Aesthetic Clothing Store REVIEW // Storedogdog & Boogzel

okay as you have just seen from the first part of the video this is a video review of two sites that I have already mentioned in one of my last video 8 aesthetic online stores video In this video I will review Boogzel & StoreDogDog I have already told you almost everything in the first part of the video But now I want to clarify some things I’m going to talk about Boogzel, I’m wearing their shirt right now Some of you in the last video told me that their quality is poor I do not think so but let’s say that for their products, like this shirt, the quality is good Because this logo is embroidered and is not a simple drawn image as you can see in other t-shirt Boogzel is also a retailer It sell clothes You can find in other sites so the quality of that clothes it does not depend on boogzel maybe it’s true that boogzel is more expensive but has a bigger choice of clothes I remind you that you can still use my “GioGenius” code to get a discount Now let’s speak about storedogdog In my opinion it’s the best! both for prices and for products First of all I receveid this little Laptop Mirror The box is very cute It has the shape of a little MacBook the size is big enough they are usually smaller but it’s perfect anyways Another thing I receveid is this Holographic wallet It’s done really well, I’ve seen other similar products and the quality is poorer along with the package, I received this free tattoo Then I receveid this awesome loafers they have a French Bread shape They are size L but anyways there are the size on the website the maximum number is EU 42, I have a 42 and in fact they fits perfectly and they are done really well the quality is fantastic Then I took this fantastic T-shirt This is one size and it fits oversized so for me it’s perfects the only small problem is that it itches a little so the conclusion of everything In my opinion Boogzel has a good quality It has a wider choice also with more different styles Instead StoreDogDog has AWESOME and Fantastic products and it’s really cheap I remind you that for both you can use my “GioGenius” code for a discount Anyways I put all the links down below The video ends here I hope you liked it BYE BYE


  1. MAAH CHEH CACCHIOH?! Ma sei italiana? Ahhahaha non pensavo LUL
    HO DETTO: “ma che cacchio di lingua sta parlando?” E solo dopo mi sono resa conto che era italiano ajahhahahahahhshahsv

  2. I'm so stupid. 😂 when I saw your video on aesthetic online shops, I went on a little shopping spree on Boogzel, storedogdog and soaesthetic and when I tried to use the discount code I repeatedly entered "BioGenius", wondering why the hell it wouldn't work.

  3. the kanken in boozgel is fake i ordered it but it's good enough quality so if u want a kanken but don't wanna pay 200$

  4. Dang it, i ordered from Dogdog a couple days ago! i wish i couldve used your code >v> but awesome video! everything is so cute!

  5. Ma quindi sei italiana, lol all'inizio pensavo avresti parlato in inglese quindi ero tipo "Ma che lingua sta parlando?" poi mi sono resa conto che era italiano :')

  6. I’m a girl, but I’d love to see aesthetics that can work on guys. (I wanna help my boyfriend get some style lol)

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