1. The sooner this psychopath is retired the better. She has singlehandedly kept the fashion industry in the 1970s on so many levels.

  2. Always so enjoying to see her talk about stuff, it makes things so much more interesting. Also, I would love to see her talk about more make-up and more about shows' fashion, seems to be a topic filled with many artistic choices that I would love to hear what she thinks about it. Finally, her last remarks about thoughtful shopping seems to be the best advice we can get, even if something is expensive, for Anna, it seems that if it's going to last or if it's an expression of your own individuality, it is worth buying.

  3. Love the way she said "what a good thing to be doing on your Fridays" – sounded like a compliment and a dig at the same time.

  4. So the advice is: If u have fashion sense( like BlakeLively), u don’t NEED ur own stylist
    Some of the worst looks have been becuz of bad sylist

  5. Isn’t this supposed to be about fashion? All the Trump women have beautiful style even if I do not agree with their politics.

  6. Will Vogue still be relevant in 2020 given the falling circulation figures and losses Condé Nast have made 🤔🤔 + who wares sun glasses indoors ?

  7. How can she want to get in a Democrat , so left, and the real middle America, when they sell shoes that cost $1000.00 and handbags that cost thousands. I just don’t get it

  8. HEY…. her speaking politically….. that is RARE, people! These are serious times…. this is not common. She is at the pinnacle of a media that reaches a HUGE audience: democratic, republican, and otherwise. Her role is to remain unbiased while exuding sophistication beyond politics, and EVEN SHE…. is absolutely fed up with this "administration," and reached the point of vocalizing so.

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