Baby Haul! Cute Clothes From My Friends!!!!! | Minnie's VLOG 745

Baby Haul! Cute Clothes From My Friends!!!!! | Minnie's VLOG 745

may 14th and we are 23 weeks today he was my little bump baby's kicking a lot I haven't eaten all day so it's probably hungry that's why he's kicking I'm gonna get some food right now here's another view on this side feed baby scooper 23 weeks guys fill in some hot pot a boiling point this is a very small shop and no line brian has his angus on the side and I Taiwanese spices no pork intestines no cabbage and no noodles here's my side of the tofu skander headed back to LA look at the view it's kind of foggy I think it's a fog with Brian pop he thinks it's just the clouds yeah smog because of the carbon like Brian was saying earlier is getting higher and higher climate change all right we are back home I'm full baby's happy mom is heavy and these past couple days have been really hard on recovering usually after a show I recover maybe it takes me like a day but now it's like taking me a day and a half pushing to I have been just laying in bed and feeling so tired fatigued and catching up with my rest basically I wasn't feeling hungry but I feel like I had to eat just to feed the baby because this past weekend we ate a lot of food and I've gained like you know maybe three and a half and I'm trying to like you know keep it together and make sure that I don't go overboard cuz weight during pregnancy is very very important we can't overdo it we can't under do it so anyways um this past weekend I visited Kat and she was nice enough to gather some clothes that she wasn't using anymore from her kids her baby her newborn baby like grew out of the clothes fairly quickly I didn't think that babies grow that fast but it's only been like a month or so and apparently he only grew out of it but I just want to show you guys what she put together so we have baby bottle right here because I'm not breastfeeding I did agree to pump feed so I just want to pump for the first month or at least get the baby to get my call Ostrom it's like this milky substance in the beginning of your breast milk Thing Thing you know so it comes out first and the milk comes out but that's it I don't want to breastfeed and I know that some people are like yes the health and etc etc but for me I feel like I'm uncomfortable and formula is recommended by some people as well so it's not too crazy so basically this is a baby haul okay very cute this one's new maybe she had a lot of clothes and she couldn't go through all of them I don't know what this way you call this it's not a onesie and it's not like a shirt or pants it's like a baby sack and back look how cute it's like teddy bears and houses why wouldn't you call this is it baby sack a onesie has like pants but this one doesn't have pants it's just a sec he has one leg okay and I got treats from the airplane is that part of it then we have this swaddle blanket right here to swaddle the baby oh look how cute a monkey cap yeah okay anyways like that I heard babies don't like when you put stuff on their head but we will see here's another cap for the baby another cap more caps this one has elephants and yellow elephant as well so there and we have monkeys I think cat likes monkeys chunky monkey I guess and here is a boat a little sailboat lots and lots of caps and here's the sports doggie look how cute from what I heard is that these little buttons are really annoying when you have to take off the clothes and change the baby's diapers it's better to do dippers I mean it doesn't matter to me it's all gonna be Brian so I'll have to do a star and then has a buttons again right here little animals looks like a wolf I suppose leaves for fall teddy bear onesie oh this one's a zipper so this is what I'm talking about the zipper that goes up and down be sure to not you know pinch your baby's skin OOP be careful onesies right here Oh cute small cars another monkey truck oh look a defense robot or weak I mean okay handsome and last is another onesie thank you so much cat for giving me some clothes a hopefully scooper will make use of it and Brian will figure something out also I visited my friend Bao and his wife gave me this book right here it says baby for one one clear answers and smart advice for your baby's first year so it's going to have 400 plus pages of useful info about health sleep and nutrition so story on this book is that Lin gave it to me and then her baby came up to me I was like yeah this is a my book and I was like okay and then his mom was like well give it to Auntie he's like nope my book and she was like okay give it to uncle uncle Brian and he was like okay so the baby took the book to uncle Brian this guy right here gives it to him he's like a child whisperer which is good for me I don't need to deal with the extra um you know baby clinginess right Brian oh yeah this baby looks like he has a cellphone on his hand look I think this one is also from Kat this is uh more Wednesday's I suppose with Dinosaurs Kat also gave me another bottle for formula-feeding Lynne gave me this super cute it's like a little vest for pooper-scooper and some cute beds look uh cute we have a pink shirt that says grow with me this kind of like a onesie or overalls has like animals on them and this one right here so how cute is this a big onesie with a really cute hanger baby hanger let me take it out of the bag to show you guys oh and look at that it's fancier than mine the heck all right so thanks lien and bow and Kat and Dawn wants more hopefully baby scooper will fit into these eventually he has to like he's going from small to big so yeah I'm gonna reorganize everything after coming home from a show everything is a blob and that unpack and I still have some CDs left from this show there wasn't a lot of people at the wedding usually for weddings and for like birthday parties or charity events I bring my CD and give them out for free just to you know have something special for the event and also for support for certain charities so yeah we have some left and hopefully next time I'll give to butter or sell all right so let's do everything and organize unpack and then clean up it is now 1:15 a.m. and time to go to sleep did some work on the pier so having some trouble to knock out but have to rest up and get back on schedule I do not want to get on schedule so you must just force ourselves to not go

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  1. It’s not easy to pump.. first time mom usually has no patience or at least it was my case.. because you still struggle with newborn first time . I did only 2-4 weeks for my first two girls.. then 5 months for each of the next three after learning more about its benefits— helping your uterus to contract and heal quicker . I found my third baby to be super smart ( he taught himself how to read by age of 3 so well !!) , so that was the main motivator to do the same 5 months for the last two!!! Wanted to do 12 months for the 4th one to see if he would read and write by himself too (joking) but could not do it past 5 months.
    First time Mom is very tough, so remember and just try your best and no need to feel bad about anything .. your husband has to be extra supportive!!

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