Adidas vs Nike NBA Jerseys Which one is better?  ナイキとアディダスのNBAユニフォーム徹底比較

hi this is Sol gazer today I'll be comparing Adidas and Nike NBA jersey I'll be using Golden State Warriors and to be fair I'll be using swingman jerseys which are 128 on the have adidas curry Jersey and on the right I have Nikes klay Thompson Jersey let's take a look at the caller so adidas has longer opening it goes down a little bit more maybe of our inch but Nike has more defined curves so as you can see the opens are a little bit bigger and it's easier on the neck and the left one is Nike right as Adidas and Nike uses 1×1 rib knit which makes it a little bit more flexible and softer on the skin whereas adidas uses little bit more stiffer jersey knit and it's alright it's durable but it's harder on the skin and adidas also has wider band and larger wider arm section and also when compared to two white parts were they merge together between yellow and white it's a lot more crispier on the Nike and Adidas and also Nike has a top stitch around the collar and it's a lot better detailing than adidas next we're gonna get the armhole I switch to adidas jerseys Thompson because that's the only one that I had was extra-large and I don't want to confuse he was two different sizes and adidas has a longer opening going down but it has a little S curve to it Nike is really curved on the front and they're using the same knit as the ones in the collar but without contrasting color sigh panel looks pretty similar adidas has wider white stripes and it's also 2 inches longer so there's difference in length and it also has a slip on the end let's look at the logos Nike uses a print so it shows a texture of the fabric on the swoosh and adidas has a heat transfer patch so it's a little bit more stiffer than Nike and it's also more durable because it's a patch the team logo so I'm using Thompson Jersey for both and they're also the same size now Leff is Nike right as adidas and they're both heat transfer patch so they have a similar type of texture but colors are more vibrant on Nike and numbers are a little bit more smaller on Nike as well and patches are thicker adidas so they might be more durable and if you look at it closely adidas number has a black outline to it but Nike doesn't happen you outline and it looks a lot more sharper than adidas if you look at it closely adidas patch you can see the white cutting edge maybe I was screenprint a yellow on the surface but Nike doesn't have that and it might have been yarn dyed so there's no difference in color and I think that's why the colors are more vibrant too and Nike has Nike Kinect on the tag and also the sizing they label it by numbers instead of small medium and large let's take a look at the back now the neckline is deeper on Nike so it's a lot more comfortable around the neck Oh adidas MBA logo is same as a patch in the front and Nike uses print like the swoosh in the front and when compared to it's pretty clear which one has better detailing Nike has crispier logo the images are sharper and Jerry was NBA logo looks low sticker on Nike and indeed says crisscross design on the jersey numbers but Nike doesn't have any they're smooth one color as I said earlier the armhole on adidas is a lot more straighter it's about two inches lower and the armhole in the front for Nike is deeply cut so I think it's easier to move the arm forward and I need this on their arm extends out a little bit more and I think that gets more comfort if you compare the two the underarm position is definitely lower on adidas so that gets more comfort around the arm adidas has knitted to have a visible stripe and there's 8 rows between the stripes whereas Nike is a simple knit but has a perforation on every six rows and the fabric is a little bit thicker on Nike and adidas it's treacherous bus little stiff but Nike it's treacherous pretty well or at least a little bit more down to this you I'm wearing extra large t-shirt underneath that's on the left and the right is why I usually wear which is large adidas Jersey and these are both extra-large and thank you first looser around the waist and adidas lay smoother on the body and adidas is 2 inches longer and it's also back tell him so it looks a lot longer than Nike and although Nike is shorter you could see that it's a lot wider than adidas and this is why I usually wear large for adidas extra-large for Nike and if you change the size it feels about the same and it's easier to wear Nike Jersey for people that has a little bit more belly like me adidas fits a little bit more slimmer Nikes upper body is tighter so you might have to size up but the lower body is a little bit more looser so it's actually nicer for people that has belly like me and the quality of the print is a lot better on Nike but a little bit thinner so it might be less durable overall 19 czar upgrade from adidas the logos are sharper some of the detail works so a lot better than what adidas did and people are concerned about durability but I don't think there's any problem with it as long as they are not playing basketball and do you like adidas or Nike jerseys let me know in comment below anyways thanks for watching and please press that like button and please don't forget to subscribe to our Channel thank you


  1. the side slit allows the user to put a part of the jersey inside the short and the other outside confortably

  2. I think Nike has more technology backed into their products also the comfort is very well thought of.

  3. If I got a XXXL jersey from adidas will the jersey from Nike be the same. Is there any differences in same sizes?

  4. You can’t really compare and say what’s better when they are yes, completely different jerseys because Nike revamped everything so the choice is really up to you guys!!! Great review nonetheless

  5. i'll go for nike on jerseys same shoes with nike shoes… adidas shoes are wacked hella ugly… nike better quality

  6. I think the Adidas jerseys are more comfortable for the players. I mean, NBA players have been playing more stiff and slow this season, or maybe it's just how the game has evolved? It was so different last year, the game was more fast-paced, especially for the Warriors. Now there are less dunks and it seems like the ball has gone heavier although I'm pretty sure it hasn't. I don't know, what do others think about this? The new Nike jerseys also look dry all-game. The Adidas jerseys indeed look more vibrant.

  7. "its not a problem as long as your not playing basketball" they are made to be played in tho so its pretty bad :e

  8. Nice video! Like and sub! I like the Length of the Adidas but the way the neck and shoulder is cut on Adidas looks terrible imo. It's too wide and poorly done. I love how Nike did the neck line both front and back!! It looks a lot better like how a NBA jersey is supposed to look. Although the Adidas revolution 30 authentic jerseys are excellent to me. Would like to see a comparison of those and a Nike authentic jersey. ✌️

  9. Have you had any trouble with the collar ripping? Mine ripped. You know anyone that can fix it?

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