American Music Awards: Fashion Hits & Misses

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(upbeat music) Let me tell you something. A lot goes on behind the scenes, the tickets are free. Okay, the biggest names were at last night’s American Music Awards and here to break down the fashion hits and misses is host of Bevylation, Bevy Smith! (audience cheering) Style guru and author, Lloyd Boston! (audience cheering) And Mr. Fashion, Robert Verdi. (audience cheering) All right, first Ciara. Lloyd, what’d you think? Slayage all day-age. Yes indeed.
(audience cheering) Yes, I mean think about this, now. She is giving you trends of the moment, the boxy boyfriend jacket is huge, we’ve seen it on Kim Kardashian. Some people do it better than others. I didn’t mind it, but she really came through with the other dresses. I agree, 100%. I agree, and what you’re gonna see here, I love the orange jumpsuit, I thought that was one my favorites from Versace. A little Balmain we saw, of course. But, you know, she ran through the designer rolodex and she is that kind of a clean, easy blank slate like a fashion model. She got that dancer’s body so she is a joy to dress and she has fun with fashion. She’s got legs for days and Russel won yesterday. Yeah, she did.
(audience cheering) She actually won last night. She did a really great job. But I love the white, furry moment, that Azzaro dress, because to me that says I’m coming here to host this awards show and I’m gonna have a lot of fun, honey. But if she didn’t have the legs. Robert, if she didn’t have the legs out, No, I agree.
It wouldn’t work. This is not an easy thing. Yeah, you could look like Big Bird or something. But on her it looks sleek and chic. It’s not easy to pull of this many looks and have this many looks look this great. I will say I’m a little disappointed with the red carpet look. I feel like it’s not an arrival look. The suit. Not a big statement, yeah. I mean and she looks so amazing in clothes, this felt a little frumpy, it felt like date night. But she looks amazing in everything and in the cannon of the night, all the looks are great. And I love that she did an array of beauty as well. All the different hair looks and everything, that’s the way you do it. That means they paid a lot of coins for her glam team. (audience cheering)
Right? Christina Aguilera, I didn’t think so much. I thought it looked like she was trying too hard. Robert, help. Jean Paul Gaultier but John Paul go away! No, I love him as a designer. I think that this just felt like a combination of like Mother Theresa, the Pope and it missed the mark. And you know what? But I did think that she was perhaps paying homage to the upcoming holiday with the pilgrim belt that she has on with this. There’s a big pilgrim belt. Lloyd? And then also too, I just wanna point out the fact that the shoulders are very Dynasty-esque. I know. Yeah and you know, a little Joan of Arc as well, but also think about it. She’s trapped between generations. She’s trying to stay relevant. She’s not quite a millennial, she’s not quite a Gen X-er, so she really is trying to let people know that she still has it and I think she’s trying to find her way. She lost it.
(laughing) Temporarily, temporarily. Yeah, temporarily, and I mean, I think we all love her. The performance was extraordinary, but this is for the stage, this isn’t for the red carpet. Lizzo, Bevy? Oh now my Lizzo.
(audience cheering) You know, for so long we’ve been seeing Lizzo come out in these costumes and these kind of theatrical things that are very funny and I like that she finally put on some Valentino, darling. She has on, as she called it, “Valentin-ho.” And it’s nice to see that she is a bigger girl that wears couture and everything and they made this for her. And she wasn’t shy to show thigh. And she wasn’t shy to show her thighs. Good, you know what? Big thighs save lives. (audience cheering)
So good for her. Robert, Lizzo? You know, I actually love that she went in this direction. It’s a little young, I think. I feel like it’s a little juvenile for this girl. She is young! Yeah, she’s 24. Don’t mess up the old up here. Like Nene kept telling me, “Wendy, don’t be old, come out.” Oh, Nene, she’s right. Nene, thank you.
But don’t be old. Lizzo is young. She is, I think there’s a lot of looks going on here though. I feel like the 1960s–
Look at the bag! The bag is genius! The bag is the best. Who is the bag?
Valentino. It’s Valentino, the teeny, tiny bag. Lloyd, how much was that about? You know, it was either 10 grand or 10 cents, one of the two.
(Bevy laughing) Bevy, you’re good with prices, what do you think that that might cost? I think that they probably gave that to her and made it for her. But if we wanted to buy it. Oh, if we wanted to buy it. It wouldn’t be that much.
$5,000. No, $1,800.
Yeah about that much. But think about the fact that she breaks the rules, you know? For many, many years women who were curvy, women who were larger could not touch ruffles or were afraid to touch ruffles and she doesn’t take herself– And the thigh thing.
And the thigh thing I mean she’s just a cute little cupcake and– Yes, cupcake!
I love that fact that she doesn’t take herself seriously, I love it. I love it.
I like that cupcake. She is a cupcake.
She is! A confection! She is a frothy confection in that look! (laughing) Robert?
Yes? Taylor Swift, go. I mean, aside from the aforementioned– I don’t like that outfit. I agree, I think she looks like a mother of the bride. It looks like she’s like, “I’m here to have a good time, “my son’s getting married!” That’s what it looks like to me. It looks a little too old and I think she dialed it in. The glam isn’t there, she’s not delivering. She does not look like the person whose won the most AMAs ever. No, it’s definitely giving us bad blood. And the thing that I really didn’t like about it is the over the knee boot with it. I mean you wanted to see more leg I think. But also I just don’t like that silhouette there. It’s too safe. And it’s Julien Macdonald. What I don’t like is the fact that it feels kinda like Miami on the left, Vegas on the right, like it’s two dresses in one. And also I love for– You ain’t a two dress in one moment. I don’t like a two dress in one combo and I love when a woman goes all the way with the glam. She looks like she just kinda went jogging with the hair and glam on the bottom. If you’re gonna go glam on the bottom, bring the hair up. Something.
(audience cheering) Wendy’s like, “Something.” All right, Lloyd back to you, Megan Thee Stallion. You know, I love Megan Thee Stallion. I mean come on, this is beautiful. I thought she looked really nice. To my point, you know, she didn’t come with athletic hair. We often times talk about the Jessica Rabbit look here. She’s pulling it off beautifully. She’s the personification, right? Bevy schooled me on what curves are, she’s a walking Coke bottle– Yeah, that’s curves.
Walking Coke bottle. She looks really good. And, you know what? She’s really coming up in the game. Getting bigger, better designers and what she’s wearing here, Bryan Hearns, I mean, he was known for doing Ariana Grande, Cardi B. So he’s really coming into the right women at the right time and this is her time. Yeah, it is her time. And you know, for the longest time we’ve been seeing Megan on the red carpets kind of like looking like, you know, she’s just coming into the game and now it looks like she has finally arrived, darling. She’s got her coins, she’s got her celebrity, and she’s looking the part and I’m so happy for her, ’cause she’s incredibly talented. She should be on your playlist all day long, Megan Thee Stallion. I like her, I like her. She pushed it way past AMAs. And this is a testimony to the fact that if you do it right all eyes are on you. This coming from a man wearing pointy boots. Okay! Okay!
Very that. A McQueen knit jacket though, darling, ’cause he just lost 20 pounds, darling. (audience cheering) Yeah, last time I saw you you were still coming down. What are you doing, do you do paleo or something? I’m spinning and I did one cleanse for three weeks. Three weeks, every day a cleanse? Every day. What was in there, like spinach and stuff? Yeah, all that. All that good good stuff. Are you in love? No.
He has a husband. With myself.
(laughing) You’re married, I forgot. Wait, where’s your ring, Toni Braxton? (laughing) Back to the fashions. Little Nas X, Lloyd. Well I’ll have to say, shout out to Lil Nas X for living his truth, I’m proud of it. I’m proud of that fellow native son. We love a native son. Yes, we love a native son. Yes, come through, but this kinda gave me Jim Carey from The Mask? You know what I mean? But he’s young, he’s young and this is a time for him to have fun on the red carpet. This would have been better for stage. Not that much fun. Would have been better for stage, but I didn’t care for it on the carpet. I loved his boots, they are by Shaun Ross, who’s that model, the albino model. He makes those high heel boots that he has on and I love that it’s gender-fluid, non-conforming and he is just, as you said, living his truth. That’s right.
(audience cheering) Christopher John Rogers designed this and made this for him. He’s been doing women’s wear for a few years, he’s become immediately a very highly watched designer. He showed these fabrics in his women’s collection, he hasn’t cut men’s clothes yet, but he’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana– I would like this if the jacket was a regular length jacket and if he had a solid color blouse on and no gloves. I love that you called it a blouse. You just changed the whole outfit, basically. (laughing) You don’t like that little zoot suit bolero, huh? No, I don’t like the bolero– I like a cha-cha jacket. Yeah, and a cha-cha heel. Oh, well I like a high heel, not a cha-cha heel. Would your man wear a cha-cha jacket? Well he can.
(laughing) He looks like the Grinch who stole Nas X. This is my style squad, we love them so much. Bevy and Robert and Lloyd.
(audience cheering) For more information on my squad, go to (upbeat music)


  1. I can't believe they didn't mention Carrie Underwood!! She stole the show!!! She looked absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS 😍❤️💗 She slayyyyed honey

  2. All those black ladies with Indian/Chinese hair is sadddddd. That includes WW.White tennis shoe's..really…and she is talking about fashion.

  3. 8:44 um.. wendy that came off a lil homophobic tbh. Lil nas is gay, so the “could ur man wear it” didnt even make sense. Even if he wasnt, whats wrong w a cropped jacket? It looks really good.

  4. IM SORRY BUT CHRISTINA AGUILERA SLAYEDDDD WITH THAT LOOK!! From a fashion stand point, she was the best dressed that night.

  5. Christina is a generation xer just like me! Not sure what these guys are talking about and 31 is not old for lizzo unless u are 12 on here!

  6. Bashing Xtina?!
    You should all look at yourselves first and then talk about others how they are dressed!

    Shame on you !!!

    #Legendtina #Xtina #Queen

  7. The bevelation : looks like my grandma’’s patchwork purse, but in jumbo size
    The style guru : scarlet smoking velvet with ripped jeans and black chelsea? A guru?
    Mr fashion : black head (shiny one) to toe outfit? Let’s hear what anna wintour’s opinion about it
    And…..wendy, did she put a concrete on her face?
    Well, that’s all

  8. Christina’s dress would have been a WOW factor at the Met Gala. This was just a case of wearing it to the wrong event.

  9. Oh Wendy I can see the lymphedema, I wish you wouldn’t cross your legs it can cause issues . I just want to elevate your legs . Fellow lymphie

  10. How is that water buffalo wearing Joseph's coat of many colors as a dress give any criticism or fashion advice? #PendiPrintsOn

  11. Christina was serving high fashion, leave the boring gowns to Mariah & JLo that’s not Christina. Christina was always different with her fashion, before Gaga there was xtina..

  12. Ciaras red capet look could have been better. Lizzos look wasn’t cute although i like the little purse and the fact that she’s not afraid to be sexy and fun. Megan’s look was too simple i don’t understand what the hype was about. and actually, i didn’t mind Nasx look. does remind me of the mask though

  13. These comments 😂 not what I was expecting. They were pretty much right with lizzo I just wished it has been a different color. I have no idea what Cristina was wearing. 👎

  14. Wendy: would your man wear that jacket….
    Your homophobic for that one your men are straight he's gay open your eyes its almost 2020

  15. I would just like to say that Lil Nas X did better and looked better than every man in that event.
    I'm not sure I agree with the color but he pulled it off and I loved every other detail about his look.
    Only man that tried, period.

  16. Tbh lizzo dress was really awful, instead christina's one was actually amazing. I really want lizzo to get better dress 😥

  17. Love wendy and all but when she criticizes mens fashion she always has this slick "my man wouldn't wear that" comment behind it

  18. Lizzo's dress looked lazily put together like there was no time to make a dress so they drapped her in orange curtains/flags and the purse taken from a random Barbie packaging with the shoes being picked up from a dollar store. All done when she was still in the limousine. 😑
    Now that's fashion police critic, stop being biased and nice. Tbh this year's AMAs' fashion sucked big time,only Selena looked kind of fresh but not so great either. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    And what is the other lady wearing? A fancy patchwork of a dress? 🤦🏿‍♂️

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