Alexander Wang Treated This Fan to a $20,000 Shopping Spree // Omaze

Supermarket sweep! I know I was just like, “Go! Just scoop! Just scoop! Where’s the basket?” Think about it later. Today’s really exciting. We’re shutting down the store for an hour for a shopping spree to spend $20,000 in our store. We’re gonna be running up and down, whatever he wants we’ll get for him. So, the day started with a little mini, like, you know, panic attack. And then we were waiting in the store for Alex to arrive, and I saw him. I was like beside myself. Of course any questions you have along the way, feel free to ask me. Marcus: Perfect. You know, I am at your disposal today, so. Marcus: Oh my god, that’s so weird. [laughter] We walked around the store, grabbing pieces. He was styling me. I was like grabbing some pieces to go with some of the things he chose. This is fun! I was like, “I’m shopping, too!” And kind of like works together to like, find some really cool outfits and things that I needed in my life. Okay. Let’s go. [laughter] And then we went to lunch. We went to dim sum and it was this really cool like little, kind of hole-in-the-wall. It was super busy. We ordered a ton of stuff. We just talked about, you know, life things, shows that we’re watching. Alexander Wang is just like amazing. I love that he is so down-to-earth. and it was kind of just like hanging out with a friend. So it really exceeded my expectations. I found out about the Omaze campaign through Alexander Wang’s Instagram. So I was like, “You know what, I’ll donate. I don’t think I’ll win the experience.” But… here I am. So this is just more than I could have imagined. I’m still like trying to comprehend in my head what just happened.


  1. Am I the only one who thought that this guy Alexander Wang was Lily from Modern Family by looking at the thumbnail?

  2. Wow what a lucky guy! Alexander Wang Seems Like Such A Lovely Person. I Would So Love To Go On A Date With Him!!!

  3. I imagined before if youre a fashion designer like the top fashion designer most of them a stuck up but not alexander wang. A big respect to alexander wang. humble and down to earth.

  4. Yes really like u Alexander Wang Simple for your Work n Personlity. Is great if can meet u 💋😍🌹❤️👏

  5. Alexander to me is the most down to earth designer in the business like you would never see some other top designers doing something like this and it warms my heart

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