April 2019 Sire Summary Jersey Update – FB Live

hello everyone welcome to select sires jerseys revolution sire update I hope everyone's I'm doing well this spring and survived a long winter in a lot of places hope everybody getting anxious to get in the fields and get ready to go a great summer crop there's a lot of changes in the Jersey proofs this time we got our first access to multi breed evaluations there was a recalculation of B be ours so Bulls changed in which evaluation they were in for where you thought they might be this was a one-time adjustment hopefully that won't happen again they have to change more than four points going forward to be able to move to different before they're actually moved between evaluations so there was some updates to our evaluation CDC B everybody had worked on this and we're certainly glad that the data is out we're all getting to see it and I jest it it's pretty early in the week active AI is not even out yet as we do this wonderful Facebook live but we didn't have three new graduates in the Select Aires lineup 7j 1490 of' ballistic greg like his name ballistic he's a ballistic son out of a dimension out of a reaction he comes in in a hundred and sixty six JPI 5:48 cheese married he's eight seventy two of milk um fifty six of fat forty one a protein ninety seven CFP he's a bull that comes in over 20 on Jui a bull that's the number two JPI proven bull at select sires he's the number three cheese merit mullet select sires he's number five for milk number five for CFP number four for productive life number three for livability and if you go on a website and look you'll see select sires has tested a lot of the Bulls not all level we're getting there with the zoetis wellness data and he's a bull at 7:21 DWP dollars which ranks him really high um in Jersey bulls for wellness traits and you know he's only minus point for DPR but a bull that does some things right four point eight productive life number three livability bull at select number four productive life so he's a nice graduate Greg 1490 to add to our lineup has a little different pedigree bull that we needed in the breed ii graduate I'm going to talk about is 7j 1474 salsa p up old bull a titanium son you might be wondering who's titanium is he was a he's a fast track brother to texas and he's out of the venerable from jars of clay breaded cash in out in California so it's titanium venerable Mercedes and he graduates at a hundred and sixty JPI he's the number three proven bull of SSI for JPI number one vote vote at SSI he's 71 pounds of fat 54 protein 125 CFP a bowl that we don't have his wellness straight jet from zoetis but he'll be getting sampled soon he's willing to add some strength at 1.7 on his linear graph you look at his bar chart on the website sometime he's a bull that 1.8 and for utter 1.9 and rear out her height and 1.2 and width and really close on his front teeth placement at 1.6 so another great graduate to add to our lineup and yes Brad there is no Clemson in my background today it's not football season yet but the spring game is tomorrow so I won't be taking questions as y'all if you have any go ahead and punch them in and I'll try to get them answered as we move through this the third graduate is 7 J 1516 dynasty 9 takes a Pharaoh's son unique pedigree for us out of the zipper out of an all-star a bull it's a lot of places in the selects tyre family to peruse and he's a hundred and fifty-five JPI he's the number five JP I proven Bull select sires he's number three for milk his DPR 2.0 he's the number one DPR bull at select he's a bull that is four point three on livability which makes him number one in our proven lineup he's number force for somatic cell he's over fifteen on Jui and his DWP dollars it's 6:15 and being a two and BB kappa casein this Pharoah son got heavy use as a young sire because he had um really nice sex fertility and I really expect you'll see that to continue with him he's available gender selected he's robot Pro he's feed Pro and it's nice when you can add three graduates to your proven lineup that are all in the top five of your JPI Bulls in proven bulls so really happy with these three graduates a few other highlights from today or from Tuesday that we need to mention and he doesn't need no introduction he was our high seller last year set a record for 7j 5000 and for chrome the critic piece on on out of the celebrity bread at River Valley he actually added two hundred and twenty five new daughters and was up almost fifty pounds of milk he's a bull that's now 1217 a milk sixty-six of fat forty five of protein 111 CFP with a two point seven somatic cell score he's the number three JPI bull of the breed when active a I comes out later today and he's number one at select he's number one for milk and I proven Bulls at select number two for protein number four for fat number three for CFP number three for productive life two point seven on tight makes him tied for number one Texas at select sires he's the number two Jui bullet select sires at 30 Jui you know he added 225 daughters went up point one on PT 80 and went up three points on JP I so he continues to add daughters and move up in his rankings and debride a great bull and crawl another proven bull along mentioned today Oliver P 12 7j 12 19 the Valentino's son that's polled that's making those customer satisfaction kinds all over the world he's a bull that's the number for PT a Ebola select he's a number five livability moment select Bowl that continues to add a lot of daughters he does have wellness traits he's a – and he's BB cap casing 7j 1484 perry is a Dazzler son that graduated last time and he had a nice day added several daughters went up old milk he's a number four JPI bull select now he's the number four cheese merit proven bullet select he's number three for DPR in our lineup he went up seven pounds of fat and two pounds of protein this proof he's 19 on Jui he's a – he just checks a lot of the boxes that makes those customer satisfaction kind and they're super uttered we've seen several of them now out in the field been really impressed with them as I've gone around at 7 J 1484 Perry a ball that we've sampled in Canada through our selects Irish innovations partnership he still carries a 7j stud code it was back when they were PGA C is 7 J 1344 mat the Irwin son and what a nice day he had he gained 1.2 on Jui point to own type and he was already known as a type specialist and I mean balance all the way around two points of SCR so we move into this summer breeding let's not forget about mat and the lineup to use too make those customer satisfaction stars a lot of them tight tight cows have gotten flushed to Matt in the last six months because people just love the daughters they're seeing those two daughters from out at unique stock farm where the Jersey meeting will be a week from tomorrow out in Alberta Canada just super daughters and representatives of what Matt can do and they've done it for a long time if you're on Facebook which that's where this is so most of you are make sure you go out and look at unique stock farm and check out those pictures and what the family has to say about those two Matt daughters that they're really happy to look at and work with every day 7j 1038 Valentino needs no introduction and you wonder why is he talking about Valentino this bull is older than my son he was born in 2008 but what a bull he's been for our program and just in the last couple weeks he had a daughter that was grand at the Michigan spring show and reserve grand at the Ohio spring Dairy Expo so we're getting em to seeing him used on those high tide cows that people can use and I think we're going to see a lot more of them coming in the future great bull that's a two and BB gap of casein and has a production I made the statement years ago that if anybody was interested in cross breeding they should use Valentino on every Holstein cow because he really fits and what that cross does is magical we still run a showcase selection program and select sires and we have a couple of proven bulls that are in that showcase selections that I wanted to touch on just a bit a bull that was one of the first bulls I purchased for select sires back in 209 Colton he's now up he's number four for Jui at select he's number five for tight he gained three points on DPR this time and a tenth of a point on tight and this is a bull that's got a lot of daughters but his fertility on his daughter seems to be increasing when the industry travel down him gaining 0.3 really was something to point out I thought and he's a bull that's his sex semen has done well and you'll see a lot of show winners out of him our national grand champion last year was out of him from our accelerated lineup 14-j 670 lemonhead he gained almost a point on Ju I this time point eight and added almost $1,000 to his production proof a bull that's right at 500 DWP he's a great SCR bull nice 23.8 on his Jui he's available in access sexed ultra semen he's robot ready just a nice group of bulls in the Select lineup when you look select has 17 proven bulls in the Select Brand draw our customers worldwide and not a bull in the proven lineup that is JX now those bulls when they move to the multi breed evaluation don't look as favorable as they did and we have some still in our genomic ranks and we hope those will do well we think they're more fairly evaluated at this point so we're really excited about the proven line up at select sires and what those customer satisfaction stars are doing I want to talk about a few genomic young sires at this time that ranked well inside of select and bulls and I want to make you aware or available the first one is from a Jersey land partnership 7je 1657 Hilmar Viceroy Miami Vice he's a Viceroy out of a van out of a Sparky everybody loved the Sparky's years ago and this Viceroy son comes in at 185 JP I 1250 of milk he's a hundred and seven CFP 2.9 on his cell count plus point six on BPR he's a touch over 24 Jui he's a – a – he's been a sire father for so you'll see some Vice or some Miami sons coming in to the select program hopefully they'll be born later this year just a bull that were really excited 1657 Miami from the AG lineup of all I want to hit on is 14 J 725 Regency casino he's out of the premiere son of Macau that's 93 points he's the regency out of the premier back to circus he's a bull that's 452 pound of milk he's plus SCR 26 and a half on his Jui 2.1 on tight and he's four 22 own dairy wellness profit dollars DWP dollars he's a 282 and BV another Bowl that just got released this winter um the bullets in the lineup is 7jc 1699 JX pine he's a six he's a frisco son so it comes from Harris on the Frisco out of the dimension out of an action from all the farms partnership in California he's a bull that had checks a lot of boxes for a lot of places he's 182 JPI he's 580 a hundred CFP 2.92 somatic cell one point to DPR he's twenty nine point nine on his Jui and he's an eight to bull so a bull that's number five four young bulls select for JP and I number ten for cheese merit number eight for d PR number three for type and number four for Jui so he's got hi JP i hi merits hi type hi utters it's a bull that I really think can do a lot of great things from our AG line up a bull that's available sexed only 614 je 1712 Butkus he's a 4jx Butkus for he's a Familia son but he's 202 JP I 718 cheese 144 CFP and he's only minus point 3 d PR 3 even dpr own that much CFP pretty impressive bull a bull we have used as a sire father he is a 2 a 2 and B be calf casing from the select program 7j 1617 Kiowa JX Kiowa 6p a pole Baltazar son out of an icon out of a headline he's a bull that's a temp high title and select piece of temp 4 j UI and selecting our young bulls and he's told he's a thousand 35 a mil 93 CFP he's over 23 on Jui and pope both it's been a great sire father for us from our Jersey land partnership that's available sex to only 507 je 1722 JX daschle 6 he's a viceroy out of a excellent commissioner out of a milton breaded avalanche there in West Texas he's 195 JPI he's 689 cheese merit he's a bull that's 1252 a milk 133 CFP so he's the number one JP eyeball available at select sires we have one higher that we're making some sons out of that'll be available probably on our August run he's the number one cheese merit dollar bill select sires he's the number three CFP young bull at select sires so a Viceroy out of a ninety point Commissioner great JP I 0.5 on DP are huge merits in a bull that just checks a lot of boxes and I think you're going to see a lot of in our program moving forward so we've got a couple bulls that won't be in your directory but are gonna be released in May 5 o7j 1726 star-lord he's a crazy son he's out of P flex out of the determinant he's a part of our Jersey lamb partnership he's a hundred and seventy four JPI 579 cheese 25 Jui and right at a hundred CFPs 97 he's a – a – so remember 17:26 star-lord and look for his information and made when he gets released and for our AG product line that looked forward to star-lords been a sigh father forced by the way another goal has been a sire father force is 6:14 j 1736 Hidalgo he's a World Cup so he does have a six after his name no JX just a six out of the Dazzler out of a headline he's a bull that's a hundred and eighty-six JPI 6:23 cheese Mary he's a bull that's two point eight nine on somatic cell 1.4 on BPR 25.8 on Jui with two points of type and a bowl that's a – a – so a lot of different Bulls coming a lot of Bulls that had a nice days this time I think our lineup you can see is rather big we have a lot something for everyone I see Anthony said he's got several 7j 15:03 daughters calving in and they like them that's Ronaldinho he's a nice bull he's got a lot of daughters and his proof but he stayed on our super sampler list because he doesn't have many tight daughters in his proof so that's the reason he and Padma both stayed on the super sampler side even though they have milking daughters because they don't have Padma has no type information and Ronaldinho has very little at this point but they are calving in well another Bowl I think I'm just getting reports calving in well 7j 1528 disco disco has been a mainstay in our lineup forever his damn one excellent third lactation great cow family deep cow family and he's a bull they're starting to caddy and I've gotten reports from four different people now about how much they like them got a couple pictures of them just fresh they look super uttered people can't believe how great the four others are on them on a production red bull like this he just really seems to be doing things right remember them asking questions if you've got them you got another one here that Milton or salsa P make the proven lineup well you relate we did graduate salsa P he's one of our three graduates Anthony so appreciate that question he looks great Milton did not but salsa P is a great addition to our lineup looks great Jason you're asking about sup 7j 1654 he's a bull that's available he's we will we reevaluate our lineup every proof run but young bulls that weren't super samplers before we have to build some inventory before we can get them in but he's a bull that I think will probably go into that super sampler state and be an actively marketed one probably mid summer so that's 1654 zips position at the moment a lot of interesting times in the jersey world really happy with the way the select stars line up looks and what we have to offer we've got a lot of interesting bulls that will be coming out this summer we have a lot of interesting bulls for you to have today to utilize and 17 proven bulls and our lineup most we've had in several years actually really excited about the diversity and what those bulls bring to the table for customer owners with proven genetics that we know what they are you know what to expect so I don't see any more questions if anybody has any please reach out to me either by email at H Lutz its flex is calm or feel free to give me a call on my cell phone be more than happy or reach out love to visit with you we don't have any more questions appreciate everybody coming out today appreciate the time you took out of your day to listen to this update and thanks for your support of select sires

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