mirror okay okay so the mirrors right there I'm gonna show you what we are gonna do with the back because you can do like so many different styles so let's show you okay so I'm just gonna set you right there I know you guys are a little good but so first what you can do is you can tie it like that and then I'm gonna turn around like I mean cross it not tie it and then you can go like this and boom now you got a bow and in the back it's crossed so this is what it looks like in the mirror sorry it's a little glaringly brought that so yeah that's what it looks like in the mirror very long I'm gonna have to like at the bottom but this is super cool and yeah that's the back and then I'll just show you guys different pictures of what I can do in the back [Applause] there's so many other like different ways to do this but all I just showed you like the ones that I could think of off the top of my head but yeah so that's what that looks like next outfit I have the dress on okay so now that I have the dress on not backwards this is what it looks like let me just end up a bit in the back this is what the dress looks like it is white is from it is from brandy melville yeah it's basically it it is super soft it is not too short not too long it goes right below my butt and then as you guys can see there are little black things on it which are black roses or flowers can't really identify what flower it is sorry boob shot but yeah so white dress with black flowers I give this outfit like a 10 out of 10 just like everything along with a lot okay so this is the next thing these are purple corduroy pants this is what it looks like so yeah they are super soft like I said they're corduroy so they're like you wear these like ton of in the fall winter because you know they're super hot to wear in these summer boots in the pants Sampo know its pants to wear okay so the next pants are these they are blue ply pants from Brandi as well most of the things I'm drawing your up from Brandi by the way so yeah these are those white and blue plaid if you know you know because I love pod it's my festive I love plot so I love these pants but they are just blue and white checkered pants which I love nextel fat okay so the next outfit are these dark red sweatpants from Brandi this cute top that says well then I forget what it says I think it says rodeo rider I'm not sure you guys will all find out when I'm editing but Rough Rider dad I'm idiot I'm just trying to read it backwards but I think that's what it says as you guys can see it is someone riding a horse but it's a crop top this is like kind of like for me like a plane outfit not plane I mean like I mean like plane like what I would wear on an airplane or if I'm too lazy to pick out an outfit for school this is what you put on because oh that's this outfit now let me change into my other sweatpants outfit okay I don't know how good that transition was but we'll see yeah anyways the next outfit is also kind of the same it literally the same these are lighter pants also from brandy they look they're super comfy super soft on the inside they scrunch at the bottom just like the other ones I'm had a breath from jumping this shirt it's super cool it has to do with race cars has so many colors which I like it's a baggy t-shirt which I like anyways yeah that's that outfit baggy shirt sweat pants sure okay there's a hammer there yeap so this is the next outfit also from Brandi these are the pants they are pink and white plaid they match my totem pole and this is a white crop top shirt that scrunches in the middle with buttons so yeah this is the outfit enjoy this little spin so now we go to the okay so this is the next dress that I got or other dress and I got it is a white dress again with flowers on it we live a full rule dress this one cuts down lower though and kind of like a V it's pink green and red flowers can't really identify the flower sorry yeah but yeah this is the dress it's not fitted it's loose at the bottom it like cuts lower you know all my but again that's this dress also from brandy like I said everything I got basically is from brandy except for that one super cool jumper that you can tie the super cool not and also if I'm sound out of breath I like I'm changing so fast so it doesn't have a lot of editing but yeah so that's this dress this is the next outfit it is a long dark blue navy blue dress it has buttons from the top all the way down to the bottom it has a nice little collar so it's kind of like a collared shirt but it's like a dress so it's like not a collared shirt you know and I top that off with a jean jacket that's also from Brandi and you know I'm saying from ready and you guys regula it I thought it was from dope it's from dope but the company its Brandi that made it close so just the class but my camera is literally about a die so that was a short explanation but yeah this is a jean jacket that's a zip up and not a button which i think is super cool and this is a long button navy blue collar dress ok babes this is the last outfit these shorts are from PacSun they're like one fold at the top they have two buttons let me do that for you they have zipper which I like that it has a zipper in two buttons because it's like I don't know it's just different and I like that ruffles at the top cuz it kind of goes into my curves and they're not so we're tied at the thighs which is great because if they're too tight then you can see my fat legs the top I put with it is from brandy it is a v-neck it is laced which I love also it's a spaghetti strap and as you can see I literally just said and you can see it's white and yeah that is the last out it I think it is so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed my back-to-school try on clothing haul with do't again if you guys don't know it DotA's it isn't that we can go online shopping and go live at the same time and they also have a ton of awesome stores on there so you guys should go get your clothes from there I really love it and I know you guys will too I'll leave the description in the description box below will be the link to their app so yeah thank you guys so much watching just remember that you are beautiful and to always shine bright I hope you guys enjoyed all of the outfits I tried on don't forget to comment down below what outfit was your favorite don't forget to subscribe that's wet thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and give this video the biggest thumbs up you can either we get so much mmm hope to see you on tour don't forget to get your tickets and click me as your papers and click me select me same thing select me as your favorite person to me my name is Mads I love you guys so much bye see you next time you the you


  1. That long dark navy blue dress paired with jean jacket was a nice combo ♥️ By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

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