1. My favorite is the great jacket and grey shorts. I love the reflectiveness. Your body is perfect. Your skin is so beautiful. Great tits. Sexy hips. Nice thighs and legs. Perfect ass. You are a perfect woman. You are a 10. You are a Goddess.

  2. I realized I haven’t been shopping in a while and it’s because you haven’t posted cute things for me to buy! So glad you’re back! Also I love the new setup

  3. I try so hard to like you but you just look and sound like a wannabe Kardashian. Everything on you is fake and you can 100% tell you’ve had work done. Brat

  4. How are u always working out and never ever seem in shape?? U always look super boxy for ur height

  5. Do you have a link for the Steve Madden wooden heels? They were gorgeous!! Love these affordable clothing videos!! Shows you can be stylish and not spend a ton of money! Love you Toni!

  6. Can you make a video on your designer clothing and accessories? Or designer pieces you feel would be worn a lot/ paired with many outfits to get your money’s worth?

  7. Please do a denim collection! Jackets, dresses, jeans, allll denimmmm

    Also I Love the new set up. 👌

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