7 Male INSECURITIES That Women DON’T Really Care About

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In today’s video, gents, I’m talking about seven male insecurities that women honestly
don’t care that much about. First up, let’s talk about money. So, gents, I’m not going to lie to you,
for the vast majority of women, money is important when they’re sizing up a partner. Now, don’t be all smug and think, “Ah,
they’re all gold diggers.” Here’s the thing. Us guys, we’re just a shallow if not more. You know what we care about? Looks. The number one factor by far. If she looks great, we’re going for it. You see the reason women care about money
is it’s a sign of strength. It’s a sign that you will be able to take
care of her, her children, and most likely you won’t have future money issues. That being said, if you don’t have much
money or you’ve chosen a profession that doesn’t make much money, there are ways
that you can overcome the money obstacle. First up, have drive, have passion for what
you do. You may have chosen the path of becoming a
teacher, but you know what? Your goal isn’t just to be a fourth grade
teacher, it’s eventually to move up and to become the principal and then the superintendent
and then to transform the entire public education system is your – in your town because you
know it can be better. When you’ve got passion, when you’ve got
drive, when you have so much within you, people are just drawn to that. And, that can overcome basically, yeah, you’re
not raking in the dough, you know what? You’ve got enough drive and passion, but
you still are attracting people to you. The next tip to overcome the money issue is
to make enough money, but make sure that you’ve got time for your partner. So, there’s a lot of guys out there doing
really well. Let’s say making a half a million, you’re
an investment banker and guess what? You never see your wife or kids versus a guy
making $50,000 in a small town and he’s able to spend weekends and all evenings with
his family. What marriage do you think is going to last? Most women are smart and they realize, no,
I’d rather go with this guy that’s making $50,000. Sure, we’re going to have to save, we’re
going to have to be frugal to take one vacation a year, but I’m going to see my husband
every night. I’m going to be able to be in this relationship
and see my boyfriend on the weekends. This is important, making time for people. The next insecurity that guys get all worked
up about, penis size. Here’s the facts, gents. 84% of women based on a UCLA study don’t
care at all about penis size. And, the 16% that do, it’s a minor factor
in many things that they look at in a potential mate. The point here, guys make it out to be a much
bigger issue than it actually is. Women don’t care about it as much as we
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subconscious about being a skinny guy. It’s funny, my wife says, “Oh, you look
great.” My friend say I look fine, but I’ve always
felt, you know what? I just need to be more muscular, but why? You see, the reason a lot of guys are insecure
about their build is the ideal in our mind of what a masculine strong man looks like
has become more muscular especially over the last forty years. So, the question here is what body type is
most attractive? It turns out, it depends on who you ask specifically
what sex they are. So, whenever they ask men to select the male
body type that they feel is most attractive to people, men again and again we chose the
oversized muscular body type. In our minds, this is what’s most attractive. Interestingly enough though, women chose the
average fit body type, and that was the one again and again they selected as most attractive. So, is there a perfect body type out there? The answer is no. In general, I think that you should be as
fit as you can be however you define that. But, when we look at what do people find attractive,
it really comes down to the average in your society. We’re going to find the body types and average
and attractiveness changes with culture and in your instance, I’m going to recommend
go with the best that you can achieve for you. And, don’t be insecure if you’ve got an
imperfect body like me. Now, let’s talk about that full head of
hair. So, I will tell you the weakest hairstyle
is thinning hair. When you’re losing your hair, you’re doing
the comb-over, you’re trying to hide it. This is considered, and I’ve got studies
to back this up, the weakest hairstyle. You want to try to avoid this. Make a decision about your hair. If you want to keep it fine, products can
help you keep your hair. [0:04:59]
So, what about shaving your head? What if you decide to go bald? Well, congratulations. You’ve made a bold decision. And, I love this because there are a small
percentage of women that absolutely cannot keep their hands off of a bald head. Bald heads also come off as stronger, more
dominant, and a bit more fiercesome. So, if you’re going for that look, hey,
you’ve got it now. Now, what about men with longer hair with
long hairstyles? Similar to men that are bald, you’re going
to find some women absolutely love it, some absolutely hate it, but most people agree
pretty indifferent to it. Again, if you’re choosing to be different,
make sure you to be properly groomed, take care of it. Yes, it’s longer, but you still kind of
keep it trimmed. You got to take care of your hair and then
you’re going to find people are going to come up and just put their hands on it and
want to touch your hair. So, what about short hairstyles? What about medium length hairstyles? Well, it signals strength, it signals youth. It’s the vast majority of the population,
so how to stand out from the crowd. Guys, if you’ve been going to the same barber,
go try that stylist across town that you’ve wanted to try. You want to change things up. And, if you’ve been going to that same stylist,
then go to that old time barber. If you’ve been using the same product the
same hairbrush, try a different style. Let it grow out maybe a bit more, try cutting
it down, and try that different style. Find something different to help you stand
out from the crowd. Next up, let’s talk about a chiseled jawline. So, over the last year I’ve seen a lot of
videos out there talking about how to get a chiseled jaw line, how to improve your jawline,
but the question is do women actually care about a chiseled jawline? Now, at first glance the answer seems to be
yes. When you look at Hollywood, you look at the
stars put in front of us, these guys all have this big chiseled jaw line, something that
we look at as very strong and masculine. However, when I looked at the 2013 study talking
about geographic variation in chin shape, what it pointed out is it’s really very
geographic in terms of what we find attractive and the averages in our society. So, is a chiseled jawline going to be attractive
in your area really depends on what is the average type of jawline in your region, in
your country. And, what you’re going to find is that this
is not a universal law. It may be attractive in certain areas in certain
industries, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be attractive in your geographic
region. So, if you’re spending a lot of time worrying
about a chiseled jawline, honestly, you’re wasting your time. Now, let’s talk about the expensive things
that we buy that we surround ourselves with. We’re talking cars, jewelry, and clothing. Now, gents, I’ve got a whole channel teaching
men how to dress better, how to actually choose the right watch, how your car does affect
your style. So, yes, it does matter. That being said, all these things are oftentimes
used by women to make a first judgment about a man. When they don’t know anything else, they
at least can tell, okay, this guy can dress himself, this guy has a taste for good watches,
this guy can drive a nice looking car. I assumed that he’s got that first thing
we talked about earlier, a little bit of money. Understand that these material things are
used by women and by men to make quick judgments about who you are. Why? Because we’re human beings and we’ve got
the fight or flight response. We’re trying to make a quick determination
is this person a threat, is this person bringing any value, and people see what they see. And, they don’t see all the experience they
don’t see your education, so you always want to be putting your best foot forward. So now, let’s talk about height. Whether you’re tall, whether you’re short,
whether you are average height, people are making snap judgments about you based off
how tall you are. You want to learn more? Guys, check out this video right here. I talk about dealing with heightism and all
the issues shorter men in particular deal with. But, if you’re taller and you want to watch
this video, I’ve got some very interesting things. I had a lot of fun with this video. So, guys, go check this out if you are shorter
than 5’11”, yeah, you definitely want to watch this video. [0:08:36] End of audio


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  2. My boyfriend is 43 and he doesn't work, he doesn't even have a bank account. He never bought me anything. He has 3 children with 3 different women and he doesn't support the children in any way. I've been manipulated by him and that's why I'm staying…Hurts though.

  3. Women are more shallow. Just look at dating app stats and the 80/20 rule and listen to what they straight up tell the public. Dont see any men requiring d cup tits or no debt or a 6 figure salary ect.

  4. Love the channel but this video disappoints. Seems your goal was to lend support to guys with insecurities as opposed to offering factual information. A noble goal but ''Real Men'' want the truth.
    Most women do care about money, penis size, athletic build, strong jawline – regardless of what they say to a pollster. Look around for evidence of what they want: how many women marry down financially? Very few. How many women actually want a guy with a small penis? Very few. How many women actually want to date a guy with a beer gut? Very few. How many women idolize famous men with weak chins? Very few.. Yes, many women will overlook a few of these things (as men will also overlook things in women) but they still WANT them.
    I agree that women do want and like 'expensive products' – however, I noticed you didn't cite a poll that claimed women don't care about those things. lol
    Reality is what women actually do – not what they say.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I think most women I know prefer a dad-bod. Many find muscles quite intimidating and as you say, prefer what is "average". Totally on point about that varies in different cultures, and what's interesting is it will evolve with time too

  6. I love Antonio for multiple reasons but most of all for the care which he gives and with which he treats his viewers. I have never seen anyone so interactive in their comments section, he likes and replies to almost all the comments. Besides it really feels like he wants us to be the best of ourselves.

  7. University of Aberdeen did a study showing that money only made men 2% more attractive!
    Not only that, he had to make TEN TIMES more money than average to get that 2%.

    A woman's biggest need from men is security and that transcends money.

    Guys whining about women only wanting their money simply lack social skills.

  8. I would prefer a guy who has almost no money, but has time for me and is a caring guy. But the majority of the guys I know run after money and success and forget about being a decent person.

  9. I really like your channel Antonio. Although it isn’t necessarily geared towards women but it’s great to know that there are still gentlemen out there. Standing out is very beneficial 😉👏🏾

  10. Well I was under the impression this channel was about men and fashion but instead I can see now it’s for click bait and people with major insecurities that can’t learn social behaviors on their own. Not my cup of tea.

  11. So all that money I spent on anti-balding stuff and penis enlargement supplements was wasted? They really don't care if I'm bald and have a small penis? The guy behind the ENZYTE supplement scam got 25 years in prison. And the anti-balding stuff this guy was helping to sell does little to nothing also. Don't be a sucker!

  12. These days women are shallow as fuck, cheating cunts, they are whores. The sooner you realize it the better off you will be. Any guy that tells you different is either an idiot or lying to himself. And the whole penis size is bullshit… you got a small tool good luck keeping your girl 🙂 if you dont make a lot of money, move to a third world country and you can live like a king and be with a extremly hot woman…columbia, thailand, etc.

  13. Nah chief. Size definitely matters especially if she’s taken a big size. Trust and believe she’ll always have a desire to get that itch scratched. She’ll always have that hunger to have that area of her pussy repeatedly struck with real flesh. Even if that itch just needs to be scratched once a year.

    Any chick that experiences a man fucking her like a porn star will always desire to have that. The same way we are. If you get your dick sucked to a level 10 you may settle for a level 5 or 6 but you’ll be searching for that 10 or close to it.

    Even if that’s only once or twice a year. People have to be honest with themselves. We humans were not created to be with the same partner our entire lives. Especially us men.

    This is why it’s so difficult to fight the temptation to fuck other people. We are literally battling against our nature.

  14. Surveying women on their preferences is like surveying pathological liars. They are not going to answer truthfully. Analyze their real world choices and behaviors. Then you become Red Pilled.

  15. At the beginning of this year, I was style-unconscious. Now, I get joy from planning my work & going-out outfits, and get complimented on my style multiple times a day on most days. Thanks for the help!
    Speaking of help, with fall coming up, I'd like some ideas on how to use my dark jean jacket stylishly. Please do a video soon on some of the different ways to look great in denim jackets!

  16. For the body type attractiveness, something you forgot to mention.
    It depends on the type of relationship the woman seeks:
    For long term, they tend to be more attracted by average fit and/or little thicker body types which is closer to more mature (30-40s) bodies.
    For short-term, they tend to be more attracted by really fit individuals.

  17. If you can't control when you want to cum, you can practice using a Fleshjack or Tenga masturbator. It's fun to use and you learn how to last longer.

  18. I've noticed most women I see in a relationship are with men of one or a combination of skinny, dark color( black men), small mouth and nose. Thanks for the video.

  19. As a man in his mid-50s with two divorces behind me with a comibed thirty-one years of matrimony… I'm so glad that I'm single again. Other than Area-51 between their legs, women are a losing proposition and piss poor investment. I am now focused on enjoying my life on my terms. I work less but am financially comfortable, downsized my abode to something ideal for me and my two dogs. Down to one new car that gets me from Point-A to Point-B in comfort. None of this having to "impress" a woman garbage. Women suck the life and soul from a man. Thankfully I never had kids with either wife. My life is absent of drama and carefree. 🙂

  20. 1:58 They LIED! 
    Cock size does matter to women! What happens is that most guys with 8 inches+ do not know how to use the equipment and either go at way too hard or simply let women do all the work. If you have at least 8 inches+ with some girth AND you know how to use it, you'll have women fighting for you!

  21. re: drive and passion — Antonio, what if that person that chose to be a teacher is passionate about shaping the minds of their students and to make them successful in the long run rather than just the obligatory "move up the ladder" schtick?

  22. That's not how being an educator works, – quite the opposite, really. You can't be a good teacher if your goal is to not be one.

  23. Great video. In terms of muscles, I would rather just care about what I wear than what my masculine looks. Anyone can look great in a suit that fits them.

  24. I need a women to upgrade me cause the truth is i need to have more discipline with myself i know it sounds bad but that's kind of the way I am I think I got to put double effort to do it and is a big problem for me

  25. Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for a great video as always! Could you please make a video on latest personal hygiene , bath products, accessories, that a modern gentleman should use like face wash, shower gel , etc.? I couldn't find any full fledged video on that subject .

  26. I think money and financial security is what most women want in a relationship. A fella must be able to afford a nice house in a good area near quality schools. Just my opinion.

  27. – i really like how the shirt is looking under that jacket. but i am keen to see what the whole jacket looks like

    – i guess penis size is not a priority for most women, but there are those who actually care about them (i watched videos with their opinions on youtube). especially if a girl has been seeing someone with a bigger than average size for a while, and then moves on to someone much smaller.

  28. What I learned from this video, 84% of women lie. Like someone already said, don’t listen to what women say, pay attention to what they do.

  29. i just showed it to female friend & she said "HALF of ur facts are wrong"
    "girls do care about money, physical appearance & last but not least d***k size also matter!! before marry to some guy!!"
    so please don't lie sir!!

  30. I'm going to save everyone the trouble. There's only one thing women care about…your WALLET. Nothing else matters. If you're fat and you have money…you get women. If you're skinny and you have money…you get women. If you're ugly and you have money…you get women. If you're old and you have money…you get women. If you're short and you have money…you get women. If a woman rejects you, add money to it…she won't reject you anymore.

  31. Good thing women give honest straightforward answers when surveyed about their sexual preferences and selection habits.

  32. The correct answer is: who gives a shit. If you're into each other, you'll have the time of your life either way…

  33. I know those size queens , they are actually POWER WHORES although size is the obvious thing that they seek but it goes much deeper no pun intended, their other version is feminist lesbians, her whole Philosophy is to gain POWER against the male population by having a Beta dude who the male population feels defeat against, AKA a nice-guy boyfriend with a huge penis, she controls the guy by staying with him, she controls the male population, she enjoys that position of power, and yes they are like 15% but they are mostly very attractive.

  34. 1. Sense of humor. 2. Play a musical instrument! —Thanks to my loving parents for both. I'm 58 and play in a cover band at wineries & festivals. And YES … we DO play 'Free Bird'! Loving life here.

  35. Does Size matter? Please…deep down all dudes have known this since elementary school. Girl locker room talk anyone? Also, porn stars have huge cocks for a reason hahaha…

  36. That money thing really gets me. There's this girl at work I'm really into. She's probably close to hitting 6 figures. I'm the security guard.

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