Arnold Classic Europe 2016 – Jean Philippe Cesari

Hi, my name is Jean Philippe Cesari, I am 41 years old and I am doing body-building in competition for 1 and a half year, and I just won Arnold Classic 2 hours ago. “In which category ?”
Master Men’s Physique. Could you tell us about your athletic record ? It is necessary to know that I am quite new in the competition. I started 1 and a half year ago competing. Then a victory in France semi-final. I picked up the title of champion of France in April, 2015. I made 5th while being at it in the European championship in May 2015 and since December 2015 I am world vice champion. And there I have just won the Arnold Classic.
Always in Master’s Men’s Physique How long to get professional ? It is necessary to know that I am training for 18 years with passion, sport in general. Then I started with body-building, I progressed step by step. I have never had the idea to go into competitions, I have never really thought of it. And then, one thing leading to another, on the advice of the manager of the fitness gym where I trained in Bastia, why not to start in the competition,
he saw a potential in me and he helped me to start. And later I chained, it was a nice adventure, it is clear when you win you win you win… in one and a half year I won title after title, now it is amazing, I won Arnold Classic, world vice champion, I would never have believed in this 2 years ago… “You are building a nice athletic record.” Here we are, in a short time I built a nice athletic record, I am proud of it. Now you have a sponsor. Yes, I am sponsored by Eric Favre. “Could you tell us more about it ?” It is still thanks to the manager of the fitness gym where I train, which was invited in a gala of Eric Favre in Nice, with common friends, at his table, he ate, he put me into the conversation by saying that I was needing a sponsor. I was world vice champion, I had no sponsor, Eric Favre gave attention to my friend, and that worked, they gave me a chance. They started sponsoring me 3 months ago and I am trying to make them proud, I think that today they must be satisfied and proud also. They help me well, every month I receive my proteins, I have nothing bad to say. What had this partnership changed for you ? Financially first, saving 300 or 400 euros each month, for nutritional supplements, it is already enormous for me, it is already a provision in complements, in protein, it is not some money in concrete but it is already enormous. “Did you feel a better progress?”
Yes, of course. Some products suited well to me, like boosters, pre workout. The protein also which has a very good quality and digestibility: yes, I am satisfied. Which are your favorite complements? My preferred especially when I am shredding, it is the vanilla isolate whey, very pure with a very good taste. Digestibility as I told it to you very very well too, with the BCAA, the Amino Max. Then the fat burners, very effective also. I also use Kre-Alkalyn from Favre, very satisfied. Well I think it is more or less everything… The CLA, omega3, Ocean Krill, a very good fish oil, that not all the companies provide. Your favorite exercise ? My favorite exercise… I am not going to be innovative, we all like training chest and biceps, beach training as we say. I train the full body. Or course I like the multipower incline press, and with the barbells which gives me of good sensations of insulation and congestion. Incline press, that’s it. And your pet peeve ? Ah, the pet peeve… hahaha… It used to be, time ago, the squat, because legs… many people do not like to work them, compared with the top, but with the will as I said it… finally I have no exercise that I suffer. I train everything quite gladly, abs, squat, calves, trapezes, everything, leave no muscle behind. Projects for the season 2016-2017? Now in December 2016, in 2 months, 2 months ½, I have a contest coming, it is world championships in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic. Last year I missed the title of world champion, Now I confirmed I won at Arnold. So now my goal is clearly the title of world champion in Santo Domingo from 9 till 11 December. How to follow you on the social networks? I have my Facebook account: Jean Philippe Cesari IFBB. I try to give a maximum of information to all those who follow me, that pleases me, that affects me. That’s it. A last word for Fitness Nations? Well never give nothing up, nothing is impossible. With the will and the determination to win, we can reach success. It is always necessary to believe in its dreams, never give up, no pain no gain.

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