everyone is hot see and I'm back for another video on hot see fit today I wanted to show you some gym outfits that I've recently bought which are actually pretty good for the money that I spent on them the reason why I need so many gym outfits is because I go a lot and I mainly just find myself wearing a lot of gym clothes as opposed to trousers and jeans and a top and a skirt like I just wear my gym where a lot of the time because I'm there a lot so a lot of you may have seen these outfits already especially if you follow me over on Instagram because I wear them over there as well but the reason why I'm doing this is because Jimmy I can get really expensive so I wanted to do a reasonably priced video of all that gym stuff that I've bought recently which i think is pretty good for the money that you're spending on it I usually burn out of gym sock outfits they can get pretty pricey like especially the leggings can come it's like 50 pounds sometimes just depends like which ones you're gonna get but I have included some gym shot items into this just because I bought an outlet or I think it's a really good deal on what it is but of course I'm one of these people that likes to spend as minimal as possible but get the best guy it's that's the point of this it's for me to show you the items that I think are really good in quality but fairly low in price so it's a more affordable gym wet haul and I stay home I bought like I think four outfits or like three outfits so the first things we're gonna start with we're gonna start with a gym shark stuff I know that I said it gets expensive but this stuff you'll see why I've chosen to put it in the affordable gym wah video oh okay this pair of leggings slash trousers I don't really know what this is but I love it okay I didn't like it at first I am I actually bought it from the outlet sale on the website and I think they were about 11 pounds so they were really cheap around that price I'll of course you know put it up on the screen so you can see as well but yeah the trousers flash that I get as much I don't know what to call them I hate it when they first arrive in fact I remember slandering them in a recent video of mine and being like I don't like these but I'm gonna wear them anyway because I don't take the back looking for me I kept them and I grew into love with them and now okay I swear to you every single time I'm going to the gym that's what I look for I'm like where are they are where are they give me that pair of trousers I want it ought to put them on today and some I've never been the same since like I can't get them out my head it's just I don't know like every single style wake for the more do you think where are they I don't care how many times I go this week oh yeah I'm in love I am seriously seriously in love with this 11 pound pair of gym shot trousers why are they so cheap and also why are these so much better than the limited edition things like I've recently bought they fit better they look better I'm in love I serious I know I said it a lot but you know when I say I mean it and this is a this is a true feeling of love and appreciation why did you put them on the outlet sale why don't you think that why did these poor leggings make it's a front page a because that's where they belong they do they belong in the 50-pound section I'm sorry to get them while you can seriously I think I'm gonna go and get two or three pairs tonight I know that's ridiculous but what I really like something I'm just I go flat out just like bulk by the fit is great the only thing is I can't figure out whether I supposed to be high-waisted or not I don't think they are but you see I wear mine high-waisted so I've just been pulling it up a lot to be honest with everyone and I like them I like them an awful lot if you wondering where the top is the one that I'm showing you currently on this it's actually from wish yeah I know so talk about affordable it was like a pound so I'm gonna do a wish try on I think later on this week we're gonna get all the wish clothes they're still arriving that's why it's been a little bit late but I've got some of this stuff through and I think it's gonna be great because honestly like I've picked some really good stuff from wish I'm very very pleasantly surprised so that is good and the cute so the second outfit I have is also from jib shot but the reason I chose this is because if you shop at jib shot you'll know that a lot of their clothes like a lot of their tops a lot of the trousers they get sold out very quickly so you're often left with like half an outfit I've talked about this before and it's very frustrating because you're fallen of an outfit you're like yes I want the whole set we'll look the part one like this person and what it like them on Instagram it's gonna be amazing and then what happens is the reality of it is you get half an outfit so yeah maybe your bottom or top half looks like that picture on Instagram but the rest doesn't so it can get quite annoying but I do love jib shot of course you know because I wear a lot of that clothes so yeah I chose this because okay this is the Flex rain it's an old range however the reason I like it is because okay number one that's my favorite color of it just to start with number two on the website at the moment they have this that and they have the tops and the bottoms as far as I'm aware look I managed to buy this months and months and minutes late and I've got the top I've got the bottoms I've got a full set which is pretty good for the many like it's a very reasonably priced set of clothes I mean compared to some of the other stuff that they've been selling recently like the limited edition is it the ombre I can't remember but yeah my point is it's very reasonable considering what has came of the last few months so I think that if you really want a good nice Jim Jacques outfit this is a good one to go for because number one color is really pretty number two it's trustworthy like it's what proof same as the first ones as well by the way but yeah there's just nothing wrong with this you could wear it every day and what I like as well is you can wear it all separately like you can wear the top with another pair of trousers you can wear the trousers in this prep top it just it depends whatever you want to do but that's the reason I like it because I just I know that it's a little bit pricey considering that we're doing an affordable gym wear video but considering its Jim shark it's very affordable and there's a lot of benefits like you know it's reliable and also you get the matching set which doesn't happen a lot so yeah I'd say go for it I honestly would come and match me let's let's stop a little clip of matching people with gym sock outfits let's do it okay so the next thing that I wanted to go over is new apparel this is a different brand now I'm going on my comfort zone here as you can probably tell so new apparel is a r2 that I saw come up on Facebook as I thought oh this is pretty interesting you know I haven't really doubled in facebook advertisement products before I've seen a lot of videos of people and YouTube trying out like Facebook ads being completely honest I hate Facebook you know that I hate Facebook if you watch my main channel and you'll know why I have my reasons for it but I personally I don't like it I don't use Facebook that much this is very anti Facebook video but there I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed which looked pretty terrible and then in the midst of everything I saw the most beautiful gym clothes I was like what what is this okay cuz I've been looking for a v-neck top a gym top for like years okay not even years I'm gonna say a week but I've kind of obsessed with seeing a lot of people or like Instagram and seeing a lot of people on YouTube as well wearing these really lovely gym crop tops with a v-neck like you can see down here I don't know the proper neighbors and then it's like cutoff I don't know you'll know what I mean if you've seen them as well but like oh yes I know exactly what you're talking about but I've been looking for awhile and I can't find a good one anywhere like one of the quality that I'd want but when I was searching through about four caught my eye because I saw the eyes and I thought hang on they've got that side of top that I've been looking for for ages so it clicked on the website and I was very surprised I was thinking these gym coats are really good while they all sold out like why is new be ranting and raving about these because I feel like I've kind of I've kind of gotten early here I'm quite excited about this so I ordered two different new power outfits so the first one is a grey outfit that I got I went for great because grey goes with everything that's my motto in fact yeah if I'm ever gonna buy something it's gonna be grey because it's not black it's not white in the middle and it's safe like a safe zone so that's how I feel about the grey and especially with gym where like you could wear that top with a different pair of leggings you could you we've been through this you know exactly one of me I'm kind of in love it's different isn't it it's like yes it's a nice look I think the only thing was the material it's very tight and I wouldn't recommend it for cardio so the others that I've mentioned so far definitely okay for like running and you know whatever you want to do any form of cardio any form of like I would personally wear this outfit probably just sticking to wait it's like very tight but it's also elasticated so it really does like suck you in if you're looking for like a more sort of thicker hooking gym outfit that's gonna like pull you in when you go this is the outfit for you being completely honest and so that's what I would have been looking for a couple minutes ago now I just feel very tight and rocks in it and I'm walking around complaining about how tight and hostile just is it's terrible you know maybe for a back date for a chest day potentially a leg day I don't know how stretchy and elasticated the fabric is if you want me to try if you want me to do a leg day in these and then show it you and we can look together then hey let me know in the comments if you want to see that because that's that could be interesting so the next thing is another new power outfit it is a pink set of pretty much the set that I've just shown you but it's a slightly different material and also there's different top pattern so I guess it is it's completely different to guys I wasn't expecting it to be this bright and I think that it's my fault bear because when I've looked back all the pictures it's like oh it's very bright what was like thinking but I really like it it's one of these outfits that if I were I feel like it's gonna draw a lot of attention to me I can't wear this down the street just like by itself cuz everyone's like oh my goodness it's a awesome pink lady like it's just it's gonna look crazy but I like it I like it a lot I will of course wear it on its own I don't mind looking a little bit a little bit bright one day I think it's a lovely outfit and I think that is incredibly incredibly flattering not sponsored by any of these companies I do want to say and I haven't been given any of these clothes by any conveners I bought them off my own back here because I want to be able to show you like honestly what I think of these products and I think it's really important to give my sort of opinions now of course I'm putting forward the best things in my opinion like these are the things that I am really keen on at the moment so I don't have very many negative things to say about them just because I bought them I'm really happy with them and I thought I want to I want to show you what I do a little video and it'll try on so I hope you've enjoyed it and I'd love to know what you think of any of these outfits in the comments below and if you get any of the ideas before like try ons or other videos that you'd want to see then let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching and I'll speech or the next one [Applause] you


  1. Hi Lovely! What was the quality of the pink Neuapparel leggings like? Are they squat proof? 🙂 THANKS KATIE XXX

  2. Could you do a video on how to control cravings? Like.. what are your go-to snacks when you're craving salty foods, etc?

  3. If you ever do this kind of videos, could you link the things in description? 🙂 It would be great! 🙂

  4. I Always thought sport was just not something for me, but when I saw this channel I was so motivated to work out too. Now after years of not sporting except for at school working out at home, so thanks for motivating me <3

  5. Haven't watched the video yet but I know it won't disappoint ! If you ever feel like it someday, I'd really like to see a primark sportswear review/haul/thingy ? I feel like they sometimes have really cute stuff

  6. Hatsy dear, that third outfit, the bra looks like Elite Gymshark sports bra. True to size? I desperately want such piece in my collection but bummerino, it's sold out in all colours at Gymshark.

  7. All i ca afford is Forever 21 workout clothes lol. The gym shark ones look comfy and cute but i don’t like the ones with the butt imprint 👀

  8. can you do an at home workout? also a video on how to get over feeling watched at the gym. i have a lot of fear which is totally irrational about looking like an idiot at the gym and looking weak for a girl in the weight section

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