ASMR Clothing Haul (Whispered) Lazy Oaf✨Dolls Kill✨ASOS

[Applause] now I just took this outfit [Applause]


  1. Doc Martin's are expensive on their own, adding lazy oaf to that I can imagine how expensive they got.

  2. What a throwback with Delia’s! I got an awesome splatter paint bedroom set from them when I was in high school and I absolutely loved it. Best sheets I’ve ever had. I kinda miss the stores but they were quite expensive sadly.

  3. I can’t decide whether I love the boots or the sandals more! I love the hearts, so cute 💗

  4. Are you going to make a video where you design those 2 wooden jewelry boxes which you bought a couple of weeks ago?

  5. I know that everyone is raving about the boots but those sandals are the coolest sandals I've ever seen. They look so comfortable for walking in but also won't make your feet boil. I love them lol.

  6. You shouls try and find resold dolls kill clothes on depop not sure how shipping will work out also check out aliexpress they sell those cute mesh shirts literally for like $4 and there's lots of diff prints! i usually have free ship option for some but again not sure of shipping is diff to other countries! Loved the video! I rarely comment but ur videos are the best to fall asleep when I need a nap and i love playing ur videos in the background while i read i need both fall asleep maybe one day u can make a video that's an hour long haha

  7. Please don't apologize for overpriced shit. I did that too when I saw money. 180 on Timbs. Whatever. 180 on Nikes. It won't make you feel any different. 🙃

    Furthermore, do not venture into kid asmr as it looks in your last video. Gross. Weird. We can leave if you make us.

  8. Great ASMR video +ASMRplanet it was very relaxing and entertaining to watch in which I loved & enjoyed every moment of it.

  9. OMG!! 🤧 I ordered these boots and mine just arrived at the post office but i can't get them bc i'm away visiting my family… lol i'm so excited!! god i just hope they're the right size…

  10. I was the one who commented on your other channel about dolls kill lmao and when you said you had placed an order I’ve been waiting for the haul video ever since 😂 you’re welcome by the way 🤣🤣🤣 I’m just sorry customs has to be a pain 😒

  11. Also back awhile I got a pair a doc Martens when I was little and sadly I went through a stage where I grew 4 sizes within 3 months so I had to like give away all my shoes and I’m not getting a pair anytime soon!

  12. I was literally on the site and then I saw this video and I was wondering what the prices were and what you got and when I was on the site I was like “oOoOh let’s get a pair of doc martens…” and then I checked the price “well
    Let’s wait about 20 year until I’m ready to throw away that kind of money on a pair of shoes!” And I also love that type of weird/quirky style of clothing!!!!

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