a huge summer clothing haul (try-on!) 2019

what's up guys it's Luca welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be coming at you with a summer haul this is just a couple of items that I've been I guess collectively keeping just so I can show you guys if you would like to I would love to have you a part of this family so click the subscribe button I am posting videos every Wednesday and Sunday and that is a lot of videos so please just be a part of that fun ok so let's just hop right in I'm tired of waiting so I'm going to be showing you guys everything's gonna got from Urban Outfitters because it's probably my favorite store ever I always been wearing so much Urban Outfitters this shirts actually from Urban Outfitters I guess I'll start out with the thing that probably no one cares about so the retention rate of this video will be better don't kidding but I got a crystal Chakra collection because I was just curious to see like what Urban Outfitters crystals are like because what the pack looks like so if you want to be all like hippy and just really get into your meditation you can set each of the crystals on each of your chakra points in which these align to I also got a few clothing items that I really love and I am going to get more I actually have like a little clear visor that's going to look so cute this and then I also got some shorts to match it of the model hat on and they're I think they're called like the dolphin style short I don't know they're super like retro it matches perfect but I also got these shorts I didn't even buy them with the intention of match mm but these actually go perfectly as well with the shirt so they're really stretchy and so comfortable to wear around the house I also got this like clear bandeau top their undergarments are really comfy it's like I'm always needing those for when I'm wearing for example tops like this that can't really wear a regular bra with orell so it would just mess up the whole vibe we don't like too many straps go I also got this fun little vacation T kind of reminds me of a postcard and I think actually this would look really cute with pigtails and then if I just like to put a little tie in it and put it with some like high-waisted shorts perfect vacay or summer outfit also we need a comment down below I really want to make a summer outfit of the Wii video and show you guys just like really cute outfits for the summer so comment down below if that's something that you would like to see no I got one more thing this Sally night lamp which is in the back over here it adds a really warm vibration to the room I feel just like so calm whenever it's on because it just radiates such cool light really like it and this was from urban that's so cool if they're selling things like this now yeah that's it for urban let's move on to brandy I didn't get a whole lot from brandy melville so I got this really cute cropped purple shirt I really really love their crop tops and it's just like really cute for summer cuz as flowers on it I also got one cuz I've been a little bit homesick lately I don't know why I've just really been messing in Colorado but that's where I'm from didn't know that about me I grew up there for most of my life it kind of hurts my heart that I haven't been back and so long it's been like at least two years so I got this little shirt to keep it in my memories and to support Colorado I don't know and I'm not from Aspen I'm actually from Colorado Springs but we did have like a little place in Beaver Creek which is kind of like Aspen it's like a ski resort area and that's like mostly when I'm it's about it it's like just the beautiful days and Beaver Creek or be it's just so pretty oh my god I'm gonna stop thinking about all this is cat hair all over it kids I was wearing it yesterday and I've petting my kitty but it is this really simple tank that is just great for pairing with skirts or anything else on the bottom gotta get a good basic top every once awhile from brandy actually forgot to mention these shorts not our own urban outfitters and I'm literally so extra I got these a while ago but I'm like I don't puppies and a Holley might as well show you guys because I'm so obsessed with them they're boxing shorts this all started when I took one boxing class and I just discovered that it was my passion and I wanted to do more of it I haven't been back but I did get boxing short so if I ever want to go back I will be prepared takes one boxing class I'll probably have those in like four more different colors next time I go boxing I went to the mall which I almost never do and I picked up something from PacSun iRobot you guys leave a comment down below but I'm such an online shopper like the days I mean just like going to the mall are over and whenever I do go to the mall I'll okay you get anxiety because like I'm gonna try stuff on like it's such a hassle and I got some shorts because they were buy one get one 50% off or buy one gave them free it's something like that I got these mom shorts they're just like a cool blue color and then I also got some like cut-offs I don't have like shorts like these and I just thought you know what why not why not homeless man complimented me on these shorts so there you go all was that the mall I did treat my cell – I really hope I'm in focus so I got some things from Victoria's Secret I just got two body lotions is they're having a little sale I have cosmic wish and you had me out of skate I love my body lotions now on to the most thick part of the hall I got a lot of new workout clothes let me just show you looking back that is a fat sack of new work clothes I have been really hitting the gym hard recently mostly because it is the place where I can just like take all of my anger out I don't know why I'm like this I just say no I've been channeling my inner stresses at the gym so I have to have some cute clothes to go with that and Jim shark had a huge sale so I took advantage of that and they have awesome clothing and I love their material it is so I see this a lot but it's very flattering I feel like your leggings are specifically known to make your butt look better and they do it is really weird I don't know what what kind of magic is happening but I prefer our Jim shark leggings over any leggings so I just got this gray sports bra that Jim shark on the bag got these leggings that are matching I bought another set it's these blue leggings they're like high-waisted and they also have like really cool mesh prints the Sun is going like in and out I have no idea why or as crazy next thing I got is some pink I got this gray one these are like nine dollars it's such a good deal and I also got this pink one I got this sports bra to go with these shorts which honestly like they're not meant to be matching but that's kind of what my mind associated them with these shorts which are really nice to workout in because I can feel like my legs are free sometimes I get just too hot and leggings and then I also got this really cool sports bra kind of like an off-the-shoulder look but with a strap god I got so much this really took advantage of the deal I have this black sports bra and this is just really unique like a little I don't know whatever this is going on but I like it and then I have these just plain black biker shorts but they're a little bit shorter but not a short spandex is the perfect length because I feel really comfortable wearing John spandex at the gym whenever I want to wear shorts thank you Jim sharp you didn't send me these but thank you anyways for just being there I think that is all for today's haul I really hope you enjoyed it subscribe if you want to I would love to have him here part of the family and I'll see you in my next video bye guys I got so much back I think I'm never running how you bust me I don't know what this I don't do this for no clothes hey I got so much like I think


  1. Hope ur having a lovely day! i linked everything in the description besides gymshark (i got tired) plz subscribe bc of this kind gesture lol

  2. I just wanted to point out that I tried kombucha the other day because of Luca and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had. I’m sorry but I still love you Luca

  3. Hey Luca please don’t buy so many clothes. It’s bad for the environment. Please do some research on it. Rather thrift or buy on dpop. But thank you for the video and all your hard work⭐️⭐️

  4. Omg I freakin love Beaver Creek!! My aunt and uncle and we went skiing there and it was so nice!!

  5. 3:04 I've seen a shirt similar to that but in tube top form! Forget where I saw it but it's hella cute 💛

  6. nice video. We should become friends and keep in touch because you seem really nice and kind. Love your channel by the way

  7. does anyone else have Luca’s main and vlog channel videos back to back in their subscription tab😂 we love a hardworking, consistent YouTuber!!

  8. bahaha I remember when you lived in co Springs & we had a bunch of mutual friends, look @ where you are now, atta girl!

  9. do you still have your cat , sasha ? i just haven’t seen her in a while and was curious 😉

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