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Hello and welcome back to my channel!
My name is Carmen Elaine if you are new and I can talk about minimalism for ages but
for the purposes of this video I’m going to keep it relatively short. So
minimalism is all about owning just what you need or things that add value
to your life but because everyone’s life is different
it means minimalism looks different for everybody so some people might look at
the amount of clothes I own and think it’s loads, some people
would think it’s not that many at all but all I know is that for my life it is a good amount; I’m happy with it. I always opt for a versatile pieces so
including accessories and shoes I own 39 pieces and the idea is that there’s
always gonna be some combination of those things that will be suitable for
any occasion. That’s the idea, anyway. Shoes are the part of the outfit that
work hardest to convey occasion, in my opinion, so I own seven pairs and it’s
just because they have this magical ability to, you know, dress up an outfit
or make it look super casual just with that one piece. And I know there’s that
stupid, “You can’t have enough shoes” adage but you can and 7. 7 for me is enough. 7 pairs of shoes. I genuinely think you can throw pretty much any life
event at me and I am ready with my seven pairs of shoes. I’ll have an
appropriate shoe. I also just want to add that I don’t think of myself as some
sort of style icon. I don’t make these videos because I think that way I make
these kind of videos because I want to show people that you don’t need to own
loads of clothes to have stuff to wear. I know there’s a certain logic to ‘the more
you own, the more choice you have,’ but if all your options are things that don’t
suit you, don’t flatter you, and you don’t feel good in then it makes you feel like you
have less of a choice. So I always stick to a plain colour
palette. I stick to the cuts and fits that I know suit me and I only ever buy
second-hand or from ethical brands because I don’t want
to contribute to the evil monster that is fast fashion. This is a video of all
of my clothes excluding my workout gear and my pyjamas just because I didn’t
think they were that relevant. I don’t really style my pyjamas; I just put them on my
body. I hope you enjoy the next segment which I call, ‘hours and hours and hours
of work for one and a half minutes of footage’. Enjoy! So thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that. It genuinely took hours so I’d really appreciate it, if you enjoyed that, to subscribe and like this video because that would make me really, really happy. Please feel free to follow my Instagram
if you aren’t already and I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re having a lovely day.
I’ll see you in my next video. See you soon. Bye!


  1. Brilliant video Carmen, thank you for all the hard work. I will honestly probably watch it another 20 times. Love it & all your minimalist insights

  2. Your wardrobe would def be considered small but the way you showcased it shows how versatile it is. I could already picture so many pairing options for what you showed and how you'd make it work season to season. Your shoes were interesting as well i think you have every base covered there. Great video. πŸ˜— ive nvr seen anyone group it together like that category by category with all the items for that category in one clip very nice.

  3. I have a bit of an odd question, but something that was always on my mind. Having this small of a wardrobe, how often do you need to do laundry and can you even fill up the washing machine?

  4. Ah new video!πŸ’• I'm always impressed by people who wear many skirts (I own 2, a maxi skirt and a knee-length one for weddings etc) because I just don't inow how to make them look good and comfortable at the same time. but I love how your skirts look on you!

  5. 1:55 "I don't really style my pyjamas. I just..put them on my body." πŸ˜‚

    Love how you showcased this! And your synchronized edits to the music did not go unnoticed 😘

  6. Hi Carmen
    This was great and must have take absolutely ages!!! Just a quick question about your wardrobe. I was just wondering what you do when you go abroad to somewhere that has a different climate to the UK, e.g. going somewhere really hot compared to the chilly North East? I know you have one pair of shorts (and some skirts but they are quite smart) but would you add to your wardrobe or do you feel like that you own enough variations for going backpacking for example?

    I have really been trying to cut down on my clothes over the past few years (I have a long way to go compared to you) but I do travel a lot and find that the clothes I wear day to day at home in the UK are very different to the clothes I take when I go to other countries, so I end up having clothes stored away that I perhaps only will wear once a year for a trip.

    Do you have any tips about creating a smaller wardrobe that is multifunctional?

    Thank you! Love your channel x

  7. i'm looking to invest in a few quality pieces and was wondering if you had any brands or shops that you recommend? love your videos btw <3

  8. What do you do for underwear? I mean organic or environmental friendly options.. Just curious, since I am researching it a bit for myself

  9. Great video, I love the editing! I'd also love to see a vid where you demonstrate how you'd use your wardrobe to put together different outfits for different occasions

  10. I've had these video popping up as a recommendation for a long time, and I actually regret I didn't click sooner on it. You're very nice and funny!

  11. Just came across your channel as I am binge watching minimalism videos since I am transitioning into a minimalist. Love the pieces in your wardrobe.

  12. I haven't followed you for very long so I haven't heard where you live…. ( the accent leads me to believe…England? Or somewhere in Europe?). I am just curious because I am a practicing minimalist but it would be very difficult for even me to have just 7 shoe/ boots where I could declare that I would be ready for any occasion. I live in Canada with 4 distinct seasons and it is also difficult to keep outerwear such as coats to a minimum. I think I have only seen one video of youtuber where they were dealing with 4 seasons and quite extreme temperature fluctuations like most Canadians and those in the US not living in Florida or Texas. What is minimal for each individual really will vary.

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