Avengers Endgame – HISHE Review (SPOILERS)

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since we’ve done a HISHE review. There’s been a collection of reasons why but you don’t need to worry about all that stuff; so let’s just call this getting back on the massive cancled unicorn and give it a whirl. Shall we? Cancled unicorn shirts are available? By the way, as well as other HISHE attire if you want to help keep us in business. Anyway, is this an Endgame review or what? You want to talk some Endgame, right? Of course you do. So let’s — get — to IIIIIIT!! This movie’s 3 hours long! You don’t want to pee your pants ‘Coz it’s endgame baby and you don’t wanna drink a thing All right Back on the unicorn. Endgame, the biggest movie of all time that brings the incredible conclusion to the insanely impressive 10-years stack of Marvel Movies is here. And what a finale it is If you’ve been keeping up with the MCU this movie is likely to be everything you’ve been hoping for and then some. The Russo brothers deliver on so many levels and this is the kind of film that will mean so much to so many different types of fans. The cast is amazing. Each Avenger brings a layer of heart to this one. That hasn’t always been the case in my opinion. Dare I say this is the best acting in any Marvel film? I don’t know I think maybe I’m just sentimental but I thought they really brought it for this film and it made it feel extra special The movie starts just right. The aftershock of Thanos has set the tone and it leads down a path to a very exciting conclusion you don’t want to miss. It’s really hard to talk about much without spoiling things. This film wants you to experience yourself. So I’m trying to stay vague here at the beginning I do think the film delivers so beautifully because of the legacy of films leading up to it, so as a standalone film, I don’t think you can enjoy just the same It’s like saying Return of the King is the best of the Lord of the Rings when I would say, yeah but it’s only because you had the previous movies to bond with all these characters. It’s a journey and Endgame is the climax to Frodo taking that ring to Mordor I would imagine if you jump in with this one as your first Avengers flick or if you’re brand new to most things MCU, There will be nothing special for you but if you’re like the rest of us, you may cry your eyes out because there are many moments that are just (It’s so good!) So I will just say I enjoyed it immensely the film went lots of places I expected It had many awesome surprises and it has in my opinion the most emotional moments in the entire MCU I actually want to hug the Avengers after seeing this movie. So I say with enthusiasm go check it out! It’s such an awesome achievement. That’s about all I can say for my non-spoiler review. So let’s dive into the story, shall we? Because I’m assuming everyone really has seen it appear, right? If you haven’t seen it, please don’t ruin it for yourself just to hear my thoughts. This one is worth the ticket price I’ll be here when you get back. So go check it out and then come back for the spoilers I can’t believe they teased the x-men with Robert Pattinson as Wolverine That was nuts. I mean my crowd went bananas all the men in the audience were like, yes Robert he’s such a great actor and deserves to be known for more than that dumb twinkle vampire-themed It doesn’t matter anymore in the slightest I’m kidding that that didn’t happen at all But for real spoilers from here on out people, let’s start with what did I think about the story? The story is pretty full being three hours of twists and turns but I absolutely loved it I loved the time travel angle I think the time travel was one of the things we’ve all been waiting for So it was kind of cool to see that prediction actually come true this being the finale the time travel angle gave such a cool way to let characters and previous movies have a final POW They crammed so many people in this movie that even some of the directors got to have some final lines I love that. Did you like Thor Lebowski? Absolutely Thor being overweight was such a shock and so hilarious, but I thought him taking Responsibility for the loss and infinity war was very believable. So it actually made a lot of sense What did you think about Thanos? I felt like Thanos should have been a lot easier to beat without the gauntlet considering his fighting style and infinity war in This movie he’s almost just as dangerous, but he doesn’t have any stones So I thought it was weird and thought he should be defeated way more easily the second time considering Thor Absolutely wrecked him at the beginning of the film. So that kind of bugged me. Nobody throws magic at him Suddenly Stormbreaker isn’t a formidable weapon He can take lightning and he just bats away the hammer and the shield. I mean, come on I know that wouldn’t be as exciting to watch so they had to make him hold his own and Be terrifying but the avengers should have easily been able to take down Thanos immediately What did you not like? Um black widow dying. I didn’t like that one bit Hawkeye gets to live because he has kids but not Ironman. Are you kidding me? I wanted a Hawkeye to make the sacrifice anything else I didn’t like the courgettes playing fortnight in the year 2023 like her we do assume that the game is still hogging the spotlight Five years after the snap. Other negatives? I didn’t like Hulk at first surprisingly It took watching the film a few more times to start liking professor Hulk He’s more of a teddy bear in this film which feels really opposite of Hulk’s stereotype, but I guess that’s what Professor Hulk is I think Ragnarok Hulk will always be my favorite Hulk, but I didn’t think the effects of a Hulk’s face in this movie were incredible I Get it. Do you think Loki is dead not anymore? I mean, I always wanted Loki from infinity war to be revealed that he faked his death But now this movie gives us a little reason to think that Loki could still exist when he portal jumped out with the tesseract That would mean not only is he still alive? But he’s also back to being the evil Loki We all expect him to be I think that’s really cool I hope they go that way And this makes me think that’s the real reason why Thor ended up going with the guardians at the end What about that huge battle though? The final battle is just superhero eye candy galore I knew they had to do something bigger than Infinity wars battle and they definitely do for endgame when the portals start to open up and the crowds of people that just keep pouring Out to fight Thanos army. It’s like yes Yes after yes And after that is just like so much going on You can’t even see it all in one go people are punching and blasting and chasing each other over the map It’s insane and full of awesome moments Cap’s wielding Thor’s hammer like yeah what everyone else is getting their shots in it was awesome and it all leads up to the big finish the final snap When we tease Tony dying in our dubs video, I didn’t exactly expect to be totally correct I sort of hoped that the Avengers were gonna like All live together somehow Like alternate-dimension or whatever but they’d all live happily ever after I didn’t know it was gonna happen But I sensed there would be something that happened that made moving forward without certain cast members permanent But when Tony says “I’m Iron Man” and snaps his fingers That was so powerful because not only was he saving everyone he was also doing what his father said he could never do And that’s putting the greater good above his own self-interest. I thought that was really cool And then as Tony’s like laying there with his face half charred the way they like had the characters kind of say. Goodbye with Rhodey first and then Peter and then finally Pepper. I thought that was beautifully done and So cool. What was your favorite? there are so many pleasing moments in this film. It’s hard to lock down a favorite Most of my favorite parts were with the quiet moments stark teaching nebula to play paper football at the very beginning Black Widow tearing up after talking to Rhody about Hawkeye. I love you 3,000 Thor talking to his mother one last time stark talking to his father one last time cap seeing Peggy through the blinds Stark hugging Peter the funeral sequence old Steve Rogers. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? That was so perfect. And then the dance These are the moments that don’t mean anything Unless you’ve seen the old movies the way they just gave the fans bit after bit It was so heartwarming and perfect even when it was predictable. It was still so good I think my personal favorite moment was the funeral with Happy and Tony’s daughter when Happy asks her Are you hungry? What do you like to eat? She says cheeseburgers I knew that that was a callback to the first Ironman when Tony says I want cheeseburger But when Happy said I’m gonna get you all the cheeseburgers you want, that squirt hit me right in the heart I think it’s just the dad in me now, but I really loved that moment. And I thought it was such a sweet final Goodbye from the director of Ironman since Iron Man is what started all this I think that was my favorite old Captain America talking Falcon though is also pretty dang special and Hulk sitting in the back of a truck, there’s too much in this movie guys. It’s just so good To make a bazillion for jillion monies I Feel like the theme of this movie was recovery There were several moments that felt like cap support group where a character confesses their fears to someone and that Someone encourages them to turn out of their despair Thor is drinking his sorrows away and clearly is depressed But then when he gets to talk with his mother She tells him everyone fails at trying to be who they’re supposed to be. Black Widow tells Hawkeye She doesn’t judge someone by their worst mistakes when he says you know what I’ve become Nebula even tries to convince her past self. That change is possible but ends up having to kill that version of herself Which is basically symbolic of her letting go of the past There’s a lot of things in this film that I think might encourage someone who may be struggling with things in real life like depression grief anxiety stuff like that If you want to look at Hulk he is someone that represents someone who faced extreme difficulty and found his cure He is now the best of both worlds. I feel like this movies about healing and helping others You can’t fix what’s broken? There is always time because everyone deserves to get their life back so they can have joy just like Steve and Peggy dancing in the window Or it wasn’t about any of that it was just about making a whole bunch of money you decide Okay. Those are my thoughts on endgame. I hope you enjoyed them Let me know what you thought of the movie in the comments. We are definitely working on how Endgame should have ended This is gonna be a big one. I’m sure but everything is very in the early stage right now So give us some time to build it. I want to do it good I want to do it right so don’t expect it like next week or something, but it is on its way We’ve got some other videos and your works. Alright, so you hope you enjoy those. Well, thank you again for watching. Be sure to subscribe follow us on Instagram and Twitter get yourself a cankle t-shirt and Hopefully, we’ll see you next time


  1. When all the dusted people came,when people died,the big battle and all of the surprises. it ripped my ever loving fan boy out of me.This movie really was a good way to end to finish all of these years of movies it really made me cry heh.

  2. I think my brother brought up a good idea of why thanos was hard to beat in this movie without the stones it’s cuz the thanos in infinity war was just focusing on his goal to wipe out half the population of which he calls “mercy” so infinity war thanos was kinda going more easy on the avengers because he was focused on his goal but the thanos in endgame was also the thanos in guardians so he was a bit more vicious because his plan hadn’t started yet. Idk it was just a idea my brother thought of idk if it would be right but ye

  3. I was so confused at the wolverine part I was like “I’ve watched endgame 5 times ummm what”??? 😂😂

  4. Thanos acted like a giant swatting away flys in infinity war, no longer needing armour or a real fighting sryle. in endgame he showed that he was just as strong but this time physically with his fighting. Similar to how he beat hulk in infinity war without using the stones,, the stones just made it effortless in infinity war and. in endgame it took effort. he showed that he has strength in endgame and that's why he's so powerful and a menacing villain.

  5. If 1/2 the population was gone and the whole earth is grieving, it is entirely possible that a successor to fortnite would not be developed within 5 years.

  6. Thanos is using a weapon he has used for who knows how long it makes sense he's even powerfuler him with that weapon and the infinity gauntlet he unstoppable like he be 10000000000000x powerfuller

  7. I definetly agree with the healing part. Early of the series characters are more pschotic but in the Endgame and some of the Infinity War they give more natural, humanly reactions. And of course about the bazillion money too.

  8. Damn this review gave me the feels.. I think you made very good points about tying up loose ends and just ending the series. Thanks!

  9. I still don’t understand why suddenly snapping kills you. Thanos was uninjured after infinity war. He wasn’t injured until he destroyed the stones. Now just using them kills you. Why?

  10. Loki in the 2023 timeline is still dead. I think you're confused. Every time you go back in the past the timeline is split so that Loki is not the same Loki that died.

  11. Loki in the 2023 timeline is still dead. I think you're confused. Every time you go back in the past the timeline is split so that Loki is not the same Loki that died.

  12. I loved endgame, but hate it when they use time travel in a movie. The fact that they can get pin particles means they can just keep doing it over and over again. Just watched your endgame videos, great work they are very well done.

  13. I wonder if they would hire the Russo Brothers to redo the abysmal Star Wars franchise since Disney ruined it.


  15. I think this movie is more about accepting and being who you really are… "That's not who we are," "This isn't you," "I stopped trying to fight it and just accepted it," "Stop trying to be who you think you're supposed to be," "I am Iron Man." Fitting, as Marvel has always been about the everyday hero, flaws and all.

  16. The reason thanks was so op in endgame is cause in infinity war he wasn’t trying to kill anyone and with storm breaker it’s made of uru the same asgardian metal as the gauntlet that allows it to store energy and release it when desired. Which is why the old gauntlet was better than the stark gauntlet because the uru allowed Thanos to absorb and distribute the energy when desired.

  17. I don't cry in movies, but on the inside in still weeping a little like a month later

    MCU, I love you 3000:_(

  18. Wow me too. The most upsetting thing to me is Natasha's death because that prove nothing. She should have lived simply because she worth it. Then she got no funeral at the end because Tony's death… That is just so upsetting.

  19. I havent seen Endgame and only a very few Marvel Movies (Ironman1-3, Spiderman 1&2, Guardiens1&2) but I read a lot and totaly went into it. While watching the vid I started to cry because even the small anount of information I had was enough …

  20. I grew up as DC fan, specifically Batman. However, I have come to thoroughly love and enjoy these Captain America and Avengers movies. That is why it really, I mean REALLY surprised me (when I saw Endgame the first time) that I was holding back tears when Natasha and Tony died. I had no idea I had developed such a bond to these characters. Damn, my eyes are watering even thinking about it as I am typing this. Looking back on Endgame though, I do feel like Natasha's sacrifice gets over-looked as all focus is on Stark.

  21. My heart still hurts so much but the movie was truly amazing and a perfect ending to 22 or 23 movies

  22. I am a hardcore fan and I only watched it 2day coz im a cheapskate and I didn't go 2 the cinemas. It was so amazing tho!

  23. Well actually thanos is just as dangerous without the stones then with them. If you guys read the comics you would know how powerful he truly is

  24. The most emotional moment was Tonys funeral and the change of the meaning from : "PROOF THAT TONY STARK HAS A HEART" together with Steves Dancing scene, bringing you back emotianlly to the beginning of the main story lines from Steve and Tony, reflecting about their developement and dreams, to give it a final close. Really cried when that all hit me.

  25. 4:56 .. I think they were trying to show.. Thanos wasn’t even trying in their previous fights, got surprised by Thor’s new weapon in Wakanda, and eventually let the Avengers kill him, in an attempt to give his enemy closure, so they don’t mess with his plans. ( which the exact opposite happened ) and in the final version of Thanos, he realizes this is the last stand and the avengers will not go away and actually tries to fight for once. Even Thanos against Hulk at the very beginning of Infinity War doesn’t look like he’s trying very hard.

  26. I was already crying at the end but when Morgan said cheeseburgers I LOST it, Happy's face killed me. Ugh I love this film so much.

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