– Hey guys, good morning. Baby wasn’t feeling so good yesterday. But now she is, so she started playing with me and we gave her my blue ball. That we got from Peter Piper. So, we gave it to her and
she played for a while. And then it finally popped,
’cause she started like, pushing and rolling it and like biting it. I was like, throwing it
up and she’d be like, ah! Like, jumping up and trying to get it. And then now, aw, she
kinda stopped doing it. But she’s still like, she went into her, she grabbed it like, okay,
this isn’t a toy now, this is my thing, you
can’t have this anymore ’cause it’s more like a chew toy now. She ran to it, and, right now it’s kinda loose. Like I can probably grab it
but she’ll probably snap at me. But earlier, it was like under her paw. Like her back right there. And she was like, it
looked like she just like, she was on it like, she was
staring at me on it like, you can’t have this. This is mine. It was so funny, but she moved it. She’s probably like, hey this
starts to hurt after a while. You see the doggy, wanna see it? Look it, you see the screen? Who’s that? Who’s that pretty doggy? Looks kinda mean right now, she’s like, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t take it. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna take it. Just taking a funny clip of
you, cause it’s so funny. Look, stop, don’t do it. Stop, stop, stop, don’t
do it, don’t do it! (mock screaming) (guitar beat) – What is up, my clan? Welcome back once again to
another blog. It is Friday, July 31st. The last day of July. And the kids only have five
more days before school starts. And so Tiffany wanted
to go and start doing some back to school shopping. Not wait until the last minute. Even though technically,
it’s only five days, it’s kinda waiting until the last minute. We’re going today out to an outlet mall, we’re here at Tangier
Outlets, Glendale, Arizona. Cardinal Stadium is right over there. Coyotes’ Stadium Arena is over there. And we’re gonna do some shopping. A lot of you guys have been asking, “When are are you going
back to school shopping?” I kept saying next week, next week. Here we go. Bryce, how was your sleepover? – Awesome. – [Voiceover] Yeah,
what’d you an Braden do? – Played Destiny all night. – [Voiceover] Played Destiny all night? What time did you go to bed? – Well Braden went to
bed pretty early because I stayed up and watched the whole movie of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] He fell
asleep during the movie? – Like, at the very beginning pretty much. – [Voiceover] What time was that, though? You don’t know? You didn’t have your watch on? What’s the first order of business, Bryce? – Food. – [Voiceover] Food, where are we? – Fired Pie? – [Voiceover] Fired Pie, very good. – Pizza pizza. – [Voiceover] Pizza and
salad, right, Sierra? You can either have it their way, or you can have it your way, right? You can either order one off their menu, or you can build your own, right? – Oh, yeah. – [Voiceover] It’s kinda like Subway. – [Sierra] Like Chipotle, Subway. – [Voiceover] You inspire, we fire. So check it out, guys. Custom made salads and pizzas. Bryce, what’d you get on your pizza, dude? – Okay, so, I got steak, well, but, it’s called steak and blue. – [Voiceover] Right. – I got steak, I got onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. – [Voiceover] And what makes it blue? – Oh, yeah, blue cheese, and I got light. – [Voiceover] Just light, just so there’s a hint of it, right? And Sierra, what’d you get on your pizza? – I got sausage, bell peppers, and olives. – [Voiceover] Classic, right? Classic Sierra. And me and Mommy are
doing some big old salads. – [Voiceover] One of your
favorite stores next. – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – Yep, these are all some
clothes I saw in the catalog. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – Yep. – [Voiceover] Good new styles? – Yeah. I saw tights. – [Voiceover] Cute. – I love the sweaters. And there is a section of plaid. – [Voiceover] So Tiffany’s
already been to three stores. And only boughten one thing. And that’s because why? – ‘Cause I can’t buy
stuff that’s full price. – [Voiceover] She does not
buy anything at full price. If it doesn’t say that, she
doesn’t even look at it. Notice this is the rack
that she’s looking at, out of all this entire store. Now, this is a good store, though, because everything says 50% off. This entire store is
50% off, you know that? – [Bryce] That’s 99%. – [Voiceover] Look, everything,
everything’s 50% off. So she could buy everything in this store. And get Sears’ entire
wardrobe in this store. Tangier Outlets is pretty cool. It’s one of the newer shopping places. It’s all outdoors, but it’s
all covered with big huge fans, and of course, Bryce, what
questions did you ask me about the fans? – Why are they so big? – Yeah, but then what
did you say after that? – Oh yeah, if someone
stuck their hand up there, would it get cut off? – These are the things that
are going through my son’s head is like, if you stuck your hand in there, would it chop your hand off? I’m like, yeah, those are
huge fans going really fast. Yes, it would chop your hand off. – [Bryce] But it’s not sharp. – It’s going fast enough,
though, and it’s a blade. It would, it would. – Look at those shoes, Daddy. – [Voiceover] Oh, I like ’em. What size shoe are you, Bryce? – [Bryce] Four or three, I don’t know. – [Tiffany] Those are a three, but, how do they feel Bryce? – [Bryce] It’s like a three and a half. – [Voiceover] Three and a half. – So we’re in the Converse store and I’m trying on some high tops because I’ve only had high tops once, but I don’t think they
were Converse brand. They were like, just like shoes. – [Tiffany] Bryce, what do you have here? – I have these– – [Tiffany] She found some. – [Voiceover] There’s two,
so I’ll take that for you. – [Voiceover] Did you
find ’em in your size? Bryce might have his
first pair of slip-ons. That’s cool, because they
look like they have laces but they don’t, right? – [Tiffany] They’re laces,
you just don’t tie ’em. – [Voiceover] You like those better? Yeah? – They don’t slip. – [Voiceover] They don’t slip? – Just an itty bit, but. – [Voiceover] An itty bit? All right, cool. Rock and roll, dude. So we’re all done with the outlet mall and we’ve made our way
to the official mall. Starting off here at JC Penny, one of Tiffany’s favorite stores. And usually ’cause they
have sales all the time. There’s always stuff on sale. There’s just rotator sales racks. And Sierra’s already
found a couple outfits. Mmm, Bryce, how come you’re
not getting any clothes, dude? – ‘Cause Mommy’s not looking for me. – [Voiceover] ‘Cause boys
aren’t as fun to shop for, that’s the problem. – [Tiffany] All right, got
a little selection here, gonna try on. What’s first? – Um, I don’t know. – [Tiffany] What do you
think of your first outfit? – I like this. This is supposed to
got with the high tops. The purple and cheetah black ones. – [Tiffany] It’s cute. Do a little twirl. The shirts are cute for leggings, ’cause it covers your tush. – [Voiceover] What’d you get, dude? – A Frappuchino. – [Voiceover] Mmm. – It’s really good. I got a chocolate? – [Voiceover] Double chocolatey chip? – Yeah, double. – [Voiceover] No coffee though, right? No coffee. Sierra’s trying on outfits, and what? Look at that. I like it. I like it. – Show ’em the back. – [Bryce] Strawberry, Sierra. – [Voiceover] Very cute. – [Bryce] Sierra, strawberry. – [Tiffany] Thumbs up, Sierra? – [Voiceover] Thumbs up, I like it. So how many outfits did
you pick out, Sierra? – About four. – [Voiceover] About four? Cute. Lots of good stuff. I hear Bryce. Bryce is trying on something right now. Can’t wait to see it. Hey, Bryce is ready. Let’s take a look, Bryce,
let’s see what you got. Oh! (Bryce laughs) That’s perfect. Is that your first day of school outfit? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Hey, come
over here real quick. Come over here. – I got some shoes for you too. – [Voiceover] Oh, perfect. Well, there we go. Back to school chopping
is pretty much done as far as the clothes go. We obviously still have to do
the back to school supplies. But we have to go meet
the teachers on Monday, get the supply lists, and then
we’ll probably go do shopping on Tuesday before they
actually start school, and get the kids’ school supplies. We’ll show you guys all
the stuff the kids got here shortly, but first, we
gotta start making dinner, ’cause it’s already 6:20, almost 6:30, and my belly’s starting to rumble. Uh oh, watch out, Sierra’s
back in the kitchen. You helpin’ Mommy out with dinner? – Yep. – [Voiceover] What do ya
got there, some Rice-a-Roni? Some beef-flavored Rice-a-Roni? Do I smell like sausage, turkey sausage? – It’s ground turkey. – [Voiceover] Ground turkey. Mmm. – So, we laid out what we bought today. And this is just, kinda, a start. They obviously have some clothes that they can wear to
school, but you have to have some new clothes, huh? So it’s about a week’s worth,
and then they can start mix and matching what they
have in their closets already. – [Voiceover] All right,
so you wanna go first? ‘Cause I think you’re
a little more excited about this than Bryce is. – So starting off on this side,
this is just like a blouse, but super long. So it’s just like, you
wear it over something and then it goes like
all the way down to here. – [Voiceover] Okay. – [Sierra] Dress. – [Voiceover] Cute. – [Sierra] Cheetah. This outfit that we got,
it’s these tights, leggings with this shirt. Now this is with my Converse. It’s this cheetah shirt,
’cause you can see the Converse have the cheetah, and then this purple. Which, we didn’t bring
the shoes into the store, so we didn’t know if everything
was gonna match right, which actually, it’s
the same exact purple. – [Voiceover] Perfect, perfect. – And then we got that. – [Voiceover] That’s the one
with gum on it, be careful. – [Tiffany] Ew, I forgot about that. – Oh yeah, I did too. – [Voiceover] Yeah,
there’s gum on your shoe. You stepped in gum and you haven’t even put the shoes on yet. (laughter) – There’s this shirt right here
and I can either wear these ’cause it’s got the same
colors, or I can wear these pink ones. – [Tiffany] With jean,
jeggings underneath. – [Voiceover] Yep, I like it. I like that shirt a lot. – [Sierra] There’s a, we also
got it at the Converse outlet. It’s Converse All-Star shirt. – [Voiceover] Some camo flower pants. – We got these shorts. They don’t have anything
that goes with it. – [Voiceover] They’re jean shorts, they go good. – [Sierra] Nike shirt
and our other Converse. – [Voiceover] Love those
shoes, love those shoes. You got really a lot of good shoes here. I like all of these. – So right here I have two yellow shirts, one with a skull with glasses
and a plain yellow shirt with these bright yellow- – [Tiffany] Crazy shorts. – [Voiceover] I love ’em. – My first belt. – [Voiceover] I love it. – And I have these shorts right here. Gray. And this– – [Voiceover] Two gamer shirts. Love those. He was like, Dad, which one should I get, I’m like, get ’em both. – [Bryce] Gaming on the brain. Gamer expert level, high score holder. – [Voiceover] Awesome. – And I have these pants. Navy blue. And this American flag shirt. – [Voiceover] That’s
nuts instead of stars. – Yeah. And this gray, blue, and red shirt matching with– – Matching perfectly with these shoes. – He’s also got these shoes. – [Voiceover] Yeah, I love the shoes. Seriously, you guys all
got good shoes for school. I love it. – [Sierra] I love my Converse. – [Voiceover] So that and
their feet are getting bigger. Tiffany and Sierra almost
wear the same size shoe. Give her, I think, six more months and then they’ll be literally
wearing the same shoes. – [Sierra] No, probably a lot less. Those are size four in kid size. They’re size four in kids’. – [Voiceover] A little snug. – [Tiffany] A little small, almost though. – [Voiceover] Almost
there six more months. Six more months. Well there you go, guys,
that’s the kids’ new clothes for school for now. Basically, it’s a week’s worth of clothes and then after that, like Tiffany said, they’ll mix and match
some of their old stuff. And then, of course, as time goes on, new styles change, just actually all the back to school sales go on, and then, you know, you
start buying little. And then they spend, the seasons change and you have to start
buying winter clothes, something that’s a little longer, a little thicker. Hoodies, jackets, that sort of thing. And so, we’ll do this all
over again in the fall. Fastest dinner ever? – Just in time for the last bite. – [Voiceover] You inhaled it, man. Little quick little goulash action. Good, everybody’s good. Everybody sitting in different
seats, it looks like. No, just me and you. Me and you switched. – Switch, switch, people switch. – [Voiceover] Check this out, you guys. It’s been raining off and
on the last few hours. And look at that sunset. – [Bryce] What, what? – [Sierra] How’s it so bright orange? – [Voiceover] Yeah,
the camera’s not really doing it justice, you guys. – [Sierra] How’s it so bright orange? – [Voiceover] ‘Cause it’s just
the sun’s hitting the clouds. But like, it looked like I was going blind ’cause it was all on fire. Kind of like purple. Looks good though, pretty. And that, ladies and
gentlemen, is our Friday. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Quick favor to ask. My buddy Erik, from Erik TV 365, today is his birthday and I tweeted him. I tweeted and gave him a shout out there, but do me a favor. Go over to his channel, and leave a comment on his video, right? So, um, I don’t know
when his birthday video, I don’t know when his videos go up, But basically, today’s
his birthday, which means tomorrow, when this video goes up, his video will go up. They went to a baseball game, it was the D-Backs versus the Astros. Go to that video and wish
him a happy birthday. Tell him I sent you. Tell him you’re a member
of the Clintus clan and wish him a happy birthday. ‘Cause he’s a really good guy. Him and I stayed, we bunked up together for my very first vid con three years ago. Or, I guess technically two years ago. Just a good guy, overall. Does daily vlogs like us, and just go wish him a happy birthday and give him some love. Check out some of his videos. And yeah, I’d appreciate
if you did that for me. Tomorrow is Saturday and as of right now, at this exact moment, we have no plans. We were trying to make some
plans with some friends. Not sure if they’re gonna go through or if they’re gonna fall through. But either way, it’s Saturday. It’s the kids’ last weekend
before they go back to school. So I’m sure we’ll do something. We still have a lot of crap
to do around the house. So part of me feels like
we’ll probably just stay home and get some stuff done. Part of me’s like, heck
no, we’re gonna get up and get out of the house. So stay tuned, check
back tomorrow for that. And we’ll see you them. Vlog on.

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