Army Packing Hack: How to Pack a T-Shirt for Vacation – Ranger Roll, Basic Training

all right I will give you a short 101 on how to arrange a roll and our meat and t-shirt to begin with you laid flat on on the table or something similar then you take the bottom part and turn it inside out and roll it up just a couple inches to give us some slack to wrap around the arrange roll at the end so make sure that the corners are smooth out and straight so that they're not all bulgy because all those bunch of bulges and wrinkles are actually what you know can mess up your arranger role also check the backside like we do right here to make sure there's nothing crazy going on so as long as all this is straight and good to go just like I said smooth out all imperfections at this point you just go ahead and take one side and you fold it over the center if you want to and probably to make the roll neater go ahead and fold over that sleeve over the center again so do the same thing with the other side just fold it over the center lay flat smooth it out basically the goal here is to have that six inch wide strip and give or take a couple inches you know what usually is about is gonna come out about six inches so at this point it's good to go we are ready to roll and to start rolling you just basically take the collar and start rolling tight as tight as you can that the reason for that is that rolling it tight is the key to having a nice neat tight range roll the probably a lot of people have is they do not roll it tight enough in the beginning and in the end the roll it's not tight or so smooshy and it doesn't hold like as you will see this role here is really tight and it literally could throw it against the wall you know it would not come undone because it's just that tied it it keeps itself together so just continue rolling just like that so if there are any wrinkles appearing on the surface just make sure you smooth them out don't just leave them there all right so just like I said keep it rolling and just make sure you roll it over the entire length of the shirt at this point you just hold the roll in your hand and just wrap that slack around the roll to secure it okay just make sure everything is nice and tight everything is secure good to go go ahead and do the same on the other side just like that and just give it a couple final touches and maybe squish it together make it shorter whatever we want to do with it but otherwise your roll is good to go this was a 101 on Ranger roll and army t-shirt and thank you for watching


  1. I watch Crazy Russian Hackers Coca Cola shirt video and I think that’s why this was recommended haha.

  2. My friends: applying to scholarships and shit
    Me: watching these types of videos
    No wonder why she gets mad at me

  3. It's 5:40 am on a sleepless night, and this video relaxed me so much that I finally want to actually go to sleep. BUT, I'm just wandering, how efficiently fast can you make this, without explanations and all? Does it actually take less bagspace if there are a lot to stack up? Any advices for any other wears?

  4. I don't want to look like a paranoid weirdo but, I was just packing my clothes about an hour or 2 ago and this suddenly popped up in my recommendations. So yeah. Weird lol

  5. This is so random but k I guess it does help people

    This was my random recommended vid like 3 from the top

  6. 1/10. This was the worse tasting burrito I’ve had in my life. There was more muscle than thought put into ingredients.

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