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I'm going to traditional and another weekend video which is going to be a more you know personal me type video where I can swear and like tell you to fuck yourself like this video this is one of those videos where I could be more myself but my midweek videos I will try and be more professional so let me know the kind of videos you would like whether to be more professional or the more you know freestyle like I don't give a shit fuck you kind of videos anyways please enjoy the drain all and you know keep watching if you want to see me wear clothes in this first video is because there's these fabrics jeans look fucking I don't know they turn of pockets which is bullshit i honest to god don't know what the fuck to say about like these smells I feel like an idiot right now but anyways jeans because today but I don't know because I'd be like city like every step but you can't see my nipples which is awesome because my shoulders if you find do it though sure it's not gonna come apart it's just more for show but the material is honestly is comfortable it's from a cheaper store so maybe two videos Tiger this dress is super comfortable it's a wrap dress you have to die this material is so freakin itchy I cannot exaggerate now itchy this material is it's cute don't get me wrong like it looks cute in like pictures and like I like wearing it because very flattering especially if you just speak sperms thinner than they are which I enjoy but the material is so I'm terrible I don't understand the fucking fire I know the buttons are just for show as well see about this dress you're now in the pajamas section of this video this shirt is obviously a dark under the one but this and these are some shorts that I got a giant I really miss majima shorts people Instagram extra thing can't they just peek unisex no women's pajama shorts don't tend not to be as high in the crotch which means pajama towards more because I have wider hips and more meetings I like the Midway or the logo my hips it's not comfortable and it's not flattering so what you have wider hips like myself you tend to go a little higher in the waistline of pants these are very comfortable my shorts yes the armpits are like to the point where for some reason like like free I don't know why but um this shirt also makes my did slushy monkeys for some reason from the front view this is also for our teams honestly it's pretty edgy as well like it's like don't get me wrong definitely need to get a strapless bra by Tom it's very last game a shirt this is just a regular old fucking gray t-shirt which I used and has been doing his job ever since like all these shorts are one of the mayor shorts that go right at my ass like I don't know I don't know I got these from trying Tiger though like this is what I mean like it's our size large it's like oh yeah there's my chiefly thighs I don't understand women's sizing like they make a shorts they like low on the hips I'm just like stop fucking doing like pink more higher means the shorts like damn you're killing these girls like me with the wider hips okay this is where I'm gonna cut off because like a camel toe city so anyways this is it for this I hope you enjoyed


  1. You are a hot down to earth nerd don't try to change nothing all the videos so far are excellent nice !

  2. There are no words to describe how beautiful, sexy and cute you look OMG. Seriously, you're like a 100000/10 instead of a 10/10

  3. I normally dont like women that curse alot but this was pretty funny, you could low key be a comedianπŸ˜†, oh and your body is pure fire.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. wow, loved this, Cori. That background ASMR is a unique touch. Bursts of air and all. Great video. thanks!

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