Amanda Brandão || Curvy Fashion || Gorgeous Fashion Model Outfit Ideas 2019

Subscribe to a channel a Button and enjoy the latest uploads from Amanda grando is a famous Instagram star and fashion designer of Sao Paulo, Brazil She was born in Brazil Sao Paulo in 1996 15 July in Sao Paulo She’s a professional footballer and the national player of Brazil Quick biography, her real name is Amanda. Her gender is female Her nationality is Brazilian She was born in 15 July 1996 but places Brazil She is only 22 years old Career she currently plays as midfielder as a skier ikaw Portuguese deeply pastas Basically she was a football player now. She’s a model and actress right now in 2019 All information of object Ricky comes from the plume and Amanda brandão height is five feet five inch and her weight is 16 kg which is 132 pounds Hairy skin color is white Amanda Brandis Followers is 28 Cape in her official Instagram account Amanda Brando The famous Instagram star and actress of Brazil Amanda brandão this is still alive and Working in Brazil, but she moved in 2018 to United State of America Los Angeles and she is working right now in 2019 in United State of America

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