Along the Jersey Central Volume 1

the jersey central was an anthracite coal hauling railroad which extended from Jersey City to Scranton Pennsylvania known for its Lady Liberty Herald and unique paints in the jersey central was a favorite among real things in volume one of along the Jersey Central we'll look at steam and first generation diesel operations from Jersey to Jim Thorpe between the late 1940s to the early 1960s through the films of Charlie and can be lured the Randolph Colt collection of the Lehigh Valley chapter and the Arthur angst a collection this is train 101 with 2 chj 819 coming to Bethel December of 52 here are using a reading Pacific 104 December fifty to one hundred and four left bathroom about 8:30 3:00 a.m. they were go east on a hundred and four in the morning play overnight and using generally the same engine the next day 101 this is at East Allentown today it's CPM on NS but then it was East Allentown this is Trane AC 3 this was your afternoon Freight bound Thomas grant is leaving the yard at Allentown and West every day about 3:00 3:15 this train would go west this is about 1956 there's the old Hamilton Street bridge following ac3 was this job called the a you extra Alan Talmadge jim thorpe local with the 1540 there is the Scranton flyer coming east he's got to go make a right-hand turn over that bridge a couple of feet from here I can't believe me to go that fast and this is a view from the highway about mark check engine house so I have 19 say goodbye to central you


  1. Does anyone know if any of the CNJ Camel Backs were saved from being scrapped?
    The CNJ Locomotives with the Stripes, Statue Of Liberty and the Jersey Central Lines is by far my favorite out of all other Railroad Logos

  2. I was in Scranton in October of 2017 and there is an abandoned train yard with old Erie Lackawanna train cars just sitting. I took amazing photos of them.

    I wonder what happened to the tracks? I figure now they’re all freight lines if they’re not abandon.

  3. Who's the gruff and extremely knowledgeable narrator who narrates this and so many other anthracite RR films?

  4. When I was a kid in the 1960's, I rode Jersey Central. Our family had no car, so we took the train to visit relatives or go down the shore, which is why I have a special affection for trains. Sadly, I saw the gradual demise of Jersey Central from a shuttle between Bayonne and Cranford, to it's eventual disappearance. Thanks for posting these videos.

  5. Part of the central jersey line was in Wilkes-Barre Pa, The building still stands today, it is abandoned but in the process of being fixed. If you have any footage from then id love to see it. Thank you

  6. I just tried to ID the model of CNJ engine 1603 that appears around 1:55 in the video (it's an RSD-4). Just by coincidence, I found another picture of it on rrpicturearchives dot net. Unfortunately, CNJ1603 was wrecked in a head-on collision with an LV train on the day after Christmas in 1965 near Laurel Run, Pa. Apparently it was not damaged badly enough to be scrapped as somebody was recently selling a 1969 picture of it on eBay.

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