1. 5:29 Honestly Mastar should've stuck with that featurless design with the white symbols. I thought that was what he looked and was so hyped until it showed Archon again and he just looked like a random frieza race character in their 5th form.

  2. Just watch the whole anime war series from episode 1 to 12 and all i got to say is WOW this is amazing i cant wait for the last episode

  3. Petition to have Guts appear in the final episode of the show to cleave a weakened Archon in half with the Dragonslayer.

  4. This episode let's u know who's the heavy weight champ in amine DBZ remains the best series out of Japanese cartoons I love how they group every one together tho it's cool

  5. Love how almost every action anime has a relateble scene where someone will sacrifice themselves for someone and then that person becomes super angry strong and goes all out yeah it's like traditional

  6. I know this is fictional characters and all cartoon made up stuff….. But one punch man don't make no sense his story line is lame I watch his season not really impressed with his story but he's strong ASF

  7. only 4 mins in and hype as fuck cuz holy shit! meliodas and ban!! then the others lmao pikachu and yugioh hahaha yooooo fuckin everybody lmao i wanna play jump force now

  8. plot twist: the evil Gods we're defeated. but the animator wanted to have more likes so he tried to make their anime longer.

  9. Natsu dragneel was incinerated and Ichigo was split in half?
    Those were my favourite anime characters 🤦🏻🖕🏽

    And where is ichigo's full form? 😑

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