Ah look at these two lovebirds! Hey you
guys really know what you’re doing! How romantic, oh hey it’s okay just be
careful! Looks like nothing’s ruining this
gorgeous night, even toe pain! Oh no I’m so sorry are you all right it hurts but
I’ll be okay don’t sweat it okay it’s finally time for the most impressive
move of the night Lana your dress Kevin how could you oh
man Kevin might be single after tonight what
am I gonna do this dress is completely ruined if only I could find a needle and
thread in here whoa who knew you could fit a ukulele in
that little purse I was wondering where I’d left this shoe geez who gave me this
bag Mary Poppins herself what can’t you fit in there
hey you here’s something I can use as weird as it sounds a stapler may just do
the trick here things are about to get crafty up in here for a tear like Lana’s
you want to put the staples on the inside of the hem so that they don’t
show on the outside simply run them all the way up the
entire hem even where it isn’t torn so that the hem matches the outside hey not
too shabby for a last-minute fix on it think you’re ready to braid the dance
floor one last time I wonder when Lana’s coming out she’s taking forever in there
hey Kevin you wanna dance will you please forgive me for ruining your dress
oh no biggie I actually kind of liked it better this
way ah nothing can stop this there’s a
couple sometimes spending a Friday night reading a good book is much-needed
wonder who that could be hey Vicky you ready to go why aren’t you
in your costume yet oh yeah the superhero party’s tonight
I completely forgot okay just give me five minutes I’ll be right back
oh man what can I turn into a superhero costume in five minutes that won’t work
that won’t work hey I think I can do something with this
hmm oh I know what I’ll do if you’re in a
DIY costume Jam a computer printout is your best friend hey I think I know what
you’re going for Vicky take your shirt and lay it flat then cut
out your print very carefully it’s important to make sure none of the white
paper is left on there there you go take a sheet of plastic wrap and lay it over
the spot you want your print to go next place the print on top so that its back
is touching the plastic now cover the front of the print with another sheet of
plastic wrap next take some wax paper and lay it right on top of the cutout
once it’s placed where you want it take a hot iron to it for a couple of minutes
make sure to keep it moving don’t just sit it on top remove the wax paper and
boom you’ve got yourself a brand new Superman outfit check it out you look
amazing Beck oh shoot you still need a cape this’ll do boys and girls have no
fear the DIY custon queen Vicky is here and she’s ready to party whoa did you just come up with that in
five minutes Superman see tonight have fun guys ah the old coffee dribble on the white
shirt situation yikes lucky for heli all hopes not lost check
it out take a marker or pen and outline the
stains seriously stick with us here your clumsiness just
turned into a fantasy coffee island pretty impressive is it just me or is
this way cuter than the plain white t-shirt was before at work it’s easy to get in a zone you totally forgot about happy hour with the
girls don’t stress take the straps off your
cotton undershirt and slide them over your head to either side like so that’s
it who knew going from daytime to nighttime
could be so effortlessly chic and it can be your little secret ever go from netflix and chill’ to
netflix and clothing malfunction don’t stress you can fix this just take
a pair of scissors and a pinch of creativity it feels good being helpful
doesn’t it place the torn pair of pants on a table in front of you fold them in
half so one leg is on top of the other find the corner sticking out that’s the
crotch of the pants that needs mending by making this rip even bigger you can
now place your entire head through it now put your arms through what used to
be the pant legs there now sleeves wow they actually fit pretty nicely and
there you have it a cute new crop top you can wear to work out in or lounge
around and watch more Netflix hey we don’t judge packing for a trip there
heli all that stuff should fit into your backpack right it’s just a short two-day
trip after all hmm wait a minute all right come on please fit maybe if I just
keep shoving it in again and again it’ll all fit I’m never gonna make it to my
trip on time either heli packing trouble oh geez it’s like a monkey pack that
thing let me show you a little packing hack my mom taught me that never fails
to save space take this t-shirt and lay it flat on the table fold the sleeves in
over the chest now take other items like your towel underwear and socks and lay
them on top just like this lift up the top of the shirt with
everything on top and roll it on down kind of like you’re making a little
burrito filled with clothes instead of beans of course see the ankles on your
socks sticking out of the sides pull them over the ends securing the roll of
clothes you’ve made you can do it in one big cup see nice now you’ve got yourself
a compact burrito buddy to take with you on your trip oh wow they can fit right
into my backpack no problem and what’s also great about this packing method is
that your clothes won’t be as wrinkled hurry up we’re late nothing good is on
stupid seam it already hey Kelly oh jeez Vicky what did you do
pop that button off with a slingshot oh that’s gotta hurt oh no not our picture
okay seriously well this thing slowed down already whoa pineapple juice down
don’t sweat it Vicky I got you here take this time no offense heli but how on
earth is fair change going to help fix and Vicky’s pants believe it or not a
metal coin like this can actually come in really handy
the next DIY clothing hack is a really clever one so what closely all right
let’s give this guy a try shall we got a piece of denim out of an old pair of
jeans in the shape of a circle flip it over so that the back side is facing up
place the dime in the center with a needle and thread start to make stitches
around the dime you can make the stitches fairly large but not too big
see go all the way around go ahead and gently pull the string tight so that it
puckers the fabric around the dime now wrap the rest of the thread around the
tail multiple times so that it’s nice and tight put the button into the first
button hole so that the tail is facing inward turn it over and start to widen
and flatten the tail fabric so it’s pressed against the jeans with your
thread and needle sew the tail down flat so that the button stays put snip off
the remaining thread now take the other buttonhole and slip the new denim button
through it hey that looks pretty good so if you’re
ever in a bind and don’t have any spare buttons on you spare change and some
clever stitching can save the day

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