Back To School Clothing Shop With Me! | July 17, 2019

good morning with ChaCha's it is currently 757 in the morning and I just took a pregnancy test I don't know what's going on it's cycle day 30 so I'm either one or two days late I mean like I said my period doesn't always come on like the exact like certain day so anyways but I don't ever go to cycle day 30 so today is cycle day 30 and yeah I just had to just take a pregnancy test just because I woke up and I didn't have my period so and I figured you know might as well do the first morning urine I still don't know if I am or feel if I am I just know I've been having it's not like cramping just like my stomach has been bothering me but like I said it's not cramps like period cramps I haven't even had spotting so I don't know I don't know and I also am thinking that it could be just the clomid like the clomid is making me late on my period so I feel like it's the Clemen that's doing it um I don't know I mean I can't say a hundred percent sure but that's what I feel like I feel like that's what's happening and so that's the reasoning so I don't know that's just kind of like my theory it would be nice if I was pregnant but also at the same time I feel like I feel like it would be positive by now right the test so I don't know obviously I haven't looked at I don't know that's that's positive or negative but I guess we shall see if you've ever taken Columba definitely comment down below and let me know if your period completely changed because of it so anyways you guys I'm gonna go ahead get my morning started make my coffee get Wiggles going potty and then we will check the test and see what it says alright it looks like it is still negative I don't even see a faint little line at all whatsoever yeah I definitely don't see anything I might just leave it here just to see if something pops up because I do remember last time we got pregnant we took the test with it was negative and then I went to work and I don't even know how much longer later it was but he Dom came busting through the door I don't know why we didn't throw it away either but he just came busting through the door and was like oh my god oh my god showed me the test and I had the second line and it was like what okay he surprised me and told me I was pregnant which is kind of funny cuz I surprised him and told him that a lot I was pregnant so he knew before I knew but um I honestly don't think the second line will pop up I really don't I just don't have any pregnancy symptoms like my boobs aren't sore um like I feel like I'm not having any that I can think of so I don't know I mean at this point I'm just kind of like either tell me I'm pregnant or give me my period you don't I'm saying that way I can hurry up and get Chloe going and stuff like that so I don't know it's like I never thought I could ever want my period I don't want my period s acerra Li obviously I want to be pregnant but two tests have already said negative so I don't know I guess the week continues my blog so we're finally on the road and we are headed to Old Navy just like I mentioned yesterday I'm gonna go pick up that order I'm really excited about that I just really hope that these pants hit her because you know if not the deal was only yesterday and also the largest size they make and toddler clothes is five T but I don't know if she's like in a really weird in-between size with shoes too because she is really a true nine and a half but I really don't find any night a half's anywhere and then was close sometimes five t-shirts are too like short like if she raises her arms then it lifts up so anyways we will go but yeah so we're gonna go there and then like I said it um yesterday I'm also going to check out the clearance so hopefully I find really good deals turn right onto Preston Road yes ma'am so hopefully I find really good deals this looks extremely dark or is it just me but anyway so hopefully we find really good deals and that's really all we have plants say and then just go home be lazy chillax especially cuz we don't want to be out and doing too many things especially because IV noms arm obviously it's still hurting them and we noticed today to his bruise is spreading down to his elbow which I honestly just thought like it was just yeah I know it's really dark I could show you guys later but his bruise is looking at gnarly like obviously it's gonna get worse before it gets better it got extremely extremely black and now it's like turning yellow but it's just spreading everywhere now it's all around his elbow and his ello is like black and I honestly thought was just like dirt or something you can just fit instead of your elbow but yeah so it's Freddie so I don't know but hopefully I don't know he just has a quick recovery I don't know but just thank God it wasn't worse the accident because I mean can you imagine if something else you know it's like oh my god I don't even want to imagine I still can't even believe he was hit by a car I still can't even believe it and it's been a week later but yeah you guys we're gonna go ahead head all day me do some back-to-school shopping for a laundry I'm really excited I hope we find really good deals because last time we were at Old Navy we found awesome deals this time we're going to a different location just because I want to see what they have and then after that I honestly I don't know I think I'm just gonna keep just stalking web sites just to see of other good deals and then I also think I might go to once upon a child again because they had like you know the additional percentage off on clearance items and I mean like I got what a dress for two dollars I got a couple of things really cheap so I would essentially like to that so anyways if you know any good back-to-school sales let me know or deals because I'm all about the sales and the deals let's see what some deals we can find you ready to go back to school shopping baby so we have to pick up that order but there's a line like always because there's always a line and all Navy so I'm just gonna go ahead see if I can find the pants that I ordered and the 5-t have her try them on and then also do some shopping which actually I think they're right here okay found the jeans and look today they're $15 and yesterday they were eight so let's just grab a 5 t hopefully and make sure they fit her because she got a booty and she got some fat on the clearance section but it's not a lot of stuff I wish they had more clearance stuff but let's see what we can find specifically bottoms because well not actually she needs bottoms and tops so just oh my god these are so cute he's boyfriend pants but she needs pull-on Hey Hey ohmygosh Alondra your new sunglasses Wow they are hearts and how do you look you look fabulous that's right you do she was getting all kinds of compliments too huh everyone in the store said she looked fabulous we bought those glasses at Old Navy we saw them and the clearance section and we'll window Navy they have like a clearance section but they have like different ones and then also to like you can find shirts or sunglasses even shoes just like in different areas that have like the bright orange a shred clearance tag so sometimes you have to also dig in Old Navy but anyways I saw those it's like oh my god those are so cute any tom was like you have to get this so I said okay fine but they were on clearance so not mad about it and everything we got her was actually on clearance so really good deals and I feel a lot better about the stuff we got her issue a hundred percent done with back-to-school shopping for clothes probably not I just want to like look everything over just to see what we have and what we'll need but we got her a really nice jacket and then those pants that I ordered yesterday I'm so glad that I decided to try them on her because they were too they fit her but they were very tight Adventure kids no it was Safari run but oh yeah the pants were too tight a laundry has size she's got a booty so it's kind of hard to get bottoms for her so we ended up going to the girls section you guys and bought her pants from the girls section I just can't even believe it she's an extra-small which is a size five so I don't know that's weird it's like it's a five but then you can get five T and like the toddler section anyways yeah so ended up getting their pants size five but the good thing is is that they're pull-on pants they're actually cuter than the other one so we got and they were on sale for eight dollars so ended up working out really well and perfectly actually and also too we found another pair of pants of the and the girls the extra small size five and they were $19.99 so I don't know why these ones were e oh yeah different like actually is a really cute like design on the bottom I don't know I thought they were cuter because they were just like your plain ol like they're called the jeggings or whatever but anyways I feel a lot better but the back-to-school shopping I feel like we got a lot of good pieces I just feel like there might be a little bit more that we need because I don't want her to have to wear you know what I'm saying like a shirt like you know every Monday she's wearing the same shirt and I'm saying like I want to be able to like rotate it so for now I think we're good I know it's pretty no I'm not seeing like old fashionista like that like she just you can't wear the same you know she wears one alpha and it's done forever I'm not saying that I'm just saying it's pre-k it's gonna get dirty so she's gonna need a lot of charts you guys know what I mean all right anyways we're headed home we're done shopping for the day and we might end up going to the pool we're home obviously and I already took everything out of like the bag and started hanging everything up as you can see here so like this whole section is her new clothes and like her backpacks like back to school section and then this is all of her current you know clothes now I don't wanna say old but you know what I'm saying her clothes that she can wear now I don't want her to wear the back-to-school clothes yet I kind of want to wait you know till school starts I will be doing a full hall just to show you guys everything that we got her for school so that will be a separate video and that will be coming I once I think I have everything I need clothes wise I mean we got a lot of pieces today we got one two three four five we got five shirts a jacket three pairs of pants and a pair of shoes for $60 so I feel like that's a really good deal everything was on clearance well the pants and the shoes weren't on clearance but the pants were on that special for eight dollars normally $19.99 and the shoes were on sale for $9.99 that I have now I have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so I have ten shirts total and then how many shorts did I buy her I think I bought her three pairs of shorts so she has and then she has already like two pairs of shorts now that would work for pre-k so she's probably got five pairs of shorts and three pairs of pants that'll work for pre-k so I don't know I'm just trying to decide how many more items I should buy comment down below how many like clothing pieces do you buy for back-to-school like shorts and pants I mean do you even wait on pants and like winter fall stuff too like the season comes but you know school starts for us in August and then you know September will start to get a little bit cooler and then October you know and the November December so I feel like you know getting some stuff now especially cuz all this stuff was on clearance because I got one two three four I got four long sleeves and then everything else is short sleeves so I don't know I'm just curious let me know what you guys do obviously she's starting pre-k so this is my very first time ever having to go back to school shopping or like really think about this because typically with her clothes shopping I would just see something it's cute I'm gonna buy it and that's that I don't have to think about you know this is gonna be easier for her not to like go to the bathroom and like you know things like that so anyways um but I'm excited bout these pieces but I am curious though about these five tees that I bought you know last week now I'm kind of like should I return them cuz actually everything I got her is an extra small five in the girls section which makes me really sad but the five t-shirts I did get for $3 and honestly I feel like they would last for at least a month or two they're not extra cuz the the five and the little girls are a little bit longer you can tell they're a little bit bigger but they will last longer so I don't know if there were three dollars I don't think I'm just gonna decide for myself and just keep them and it'll be fine anyway so yeah let me know what you guys do for back-to-school with clothes like how many pieces do you buy and stuff like that like what do you think is a good amount just because like I said I don't know and I just feel like the clothes are gonna get trashed and I don't want them to get trashed obviously but I just feel like yeah they're gonna get stained and dirty and whatnot but anyways you guys I want to kind of like chillax I wanted us to have a little quiet time maybe take a little nap before we go to the pool it's a hot day today I think the high is like a hundred so and right now I'm sure it's like the peak Oh hot is it yeah it's the peak it's like 96 degrees out right now so I figure if we go around 4 or 5 to the pool I feel like that would be best so mama can get a nap I'm gonna take a nap otherwise I just want to like lay down in bed and just kind of be like lazy for like an hour or so obviously if Alondra will let us so we'll see about that we've had our quiet time and now we are gonna have some pool time oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah Alondra is so excited oh you're gonna do your Hawaii dance this is her Hawaii dance daddy watch say dad watch me whoa [Applause] she said she learned it from the TV her Hawaii Dan yeah lilo and stitch let's go to the pool it's definitely later it is 9:40 – I just put a laundry to bed she's been asleep but she fell asleep on the couch when we were watching TV so I just got her lay down and I feel like shiitake mushrooms I don't know what happened but like past like hour and a half maybe two hours like my throat is killing me and it's only on this side it's not on the side and I can feel it too like it's swollen and it's progressively hurting more and more I look so pale and white um but anyway so yeah it's just like killing me and I'm like why I thought I got rid of this thing cuz I actually got our sore throat I think it was last Monday I kicked that thing to the curb like halfway through the day she's doing like all of us like remedies and stuff and then I haven't been sick I've been feeling totally fine and I don't know what happened like all of a sudden this side of my throat is killing me so I'm praying praying praying praying I can kick this thing to the curb I just wake up tomorrow morning and I feel hey okay I'm gonna go gargle some Listerine right now see if that helps and I do have like a Tylenol like like for sore throats so I'm gonna take that because number one that stuff makes you sleep so good and number two it really helps with the sore throat I think anyway so I'm just gonna give in and take the Tylenol because what is that weighs that was a door I swear we hear everything it like freaks me out like noises are so loud it feels like it's in our apartment but anyway so I'm gonna end the vlog here sorry guys I know we didn't really vlog after the pool but I feel like once we get back from the pool it's just like we're so busy like trying to do stuff so like I get a laundry on the shower I get myself in the shower take wiggles potty feed Wiggles you know we start on dinner eat dinner clean the kitchen you know I'm saying I just feel like it's just like boom boom boom and then finally you know a laundry I wanted to sit down and have a family night and cuddle on the couch and we watch The Lion King that's what she wanted to watch that's what we did it works out perfect since Lion King comes out this week I don't think we'll see it but well this week anyways but you guys know what I mean so anyways that's basically what you know we did after the pool so you guys didn't really miss much just some family time and stuff but I'm gonna go ahead and the look here take the medicine and hopefully feel better tomorrow morning so I hope you guys did enjoy today's vlog please give it a thumbs up if you are new to my channel please subscribe and I will see you guys around thank you so much for watching bye muchachos for what you're so shady did you guys hear him I feel like he talked so low he said I'm proud of you I said for what he said ending the vlog on the same night whatever hater alright you guys I'll see you tomorrow bye you


  1. U make tis video on my grandma birthday she turn 92. Yes mines change wit clomid😔 an I keep getting negative test 😩. I wish ur husband a speedy recovery, she looks so adorable in dat shades. I hear target have sale 🤔 Iam kidding I don’t even no wat target looks like 😂. Wats ur tattoo on ur hand ? I’ve been trying to figure it out lol

  2. Alondra looks so cute with those sunglasses. What my daughter did with the boys was…..she bought 5 polos for each and 5 khaki pants for one and 5 shorts for the other one that he didn't like pants even if they didn't wear uniforms for pre k. Plus a sweater with hoodie. They were always cold in class. It was so much easier for her. But with girls I know you would want to dress her up.👸🎀💖💝💓 Baby dust, baby dust,baby dust!!!! I feel it. 🤞

  3. Thought Hiram was gonna say “proud of you….saying ur gonna end the vlog here and not go on for another 40 minutes” 😂. Kidding girl. U know i love ya guys

  4. When i was pregnant with my first son the home test I took was negative then when i went to the dr. I was pregnant…

  5. My Grandaughter also is going to start pre k and we are also having to do the Girls 5 instead of 5t. Bottoms are 4t-5t and she also is 4 1/2 . They outgrow clothes pretty fast. We're also in Texas 20 miles outside of Houston and this heat here is brutal😩🔥

  6. All of my pregnancies started with uneasy, bloated stomach…
    Also take a picture of the test and change it into a negative (they have those websites online that you can do it for free). If any hcg stuck to the test you will see it on the negative

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