1. Hey everyone! Here's a short and sweet favorites! How are you guys doing this Sunday? I'm spending the day cleaning and ramping up my routine again.

  2. Am I the only one who does "Hi everyone, its you're girl Jenn" with her at the same time, all the time 🙂 🙂

  3. I was wondering why Jenn looked different and then I realized she's not wearing fake lashes in this vid! They really do make a difference 🤔

  4. did anyone else noticed she said “text the number 500-500 to clothes?” hahaha have always loved your videos Jenn! still cant believe you and Ben are married!!!! so happy for you guys! ❤️

  5. congrats on your wedding jenn! 💖 I've been watching since i was in middle school and im in my second year of college, I'm so happy for you !!

  6. Congratulations!!!! Excited for you and Ben! My husband and I got engaged around the same time as you did and we got married on May! Wish you the best for you and you hubby!!!! Btw I love how your book reviews they definitely make me want to read whatever you recommend

  7. I've seen you develop so much Jenn since I started watching you and Sarah in 2010! I'm so proud of the woman you've become, obviously we can only see so much – but I honestly feel that you're one of the most genuine social influencers, this is also really random, but I love your natural beauty! Compared to a lot of famous people we see online – I love the fact that you haven't undergone any cosmetic procedures, you are just uniquely beautiful and take power in that, like we should all do :)))))

  8. After you officially married, you looking more shining n glowing. Looking forward to see your wedding video and Q&A video

  9. omg jenn how time flies. i feel like you're actually getting younger! like in my head you just turned 21 this year lol.

  10. How come no one mentions her makeup look in this video!!! You look fabulous Jenn <3
    And 결혼 축하해요! I'm so happy for you 🙂

  11. Hiii Jen!!
    I just wanted to say that I've been watching your videos for SOOO long now, that every time you post a monthly favorites, I get so excited because of how natural and genuine you are! I honestly feel like were just home girls hanging out having just a comfortable one on one conversation. You're seriously the best!! So happy to be a supporter til this day! <3

  12. May the lord Bless you jenn im . Love your videos and content and the energy you put into every moment of it . Lots of love . May you and Ben have a beautiful life together filled with love and happiness every day. Keep up the good work.

  13. Are you going to have a honeymoon? It seems a little sad that you went on a business trip right after your wedding!!!

  14. HIGHLY recommend reading “Bad Blood” next. It reads like a true crime novel and is quite the page turner. The forward alone had me hooked! Btw…love your vids and the positive influence you have on YT which, unfortunately, has been pretty bleak lately. Congrats on your wedding and looking forward to more bridal content!

  15. I'm going to cry 😭 I still can't believe you got married, you both looked so gorgeous on your wedding. Congrats 🎊🎉

  16. I have been watching you for the longest time <33 I'm so happy to see you living your life and smiling and glowing!! This is one of my favorite type of videos to watch of yours and I'm glad you always post these :))

  17. The audio book you mentioned sounds like the giver and I am a huge sucker for sci-fi alternate type universes. I am definitely gonna give it a try!

  18. aww jenn, you are literally glowing, and you look so, so happy!! this is kinda late, but i just want to say congrats on your wedding, and i cannot wait to see your wedding videos and everything! also thank you for the lovelyyy video – i too, can't believe summer is like, all gone now (back to school for me!! *cries*) – i enjoyed it a lot :))
    you are such an inspiration and you always inspire me to be the best i can be, and somehow, your cheerful attitude ends up affecting me, and i always end up smiling and happy by the end of your videos. so, thank you for that and i hope you have a wonderful, rest of the summer with all your friends, family, and your husband!!
    sending lots and lots of love from canada!! xx

  19. Just wondering, what kind of activities do you guys usually do while listening to audio books? I don't know how can people manage to do multi-task while processing so many information and i don't feel like just sitting and listening neither.

  20. I love to see how happy you are Jenn. You totally deserve what's going on in your life rn. You have always a smile in your face and you inspire me so much. Greatings from Spain 🌷💫

  21. Hey Jenn!
    I follow you since many years and I really love watching your videos and all your effort in it.
    Sorry I am not a really present one…
    Your life and ambition inspire people, especially me.
    Congratulations on your wedding.
    I'm really happy for you and hope nothing bad ever happens to you and your family.

    Nonetheless,one thing I noticed, which I'm really missing, is you, not thinking about us , young casual girls.
    Before, I watched your videos multiple times and tried to get every advice or recommendation.
    but lately, your recommendations are not helpful anymore.
    Maybe helpful for people with your current lifestyle.
    I really miss it.
    I always thought of you as a big sister watching over us.
    Imagine I spend my puberty looking up to you.
    you are a part of my own development and I love it and don't regret it.

    I always loved how you weren't one of those youtubers who are just showing off and have those ridiculously expensive things.
    You know, I'm happy you're happy and happy that you get the success you deserve.

    just.. I don't know.
    Every dress you tag and I look up to cause its like very pretty, I end up with a link which says that the dress costs a couple hundred bugs.

    Or like this, your favorite skincare products, are just unaffordable for me and I end up watching this video for nothing cause I can't afford the things you present.
    I just end up wishing I would have more money for Lamer…

    I look into your eggieshop everyday, admiring your clothes and your talent, but being sad that I cannot afford them as a student.
    Although I remember you , starting youtube at my age.
    now I just don't know who your videos are for.

    I don't want you to read this comment ,being sad or something.last thing I want.

    I am just telling you that I miss you.

    Love .

  22. It's sad how in your old videos you actually used products a majority of your subscribers could afford, now your skincare and even clothing is super expensive and unaffordable for most of us. Which makes it hard for us to relate to your videos and enjoy the products you also enjoy. Not hating, just kinda makes me sad. Wish I could afford a lot of this stuff but probably never will.

  23. Hi Jenn! Your teeth are so bright and beautiful. Do you do teeth whitening? If then, can you share your tip, please? Thank you!

  24. Earrings would have been cuter if the earrings were the same material. Not gonna lie, you just phoned this favorites video in. 😕

  25. You always post such quality videos and have such a beautiful energy in each one that truly gets me in such a happy mood! Love you and your content Jenn! <3

  26. It’s so crazy how many people have read Little Fires Everywhere because I’m from Shaker Heights! It’s interesting to see everyone’s perspective on the book and the town.

  27. "Congratulations" Hi Jenn. Um so proud of you, for a short and sweet favorites. Jenn everyone is doing good, we love you so much, we hope you have fun.

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