Annie & Hayley Make Outfits For NALA CAT & TUNA! 🐱🐶 Fashion Faceoff: Season 2 Ep. 3 | Nick

– Whoa this is happening! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! – [Announcer] Five, four, – [Annie] It kind of looks
like a five year old did it but maybe that’s the vibe – [Hayley] I panicked. I can fix this. – [Announcer] Well last
time it was concert and you guys voted so the winner is Hayley! but this week, you guys
are going to be making matching outfits for some special guests and they’re furry friends. – I’ve never made an outfit
for an animal before. – Let’s see what’s in store for us today on Annie – Versus Hayley – Three, two, one, start shopping! – What! – Oh this is happening now! You got to head start! That is not fair!
– That’ll get ’em. Annie and Hayley only have 30 mins to thrift shop for old clothes that they will transform into newly designed matching outfits for pets and their parents. – Okay, I’m shopping for a dog. – [Hayley] I’m going
for you know, the cat, so I want to go with color. – This will be perfect for the owner and then I could get
like the dog a bow tie. – Okay, we’re good! Let’s go! – Oh sorry, I might go get that so Hayley doesn’t steal it. – That’s just the goal in general – Hey! – Oh my!
– Wow! Fancy meeting you! – Oh my – Oh gosh, is this a dress? – Is it? – Because it’s a beautiful dress – Oh that’d be cool! – That’s and if she’s like in, if she’s in okay, perfect! – Yeah, then you could cut it and use some of the fabric for the dog! – We are God. – I like that, like bows
on the two front paws and then on the neck – Oh my gosh, look at me! – Orange and red! – Orange and red. Look at us, we didn’t even plan that. I think these ones would look cute. Let’s go on an adventure! – Hayley has all of the clothes on herself, I love it. – Oh my gosh, I could
totally see you wearing that. – Right? Isn’t it cool? – What would look good? I feel like bell bottoms would be so cute! – Wait, where are my glasses? – They’re on your head. – Oh! Sorry about that. That was my mistake. My mistake there. – Yeah and then this around it. Okay. – [Hayley] Because these are for the cat. – So this can be for the human – [Hayley] We’re just like, doing it. – [Announcer] We’re killing it over here. Annie better step up her game. – [Hayley] I mean this might be – [Announcer] I mean, hi! – [Annie] Hi! That poor cat. – This cat is not wearing this. – What’s the cat wearing? – The tu-tu. – That poor cat. Wait, what if I get like a bucket hat but small and then cut ears. – [Announcer] That is the best idea ever! – That’s so cute! Okay, I need like a red bucket hat. – Oh my gosh, I’m going to trip and fall. Oh hello! – Annie guess what? – What? – Fifteen minutes left! – [Annie] Now Hayley is
just dressing up in orange and I don’t really – I know I’m dressing up in orange. I’m wearing it for the cat. – You have fun with your little dress up. I’m here to win. – You should tell her
to go to red wig on dog – What? – She should tell you to put a red wig on the dog – No, I don’t like torturing my guests. – [Announcer] My guests. – As you’ve tortured me. – Here it is, okay. So like just a plaid shirt so just like for material just
so I have some options just in case. – These heels are really high and I don’t know how I’m
still walking in them. – I feel good about this but maybe I just like sabotage Hayley again. – You see the whole entire world from here Look what I can see. – Boo! – She scared me. – [Announcer] Five, four
– [Hayley] Oh shoot! – [Announcer] Three, two, one! Time is up! – I’m here. – You’re done shopping. You guys look like you did good! – All right Annie, Let’s see
what you’re working with today. – Let’s do it! Okay – Oh wow – So, we’ve got a boa! – Necessary – Very essential and then
along with some more denim. Just like, I like how
I’m handing them to you – Like why am I holding them? No. – And then this
– That is so cute! Oh my gosh, is it an apron? – Yeah it’s an apron. – I love that! – But like, so I have this hat – The hat! – That hopefully I can like cut up and make it fit. Um some jeans, could turn
this into some shorts or a skirt, I don’t know, but we’ll see. – Oh whoa they’re like bedazzled – And then another plaid
and more scrunchies and a ring. – Well are you ready to meet your modelS? – Yes! – This is Tuna. Tuna melts my heart and Courtney. – Hi! I’m so excited to be here! – He’s like, I don’t know
how I feel about this. – Yeah, he has like has
a bit of an opinion when it comes to fashion. – Well, I’m so excited to see Tuna in the full look – [Courtney] Yes, we are too. – All right, Tuna,
Courtney we’ll see you guys in a little bit – Okay, thanks so much! Bye! – [Announcer] All right
Hayley, let’s see what you got. – So I got this tu-tu. – Oh perfect! – I also got this shirt. I got two of them. – Oh well that’s cool. – And I got this hat. – The visor
I love this so much. – And you know I might
use the pocket on this, – [Announcer] You know
I love my Hawaiian print – It’s very soft. Yeah she loves Hawaiian print
– You know I love my Hawaiian – I got this, do you
remember getting this? Um, more accessories, I got them earrings. – Cute, very cute. Are you ready to meet your special guest? – I am! – This is Nala and her owner Pookie. – Hi. – Oh my goodness Hayley. – Well we are really excited to see what you guys are going to come up with for Nala and I. – Me too. – You don’t have to but we do – Yeah. Well we will see you very soon! – You’re so soft! – Thank you
– Baby I can’t wait to see you
guys in your outfits. – Us too. – You’re so cute. – [Announcer] All right
Hayley, are you ready to get this thing started? – Yeah! – So am I! All right girls, you have 60 minutes to make matching outfits for Tuna, Nala and their parents. Are you ready? – Yeah! – Yes! – Clock starts in three, two, one. Go! – Okay! – [Annie] I’m going to put
accessories on the ground. So I don’t get them confused. – I’m going to make a
baby little hat for Nala. – So we’re going to make
this, I think into a skirt. Yeah, we’re going to
make that into a skirt. – I might have to do something with this. And make like a skirt shirt thing. Like two piece thing. Yes you can. – So this is my top – [Seamstress] So perfect,
do you want to line this up? – [Annie] Sure. – [Seamstress] Excellent. – What exactly does that mean? – Whatever you’d like it to mean. – Cool. – [Hayley] So out of these two things, what can you make for a – A dog. – I think I’m going to
do like a tu-tu skirt and like put some patches on it or put some of this fabric. – I mean we can always do like something simple like this and just like tie it around or something. – Not too shabby! – I kind of want to make because this is too big I feel, I kind of want to make something with a circle here to make it a hat and put ears. Uh, could we do that? – [Seamstress] Yeah! – [Annie] Okay. – [Hayley] What length should it be? Yeah. – That’s super cute and then that’s like the little denim hat. Okay this is cute! – [Hayley] How’s it going Annie? I’m making a tiny little thing. – That’s so cute. – And this will go into a shirt. – What are you, what’s the plan? – Are you trying to steal all my ideas? – [Hayley] I’m not, I’m just ready. – Is this cute though? – Let me see it?
I like it. – Of course you like
it, you want me to lose. – [Hayley] Annie, did you
steal something from me? – No sir. – Beautiful! – [Seamstress] So Annie, – If this isn’t good, it’s not my fault, it’s Hayley’s.
– What! Oh no! – What are you doing? – I panicked, I panicked, I can fix this. I panicked and that’s okay. I’m still panicking. – Right now it only looks like a circle but I have very high hopes for this thing. I don’t know if I’m going to do it in this fabric or this fabric. I think it’s going to
be like a little hat, it’s going to be way cuter and
we’re going to cut little ear holes Is that it?
Oh my gosh. Let me see. – It won’t fit on your head
and you’re going to break it. – I won’t break it, I won’t
break it, I just want to I just want to look at it. – Cute. – There’s something in this pocket. There’s glasses in these pockets. I have to use these now! – Did you forget that you bought those? – I can work on a mini shirt! – Thank you so much! Skirt is done! – Oh my gosh, wait. – Isn’t it so cute. – That’s actually really cool. I don’t know how she did that. – [Annie] Should I like
just hot glue these on? It’s like easier. – Now they both have skirts. Think I’m going to cut this
a little, so it doesn’t, it drags a little but not too much. – Good enough! – Hi! – [Announcer] Hi girls! – Uh oh! – [Announcer] It’s the 30 minute mark. Which means it’s time for Midway Mayhem! – I’m ready. – I’m not. – Let’s open up the closet and see what you girls have to work
into your outfit this time. – I’m ready. Oh okay, you’re opening it. Oh my gosh. – Looks like a lot of pet supplies. – I knew it! – Now remember, you
girls have to figure out a way to make these wearable. So good luck!
– This sucks. Loving the stuff that I’m seeing. – Is this really what I think it is? – I see potential in whatever this is. What is this? – Oh that’s good Okay we have to, we got
to do this don’t we. – Oh what is this? – What am I supposed to do with this? – It’s a dog toy. oh cat toy. – This could be part of the hat. – [Seamstress] That
could be part of the hat. – Yeah! – The blue – I’m a ribbon dancer. – It’s beautiful Annie. – That was good!
Did you see that? – Okay. Next things. – [Annie] I really need
to do my other pocket. – Now there’s a mess on my floor. – Aw
– She’s so mean. – Now we cut. – Tu-tu Nala sized. – Stay. Okay, it kind of looks
like a five year old did it but maybe that’s the vibe. – Baby belt for Nala. – So this will go on Tuna – Is the shirt? – Yes. So arms will go in this as sleeves – So cute! Oh my gosh! – Her outfits done, right? – [Announcer] All right
girls, 15 minutes left! – I’m so excited for that. Thank you! – You’re welcome! – Wait did I do this right? – [Seamstress] Looks like it. – Okay good. – So I’m very excited
because over to my right, we’re making Tuna a hat and it’s so cute! A belt! I could spray paint it red. Do we have red spray paint? We do! Bro! This is happening. Oh my gosh I’m so excited. There is no strategy in this. This is so fun! – What are you doing? – I’m spray painting. – Doesn’t look like it. – I feel like I’m doing this way too thick but like do we care? Not really. – I also have a belt. It went somewhere. – Perfect! – And then of course, this
is going to be a bracelet. – How long do you think
that will take to dry? – Not too long. – Well you have one minute left. So I hope that’s right. – Actually.
– I know – Hayley doesn’t look too stressed – Okay, I’m not stressed either, bros. – It’s time for – Whoa! Oh there it is. Look how cute this is
– Our second contester is pipe cleaners! – Look how cute this hat is. – Five, four, three two, one, time is up! Hopefully these outfits are complete because it’s time to glam up the pets for a photo shoot. – I cannot wait, let’s go! – I cannot wait to see them
in their little outfits! – So cute! – You guys! These outfits are amazing. What do you think? – I love them so much! My favorite part is the hat. Literally the best thing ever. – Agreed. – Yeah I love the denim and
how they both coordinate with each other so I think
I did a pretty good job. – My favorite part is definitely the hat, the two hats They both have matching hats. But I really like the tu-tu. – So cute. Well now it’s up to you guys! So make sure to comment down below, who you think should be the winner of this episode of Fashion Face Off! – Also subscribe to
Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel, to see who is the fashion queen! – Thanks for watching – Bye! – Coming up next time
on the Fashion Face Off! So the tiara kind of broke it’s just not going to fit over it – Yeah that’s my bad – [Hayley] Sorry, I don’t
know what I said but sorry! – We’re going to hot glue
some stuff because why not


  1. I like both of the outfits, but my fav was annie's outfit for tuna. It was so adorable😱🐶🐶

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