August Favourites | 2019

Hi everyone, I’m here today to talk to
you about all the things that I’ve been loving recently. Anything that I can link,
I’ll link in the description box down below. I have two TV favorites the first one is
Years and Years which I’m sure many of you have seen, lots of people have been
talking about it. It was on the BBC, it was six or
eight episodes I think and it follows our present day into the future and is a
dystopian but a very realistic, slightly too close to the bone dystopian and I
actually started watching it a month or so ago and had to stop because it was
giving me quite a lot of anxiety because it basically just
escalates everything that’s already happening in the world right this second,
so it doesn’t take anything to an unbelievable extreme at all and yeah
it’s it’s quite a lot but it’s definitely worth the watch. I didn’t love
the ending quite so much but I thought the whole thing was very
well done apart from the ending and even though it does feel at points as
though the TV show is made specifically as a commentary on what’s happening
right now, as opposed to being about characters and their story, I didn’t mind
that so much. It reminded me quite a lot of Ali Smith’s novels where she is
deliberately choosing a topic so that she can comment on things but also
incorporating lots of different aspects into the work, too, so I think if you like
a Smith’s work even though this is very different, thematically it’s quite
similar, I think you’d enjoy it too. The other TV show that I wanted to
mention is one that I am so late to but actually I’m really happy that I was
late to it because it meant I could watch it all in one go pretty much and
that’s Killing Eve. I adored it. It’s so much fun, so dark, so twisted. It is about
a woman called Villanelle who is a Russian assassin and she’s really badass
and also awful [laughs] it’s also about a policewoman in the UK
who’s recruited by MI6 to try and track her down. Think murderous lesbians and
you’re pretty much there and if that doesn’t sell it to you then I can’t
help you. I definitely think that you should check
out, there are two seasons, I love both of them, the first season is written by
Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote Fleabag and I can totally now see why she has
been hired to write the new James Bond film because the first season in
particular does feel very James Bond-y. Ok, so onto other things I can talk to
you about… I put a picture of this up on Instagram which is a vase
that I got in the Anthropologie sale I mentioned I think in
favourites videos before that you can get things quite cheap in the Anthropologie sale, so I picked this
up for I think about £14 and it was reduced from £30 and I love
it. I’ll insert a picture right here with
some flowers in just just because. I really really love this. I also got this
which is maybe a strange thing to include in a favorites video but in the
words of Jenna Marbles “I am now a 32 year old lady” and this is how I live my
life, so this is a little steamer which I picked up online I think for about £20
I’ll link it down below if I can find it. I really don’t iron.
I do not own an iron or an ironing board but there are some things in life that
actually need to be ironed, as much as it pains me to admit it — Mr. M’s shirts for
work etc you know and also playsuits that are of a silky material, even my
headscarves sometimes they need …not ironing but they just need steaming a
bit, and there’s only so much the steam of shower can do [laughs] so I decided it was
about time I probably got one of these if I wasn’t gonna get an iron. This is
fantastic you just fill it up with water it takes
30 seconds to boil like a kettle and then you literally just… I mean, you know
how a steamer works, then you do this over the clothes and they’re all
straight and lovely within about a minute, it’s great, I love it very much, so
if you hate ironing like me maybe you’ll love it, too.
Another favourite is this one… oh my god is it so heavy! This is a candle that I
picked up from TK Maxx, it’s by DW Home theirs is the only candle I get because
they burn really well, so this is huge and it’s one of their
wood wicks so instead
or a normal wick is it wood wick and that means that when you burn it it
sounds like a fire, or like it’s raining outside and it smells amazing.
This is smoked vanilla and you can get some of their candles on their website
but I don’t think you can get this one
[I lied! It is online, link down below!] because I did check before but if you’re
passing a HomeSense or a TK Maxx or a TJ Maxx in the States,
check out to see if they have this and have a sniff. To me it smells like tatami mats, so Japanese houses, which
is why I think I love it as much as I do and that’s going to last a long long time
because it’s so massive. What else… this is something Lauren actually introduced me to (Lauren Wade Reads) she brought
this around because we were having a meal and I
don’t drink anymore, I haven’t drank for two and a half years now, I used to drink
— not loads, but then I found out that I have a non-cancerous tumor friend growing
in my liver so I decided to stop drinking (that wasn’t anything to do with
drinking but it just seemed like I should be nicer to my liver), so I stopped
drinking and I don’t miss alcohol at all because I didn’t drink very much
but the one thing I did miss (if anything) was Prosecco. This is non-alcoholic
Prosecco and it takes exactly like Prosecco, so much so that when Lauren
first gave it to me I didn’t believe that it didn’t have alcohol in it, so,
yeah I mean I’m not going to try and pronounce that, I will link it down below
it’s £5 in most supermarkets, you can also get the individual bottles, you
know, if you’re going to a place where other people are drinking and you don’t
want to, you can get a little dinky one and they also do sparkling rose as well
and it’s all really yummy. Next on my favorites list let’s do like bath and
body stuff. I don’t have any bath stuff but for body stuff this here is
Vaseline’s Cocoa radiant intensive care body butter. This sinks into your skin
faster than any other cream or body butter I’ve used; I would say that this
sinks into the skin faster than a normal thin moisturizer, never mind a body
butter, and that’s amazing if you’re running late or you just you want to wait to get
dressed, you don’t have to stand around drying off not water but
body cream. This is great it smells like chocolate kinda and it’s
delicious and I think it’s £3.99 which is pretty
amazing. I also have bought a couple more of these and you always ask me… not all
of you, obviously, a couple of you ask me each time I make a video what I’m
wearing on my lips I’m always wearing these which are the Bourgois… let me it’s
right because it’s a long name the Bourgois Rouge Edition Velvets and they’re all in
different shades. I have a lot of them they stay on all day, if you eat
something like a burger sure they rub off a little bit but really not much at
all; if you’re not eating anything like that
then they tend to say on, you don’t need to reapply. They’re fantastic. I’ve
picked up as I said a couple more colors recently but I thought I would mention
them because lots of people ask what I’m wearing on my lips and I think they’re
£5.99 I think. I’m just looking at my list… what else do we have here. We’re
nearly at the end, ok, I’ve loved doing a new reading and walking vlog, which I
started doing a last year and hadn’t done for about a year but about two
weeks ago I uploaded a new walking and reading vlog and I did a 10-mile walk
around London including getting on the London water bus which goes from Little
Venice to Camden, I walked through Holland Park and Hyde Park, I walked
across Hampstead Heath and I listened to an audio book I listened to Case
Histories by Kate Atkinson and was stopping to read All the Names they Used
for God by Anjali Sachdeva, so if you would like to look at the beautiful
scenery of London, see the map of the walk I did and listen to my thoughts on
those books, I’ll link that video in the description box down below. Another
favorite on YouTube that’s nothing to do with my channel is Micarah Tewers, I think
that’s her name she is amazing Jean introduced me to her,
she’s proper old school YouTube like real old school YouTube and she turns
fabric… it sounds like it magic but it kind of
is [laughs] she turns fabric into clothes but not just any fabric, there’s one
video that she did where she found an old sofa just on the street and decided
that she would turn it into a suit. I’m going to show you that here because I just
can’t get over it and she makes these tutorials, but they’re not really
tutorials for you to follow because they’re just really hilarious, they’re
sped up, so satisfying to watch. I watched all of her old videos and I’m very
excited to see what she does next because I just think she’s a bit amazing,
so if you would like some quality YouTube content then please go and check
out her channel. Finally the last thing on my favorites list is this
which is Unstable Unicorns which Jean introduced me to, as well, she just
introduces me to all of my favorite things and this is a card game which… I’m trying to think of what I can compare it to, I don’t know if I can
really compare it to something else but the tagline is “build a unicorn army,
betray your friends, unicorns are your friends now.” You have cards in your
hand and you have to create a stable in front of you, so every go you get to play a
card into your stable the aim of the game is to have seven unicorns in your
stable at the end, but there are magic cards that are quite destructive, so you
can kill other people’s unicorns, you can swap things around, it’s just also really
really flippin cute. All of the unicorns are ridiculous, so you can have basic
unicorns, you can have a unicorn on the cob, there’s a mermaid unicorn,
I bought a dragon expansion pack… it’s really good fun and super adorable so if
that sounds like your cup of tea I’ll also link it down below, highly recommend.
I think I did this video in one take! I haven’t done that in a very long time. I
say it’s because Jean’s here and she’s working over there so I’m trying not to
mess up and I didn’t, excellent, famous last words and all that. Okay so
I’m gonna go, everything I can link I’ll link down below, let me know what you’ve
been enjoying recently and I’ll speak to your very soon. Lots of bookish love, bye!
Jean (off screen): It’s a challenge to do videos in one take, you know. You should say you did it on purpose.
Jen: I totally did it on purpose!


  1. I dont know why but eveytime Jen does a video in the sun room im facinsated by the garden and the shelf rocks. Going to have to check out the candle sounds like something i can use in my evening and morning medations. As always good stuff.

  2. describing killing eve as "murderous lesbians" is basically me trying to get my friends to watch the show while they just look funny at me and my endless rambling about fictional queer assassin ladies (see also: sara lance pre-legends of tomorrow)

  3. What a great favourites you have this month!😊 I'm enjoying the BBC series Vicious with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi – the humor is right up my alley😁 I highly recommend it!

  4. I love Unstable Unicorns! My friends and I are a bit obsessed with it, honestly. Adorable and fun! And thanks for the reminder about Killing Eve – I really need to watch it ASAP!

  5. I thought I heard Jean reacting from somewhere behind the camera when you said all your favourites come from her, and sure enough she was there! So cute 😊

  6. I'm glad you liked Years and Years, I absolutely adore it and also got Ali Smith vibes. I agree the ending, like the very ending, was kind of annoying, but SPOILERS the scenes with the riots and the line "Were gonna start a war" made me cry uncontrollably with stress

  7. I need Unstable Unicorns! We've been playing Cockroach Poker lately – it's the opposite of cute but very funny x

  8. I thought Years and Years was ace, occasionally it was a bit too much, wasnt sure about the final ten/twenty mins. Hurray for Killing Eve, agreed superb. I have just started watching Euphoria and its full on but brilliant but not one you can binge, some tough content, but amazing. Hahaha, the steamer… Chris is obsessed with his, he also used it to peel wallpaper, and then wondered why we had used so much electric.

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