a summer haul + trying on new clothes! :))

how do everybody welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be doing so I would have quite a lot of stuff and I'm gonna basically open it all up have my first reaction and try it on for you guys I like watching hauls work it's not like a clip in sight it over the top of them trying on it's all like tried on as that opening it if that makes sense I just think it makes more sense so that's what I'm gonna be doing today I have done another hole like this for spring which I will link down below if you wanna watch it this is going to be clothing more geared towards summer and with holidays in mind and perfect I said it's my summer now so I'm home for the summer and I'm gonna try and upload a couple videos each week and so just one so for this week's extra video I have felt I get ready with me on this makeup look just really simple natural some other I don't know how I feel about my hair and I'm wearing like the top and a leopard scrunchie I thought it's a bit much but we're just gonna go with its line so the very first place that I went is a sauce so I actually did – a sauce ordered because something I wanted was out of stock and then I ordered and then the next day it came in stock again so I was like I'll have to get anyway okay so the first thing I got is a little dress so that is the like material that you can see it's kind of like you're not gonna say it very well once I hold it up so just show you now really really pretty and summery and then it has this kind of like milkmaid I think is what it's called sweetheart square neckline which I thought was so cute and pretty and then it kind of cinches here and then it's just a mini dress this feels a really nice quality it's like lying on the ADI part but this but it's like left clear so you'll see your skin through there on the sleeves which i think is gonna be really cute this dude looks so so cute on the model and I'm just so excited to try so on I think this was like 30 pounds but I'm not really sure but I feel like I'm like on the Prairie or something it's so cute this is the first dress it's actually quite sure I got this in the petite section and I'm like 5 4 and it's kind of exactly then I would want so maybe take that into consideration I already know I love the neckline I think this is so key you kind of just like pull my bra straps down but I think I probably were just and Oh with this just because this is like difficult to deal with I like that it's pincers like right that up until boobs I don't know anything that looks kind of cute and then the back has a really nice X we're back obviously if I wore the right bra turns out it better but this is so cute this is looking exactly why I hoped it would be well I just feel like a little like prairie girl just don't say like cute girly so next onto the a sauce box yesterday I sent I spent like 20 minutes during my address all of this darkness all right so first thing you have is this top which I believe is similar yeah to this dress so it hasn't the same sort of like froze the same neckline so I've like three-quarter sleeves then is very very cool I personally not a huge fan of cropped stuff so I got this intending to wear really high-waisted trousers I don't mind it being like a little bit of stomach but not not too much this is a really interesting color like kind of like cream this is actually from misguided on a sauce I'm not sure about this I really like that it like buttons up any muskie I don't know if I'm gonna like this when I bought it I was like I can always return it I actually really like this I feel it's the same style as the other one it's very cute here I like the look poofy shoulders and this is very cute like the kind of like sweetheart neckline I like having like the chest oh I think that looks really nice buttons it took me about 20 minutes to do this is what the rest of it looks like it kind of has like this bit for your boob there's a bit weird I think this would be best with a bando or a strapless bra thing probably strapless bra it is quite cold like it's very much like above my belly button which I don't mind if I can find traces that go with it but I really like the top part I'm definitely not gonna return this that I would definitely wear this probably more for dinner than out like all day on holiday just because I can't really move I don't know I really really like this I think that it looks great like if I took a picture in this part it would look amazing it's not the most practical talk but I don't actually mind that I like fashion you know it wearing cute clothes I don't always have to be 100 or I mean if I just sort like walking around eating dinner whatever I think this would be really comfy and cute and I do feel very pretty so different makes of studies trousers print of them is this like plaid basically very cute I really like these they had a matching blade Oakland had a matching blazer which I thought was so cute but I was like 30 pounds probably is a battle web you know for a picture we'll have a few times in summer is it worth it like probably not I might look in Tartu shop for a blazer though because I do like the blaze trend but yeah I really like these these are like a beige color and I really like beige at the moment I probably would rather them with this top so try them on so here are the trousers I've put them on with my brandy melville belt because they were ever so slightly like big like they just didn't feel like they were kind of like to loose when I buy trousers I do kind of like assume that I'll have to like have them hemmed or something just cuz I'm quite sure these are actually right there on the longer side this is how they fit they're very loose they have like cute little pockets I really like these they're more like suit trousers then kind of like job material I'm definitely gonna keep them I don't like them with this top because I think there's too much going on with the belt and the rows and everything but I think a t-shirt would be better and like some little trainers talking of trainers I actually got some trainers is is the only thing that I'm not going to unbox right now just because aren't even like a month ago that loves of my life you guys if you watch my videos you know that I have been on the hunt for vegan trainers which are also like good-quality look cute and I'm just like plain white trainers you know like something about them that's like interesting so these are the ones I've gone for they go so nicely with this top actually I said they're Humvee how I don't know how you say it though they have loads of different styles the ones I've got just white and then they have a V in like rubber kind of material and they have a lot of shoes I think some of them are vegans some of them aren't obviously I will be in ones but they have a lot of styles they're very in they're very cool if they'll them actually office so you can actually go look at them in the store if you want to I got these ones off of net-a-porter because I wanted like these specific ones they're just so cute and very simple and the quality is like so much better than any vegan shoe that I've ever bought are a few out there but the quality is just so low it's our 120 pounds so these are expensive shoes I bought them for myself as a treat because I did like two weeks of nine-to-five work in Easter and I bought these as like a treat for myself but I wouldn't normally spend that money much money on shoes however I do feel like it's worth it like I'm happy with the purchase so I said they're just kind of like this fake leather they have the rubber v and then a fake suede bit at the back and I say it on there I'm right there okay so back to a source of kind of really ordered up some sunglasses I think that's what this is a place that sort is so long ago I really like these sunglasses but I'm not sure if they can look good on me so they are like the cat eye style sunglasses and they're in kind of like tortoiseshell I don't think that ever look busier than this outfit I actually really like these I'm not a sunglasses person like my face is very small and sunglasses tend to look like oversized on me but I liked these cat eye ones my friends Dana had these she looked really good in them so I was like it's gonna call for you they're very cool I would wear them like for actual sunglasses purposes but they would also look cute for a picture I didn't I really like them feel quite cheap I think these are like $7.99 like not too expensive at all they're from new look ornate sauce and then I think the last thing with some earrings they're very much like the ones I'm wearing but sticker so they're like these thick gold hoops when I bought them these ones that I'm wearing I thought I had lost so I bought them because I like I missed these ones I know that they are a bit different so like very different thicknesses feel like you always theone it's around people with like loads of gold jewelry and earrings like this and a top like this and I just really like that's that that like style I feel very let you feel so bougie in this feel like I'm like from Paris and then very happy with those I mean that I'm not returning anything so far so the next thing that I got is from 100 club they're very really cool bar to follow them on Instagram basically they make loads of really cute clothes mainly I think they have fur hats t-shirts and sweatshirts and they only make 100 of every item really cool because I bought a top and only 99 other people love this top so I think that's really cool and just like a more you needed dressing and sometimes you just want to have something a bit different and also the designs are so cute just think a really cool brand and yeah so I ordered a top oh I'm gonna keep like a little note in it this is the t-shirt that I call I got a small in there I wanted it to be a bit oversized but like I'm already really small so frosted flakes and it says 100 club obviously like Kellogg's but like hundred club I saw that was so cute kind of quirky okay tada I think this so key I love a good t-shirt I've just tucked it in the trousers that I've been already wearing and I think though this looks so cute I thought this fits like how it does as well so keep so pretty yeah I really really like this um definitely check them out on like Instagram next I ordered something from Amazon actually it's always getting longer and longer than I thought it would so these have been such a trend recently I've seen them everywhere I do have them on any source but they keep they keep going in and out stop but they are the pearl hair clips I love a hair clip I think that's so cute they came in a pack 2 on Amazon I think this was like 4 or 5 pounds and they won't prime as well I'm so happy with these I wouldn't wear it with my hair oh my god I wouldn't wear it with my hair up obviously my hair is tied up right now but if I just had it down and a little clip I think I'd only wear one at once there you go with the vibe I think they were really cute with this top very very cute oh they sent me a free key chain as well like a little panda right and then lastly I got something from Deepak it's originally from Topshop so it's a little tea dress in this print it's actually still got the tags on which is great would recommend people so it's just put a little free sleeves and it's like a wrap dress a lot of frills going on I actually try this on in Topshop I'll sum or maybe even the summer before and I really liked it but it was kind of expensive and 46 pounds that's like a lot for a little dress I think I got this for like 15 and it's not even been worn so if up is the best this is really cute let me try it on I hope that it it's it's a size for amputee so I think it might might be a bit small we don't know I only got it like I talked to your mom but so this is the dress I literally love this I feel like this is so cute when I actually wear this I'm gonna safety pin it here just because it's like a dressing they'll let you wrap it around it doesn't feel that secure but I love the print I think that's really cute and then these little sleeves just tying up business I don't really know the best way I think this is actually really like complementary to your figure as well because it like obviously is tight on the waist and then like flows out at the bottom dresses like this for me I'm possible to find that aren't too long because I like my dresses short you know like I'm all down for a midi dress or a maxi dress but like I want it to be a midi dress you know like not like kind of in between short and MIDI it's a size for petite so I assume that must be the smallest they make them probably well this with these shoes I feel like that week you okay so I hope you enjoyed this haul I personally thought this was a great I loved everything that I got I ordered all this stuff a little while ago I'm so excited to wear all this summer so good about myself and all of these clothes which is exactly what you're looking for I hope that you enjoyed this video and subscribe if you want to see more videos I'm gonna be doing a lot more content like this for the summer time and yeah an Instagram to see me like style or these clothes it's a plane of Florence the same as YouTube I love you all very very much and I will see you in my next video


  1. such a cute video! ur style is so cute xxx ps: how did u grow ur subs on youtube? im just starting out and am getting so discouraged! no clue how to gain a following :/

  2. I love hauls😍😍 i just uploaded one yesterday

    You look so good😍😍

    Ps: if any kind souls wants to check my channel , i would be so happy😊

  3. You must be minted lol I can not afford to spend all that money. Could never justify £120 for trainers?!? That’s crazy! I only buy second hand clothes now.

  4. The cropped white shirt is cute!… but you kept tugging on it so I got the impression you didn’t like it that much. Idk could just be me tho

  5. youre so pretty and nice and have such great style I love your videos! feels like were just friends hanging out 🙂

  6. Love your style Nayna!! ✨💓I make fashion videos on YouTube too! Hope you can check me out 🌈💖

  7. the last few days I’ve been watching all of your videos, nothing can stop me 😆Love your vibe!:) And the dress looks stunning on you. Greetings from Germany 💛

  8. Lovee the video! Can you please give me a link of the pants of asos beacause i can’t find them? 🌸

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