Affordable Spring Clothing Try-On Haul

hey everyone welcome back to our channel if you're new here welcome where the garceau twins I'm Carly I'm Berta and we're happy you're here if you love this video please subscribe before you leave today we're going to be doing a fun spring affordable clothing haul okay so first we're gonna start with outfits were wearing right now so mine I'm wearing this blazer from H&M it's super lightweight which is good for spring nothing too thick but for me personally like even in the spring and summer I always like to have a jacket with me and I feel like a blazer is the perfect jacket option if you're in California because the weather at night can be a little chilly but you don't want something super heavy weight and this is perfect I love that it has like these rolled sleeves I mean you can unroll them but this is how it came world and I prefer this look the color is like a really unique like stone tan color which I love and it's really really soft I don't know what material that says I mean probably polyester it's from H&M but its really soft material I love the length on me it comes a little long which I prefer cuz it looks more like a jacket then I paired it with this white top from H&M as well and I love this so much it's like a I don't wanted to call it like a bandage top because I like bandage material can sometimes be really thick and constructing and this doesn't feel that way at all but it is crop I mean you'll see we'll insert clips of all these outfits but it is cropped it always hits at the top of my high waisted pants which is perfect for me and for reference I'm 5 feet 4 inches and but it is like the material itself is thick so that's not see-through but it's so pretty lightweight and I love this like square net cut I just think it's really pretty and feminine and I'll just talk about my earrings as well since we're here these are from Target and they're the sugar fix brand there are the tortoiseshell acrylic hoops and I've been wearing them constantly they they're nickel free which is amazing and I think they're only like $13 super affordable and I also want to mention the shoes that I'm wearing you'll see them in the clip but these are from Zara and they're really cute like crocodile faux leather mules and I know spoken about these in a monthly favorites but most with them I think they really dress up any outfit and even they're black black I feel like Neos other perfect spring shoe so I want to include these I'm a true 7 and a half in these and I did want to mention my sizes and everything else and wearing a u.s. two in the Blazer and an extra small in this top okay and then as far as the outfit that I'm currently wearing the two new pieces in my ensemble are my top and my shoes so this tank top is from ever Lane number one ever lanes clothes are so soft they are just the most like comfy materials I love it but this is kind of a new take on a muscle tank I'm not really a fan of any tank tops in general I don't know if you are but I like this yeah like that um but tank outs are really hard for me to find it's ones that I think are flattering and I really like how this one is just kind of like a thick thick strap so it goes up like a mock neck and then the arms cut off like right you can see I'll show you in this clip but right here so it's just very I don't know it's structured looking I would say instead of just being like a normal plain tank top and then I also really like the small black stripes I think it kind of adds something different they had plain colors but I really liked the black and white black and white or like – my favorite colors to wear and I just thought that this could be paired with so many different outfits because of the neutral color scheme and yeah I just it's a basic tank top but it's kind of like a little extra like with the mock neck and the black stripes so really really love that I just paired it with my beloved Topshop straight leg jeans they're the light wash which i think is perfect for spring I didn't get them recently but they are still available I believe right you look recently yeah they're still available so pick those up if you haven't already because I've talked about them million times and my shoes are last and these are adorable they are just black strappy sandals from Target they're the target a nude a brand and I really love them I was looking for black sandals for the spring and summer and I really like again how these aren't just a basic black sandal the kind of rounded straps that make it look a little interesting like geometric almost and the square toe is really interesting and they're just really really good quality for the price I was really really impressed there's padding in the bottom so they're very comfortable and then just a very small heel as you can see it's probably like less than an inch not even really yeah I mean well it's a little bits not flat flat there's a little heel yeah they're super comfortable and I think but you can see and that they pair really well with this outfit but if they will go with so many things that I have into my wardrobe okay and then I'll quickly go over my sizes I'm wearing em for reference we're both like five three five more so um we're just petite petite people yeah so my tank top is an extra small ever Lane generally runs a little big in my opinion so I would size down I'm not usually an extra small I feel No okay well I like border on the line of extra small/small and then the shoes just like British shoes were a straight 7 1/2 like across the board and any shoes we buy and these are also a southern half okay next up I have a black and white ensemble you guys know how much we love our neutrals obviously you'll see in this video first up is this bodysuit from Zara and I love this type of like really thin spaghetti strap and then this like almost tube top style bodysuit and we got a similar one to this last year at Topshop but because of the fabric makeup it's one of those fabrics that pills really easily nice to wear that all the time and I love it but this one is a really stretchy material and it's ribbed so it won't pill and I feel like a super flattering because of the ribbing I just like that on shirts I feel like it always flatters and I really love this I feel like it's hard to find for us we do love a bikini cut or like a full coverage bodysuit I know like thong body suits can be popular but I don't know they're really uncomfortable in my opinion so we always go with like the faux cut or bikini and I think this one would be considered like a bikini cut if that matters to you I know some people don't really care but we love body suits and this one will go with anything but for this outfit I paired it with these shorts from Target these are so cute there's such a good find there I'd like the paper bag style I think the brand is a new day Oh before I forget my sizes again and the body suit I am a size small and then in the shorts I got a size extra small these are the by the brand a new day and they're so so cute and such high quality I know you probably can't tell but they're really thick and nice and I feel like I've owned a paper bag shorts in the past that were so thin so they just weren't flattering like they hug in the wrong places and these are like a no more structured short so they can be dressed up or down I really love pairing these any paper bag style with a body suit something tight on top since these are meant to be a little baggy I love that combination and then over the top I have another blazer from H&M and this is a size us two and this is like a cream structured blazer it has this really cute tortoise shell button and be forewarned there is a little bit of shoulder pad in here a lot of blazers from then have shoulder pads and they don't really bother me because you can see the one I'm wearing it doesn't and this one's more of like a casual and it's a little longer well this is a true blazer which is why I kind of paired it with a more like dressy outfit just because I feel like the white is so crisp and clean and beautiful and it's a little shorter than this one that I have on right now and it's a thicker material it's still lightweight enough for spring but it is a bit thicker and I think it's so beautiful so affordable I feel like everyone needs a good white coat or white blazer for like spring and summer I next new top in my collection is something you probably see me wear before and it is so wrinkly I'm sorry but we did not have time to steam before this video have you worn them I bore it and then I washed it and then it got all wrinkly when I dried it which it's so weird cuz it my orange one didn't do that but anyways I have this shirt also in orange it's the hoola wear collection a lengthy exact name of the shirt down below but I have it in the size extra small and we definitely did I did a blog post wearing the orange one which I can the link down below if you want to see that but for spring I thought this sage white stripe combo was just so beautiful this green color is so nice I feel like it's a very hard color to find so of course I had to order it in this color scheme and just like the orange one I compare it with so many different things like I feel like this would look so nice with shorts like paper bag shorts even like you guys you know or just jeans like I'm wearing with it now and it's a very lightweight material I think in the winter you could definitely put a jacket over this and still wear it but it's a great piece for spring because it is very breathable um but it still I don't know it just has some structure to it still on the sleeves oh my gosh it's so wrinkly I'm so sorry the sleeves are flouncy yet I'm not how else you say that they're kind of like bum like bubbles tell you sleaze yeah that way you would call it through a bubble sleeve and they have elastic at their wrist so for that bubble effect and I think that's so cute and it just it just makes a shirt look that much like extra special and cute and something different and this is very affordable because it's from Target I can't remember the exact price but like we said well link it all down below and I had ly recommend this line in general the who what where it's really good stuff and you may have seen this top on our blog already I didn't have a post on it but I had to mention it again because I'm so in love with it it's this linen blend top from forever 21 and I don't really order a lot of clothes from them anymore but I do think they're a good option for like trendier pieces that you don't want to spend a lot on and this is a linen blend I think it's half linen half cotton so it's a pretty good fabric makeup and it is lined on the inside which was important to me like as you can see it has a lining for white tops I hate when they're online because then they're always see-through and white in general isn't the most flattering color so I feel like if something isn't thick enough it's just not gonna look good on the body and I truly love this I think it's so pretty it's an off-the-shoulder style it buttons in the front I got this in a small and I feel like forever21 kind of run small but the small fits it's just a little snug but I like that I wouldn't sign up or anything and I'm just wearing this with my go to Topshop jeans you've seen these before if we don't mention anything it's just because they're not it's not new but we'll still link it below for you guys but yeah I love this I think it's so cute it can be dressed up or down I'm obsessed okay next up is just another little top I got from Zara and this is size small we're usually a small and something that I feel um it's not quite cropped but it's definitely not long it just kind of hit up my natural waist I'd say but it's a really basic Nate that it's black and I it has a little bit of stretch to it much like a lot of Zara clothes and it just kind of cuts in in the top area kind of look like a I don't know how you would say it like not like a halter or a tank top but it doesn't go straight up like the straps cut in on the sides which makes it really makes it look really cute and nice and I can tap this in really easily to jeans as you are seeing here and I think it's just a perfect length to do that because it's not a crop top like I said but it's not too long that when you tuck it in you can like see that seam I hate when that happens so I think I can get a lot of use out of this in the summer tucking into skirts and shorts and jeans and I'm just really excited to use it and even though it's a knit I definitely think it's light enough that you can wear it in the spring in the summer maybe not the dead of summer but it's light enough that the spring it's like a perfect time to wear it and it's a really nice layering piece I didn't want to layer it because I want you to see it in the clip but um you can easily put a jacket over it and it's just a very simple basic which is really cute and then I also got these shoes from Zara and this is really out of my comfort zone because I never buy heels but I thought they were so cute I love pointed to hook shoes they're probably my favorite style each oh sure yeah I don't know if or something they're just so flattering and I'm so happy that they were like invented cuz remember when pointy toed shoes just didn't exist no I know they were nothing in the yeah they came they like came around in the 90s there's no way they've definitely existed like in the fifth okay maybe they did but they were really big when we were like in middle school and then they're kind of back now that we're adults ordinary but they just have a nice pointed toe on the top and then they're a slingback on the bottom and then the inside is cut out here and then the my favorite detail is the heel kind of the best heel details that's so cute the heel has this like like hammer and yeah hammered silver detail and normally I'm a gold person but I just think the silver looks so nice with black they're really good quality there I did wear them before they're very comfortable again we are seven and a half like in every shoe this is no exception and yeah I think that these can be dressed up or down because of a slingback it kind of gives it a more casual look but then because they're black and pointed toe and there is a little heel on them they can definitely be dressed up so really excited about those really excited I'm kind of forcing myself to buy more shoes okay next up is another body suit bottom combo this body suit actually got from Tilly's we're just so random I literally don't know if I've ever ordered from them before but an email popped into my inbox about body suits like that or just arrived and I'm just a sucker for a good body suit I feel like they're hard to come across and I'm really picky about them because we have a short torso sometimes they can be too long and then they fit really weird and then they can be do short I don't know they're hard to find just like a one-piece bathing suit essentially and this let me see the brand the brand is called sky and sparrow I got this in a small and it's like this really pretty I don't even know if you would just like a cream off-white color but again with the ribbing I love this ribbed detail I think it's really flattering it fits really well I just think it's like a good basic bodysuit that's not black or white I feel like I have so many black body suits and I have a few white ones but I don't have anything that's just neutral so really affordable really love this and then I paired it with this skirt from H&M and not a skirt person by the way ever skirts are so hard for us they're so hard that make a flattering skirt but we're going to our friends really by the time this videos that will probably have already been there but we're going to fire French bridal shower and it's a brunch and so we want to look nicer so I was on the hunt for a skirt and I wanted something that wasn't too dressy but also just like flattered of my body shape and I found this from H&M and I love this I think the cut is so unique and technically a midi skirts pretty monami but it's a midi and it has this cute little tie detail on the side and it's this really beautiful like sage color again it matches your leg exactly does hold it up for the people this is our color for spring I know I love the color I think it's so pretty it's so pretty I'm wearing this in a US for I usually am a 2 or an extra small in our tops and then for some reason yeah I ordered the 2 and the 4 and this skirt and I think that I don't know if they just run smaller and the skirts but the 4 fit me better of the 2 fit but it was kind of tight because one thing I do want to mention is that with a lot of wrap skirts you know how it's like a true wrap and so it can kind of open which I don't like because things can happen like if the wind blows the wrong way but this one isn't like it opens and then this can you help me out here hold that open so it opens and then this is like the inside so it's sewn in like almost like a pencil skirt and then this is almost like a faux wrap so it just drapes in front of the existing skirt I hope that makes sense I like that I feel like it's more secure but I think that is the reason it was a little bit tighter and the hips so in this skirt I did size up to a 4 but really beautiful I'm obsessed with this the quality feels really really nice and it's not see-through I definitely want to like figure out more ways to wear this in a more casual setting because I want to get use out of it because I'm obsessed with the color yeah we're getting through this so next two are two different pieces I got from Zara this one is a size small it's just this basic linen shirt also on our block so I can link that post down below but I really love it for summer linen is such a summer spring and fabric it's just a basic button-up but I think it's really cute I love the black buttons because that means I can work with black pants and yeah I just really like it I think I'll get a lot of use out of it and then over it I paired it with this I also believe this is made out of linen I can't find out mazaru site anymore but if I can I would definitely link it I got it an extra small it's a very very oversized jacket I love that look I'm kind of swimming in it but I look like Mary Kay and naturally I couldn't do it I love it I love it I think it's so cool and cute I love the fabric them yeah the fabric is so thick and nice I actually think that after spring is over like this is gonna be way too hot for summer even in the night time here but I love this paired over that linen top because they have similar textures and color schemes and it just looks very cohesive so I really love them together but I've also worn this over playing t-shirts multiple times I think it's just the cutest jacket it's definitely like an oversized blazer look which I gravitate towards it's like my favorite type of jacket I can't get enough and like I said very oversized but I love that okay next up is a pair of jeans I got from Everland or a very thick material so when it gets very hot I'll probably have to put them aside but that's okay I just got them and I'm excited to wear them there was ever laying straight leg crop and the shade golden brown I got mine in a size double zero so warning they run like two sizes large and they run short so I got them in the regular length but I love this color it's just like a brown mustard it's not very springtime it's more a fall color scheme but it was my favorite color out of all of them but they definitely have a bunch of other colors there's white there's black just looks they have so many they're great material like I said I think they're really cute they're not something I have in my collection so I'm really excited I picked those up and then I paired it with this ever Lane bodysuit which they only have this in pink black and white I got white and like Britta said we hate it when white is see-through this isn't see-through at all it is thick and it is the softest thing I have ever put on my body no joke I have never in my life felt a bodysuit is soft of it as this and the review said that in August the fabric I didn't believe it and then I felt it and I was like oh my god this is insane it's 92 percent so pima cotton and 8% oh my making it so that cotton yeah it's so nice um it's a gorgeous body so it's so so basic like you'll see in the clip it's just a scoop neck and then it scoops down in the back like this but I love that look I think it's so pretty and I'm gonna get so much use out of this in the summertime with skirts and shorts and here like in jeans and pants and yeah I'm really excited I picked both these up from eberlein they're slowly becoming one of my favorite stores to shop at and the size I have in the body suit is an extra small for reference thank you guys so much for watching this video we hope you enjoyed it we hope you like our style we'd like to think it's pretty classic and timeless and hopefully you guys like those kinds of clothes as well and um if you want to see more like fashion content we post a lot of outfits on our blog and Instagram so check it out there and we'll also leave all the links to all these products if we can find them down below and we'll just reiterate the sizes that we're wearing for reference because we think that's helpful definitely [Applause]

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