7 Dressing Rules Every Woman Should Learn Once And For All | Fashion Hacks

today we are doing the seven fashion
rules every woman should know honestly about so many videos read so many
articles and combined with my 10 years of experience in a model and fashion
industry these I’ve learned to be the most important things you should know
when it comes to getting dressed and feel your best and just go out there and
rule the law if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe press
the bell hit the like leave a comment I appreciate all of them first rule you
want to follow is buying clothes that you can literally wear seven days a week
I refer to the capsule collection we all know about it so identifying the colors
that you usually go to the fits that complement your body and really
investing in those pieces are super important another tip that I can give
you is to focus less on buying that one event item that will just sit in your
closet and you know that you can’t wear again because it’s so specific or
because so many people saw you and you can repurpose it’s important to buy
things that you can dress up but you can dress down that you can wear to a night
out but also go grocery shopping in I have a lot of those items and with the
years I’ve learned to identify those items and buy those and keep them and on
the main level of my closet because those are usually the ones that I go for
if you guys want to see my top 9 things that I wear the most out of my closet
you can check out the video here and you’ll be surprised to see that there’s
not a lot of black out there so capsule collection doesn’t mean that it has to
be black or grey okay rule number two is one of my absolute favorites I can’t
stop talking about it and I feel I’ve been preaching it for so long and it’s
honestly the best one in my opinion and that’s borrow from the boys honestly
most of my outfits are somehow constructed from a blazer of Gary’s or
button-down that belongs to Gary’s I can’t help it I like to repurpose things
you know what there’s so many gems in our boyfriend’s partners closet that you
can put on yourself and style it in a way that suits you best and it’s a
you don’t have to go and buy anything you just go in there it’s like a whole
new universe of clothes also men really buy nice pieces there invest in them
because they don’t buy them so often so it’s a great perk to have a partner’s
closet to your disposal rule number three is learning your body shape it
took me some time but I also learn what are the better parts of my body that I
like to emphasize and which ones are not necessarily my favorite so one body part
for me that I don’t like to put too much spotlight on is my butt and it’s not
that I don’t like it I like it I like all of me I thank God for everything
that I have but I prefer to focus on the other parts like my midsection or my
legs so you will never see me really wearing really tight clothes I usually
have either a line or something more loose and that’s just how I find that I
feel the most sexy and the most comfortable and I think that’s important
also to figure out for yourself another thing that I’ve learned about recently
is color analysis so color analysis is what suits you best regarding colors and
what is the best combination of colors for you and that is based on your hair
color on your eyes on your undertone if you guys want to hear a little bit more
about this let me know I can do a more informative video about the subject rule
number four honestly if you look people don’t talk about it enough and I’m so
guilty of having that mindset that I missed a lot of great opportunities to
wear the outfits that I really really look forward to wearing so rule number
four is stop saving outfits life is too short
don’t buy a dress that you’re like oh one day when if the time is right when
this is there when the stars align and then you never end up wearing it I
started pushing myself more with wearing clothes that I always save for special
occasions because honestly every day is a freaking special occasion actually one
second this is what I’m talking about
don’t save your outfits I’ve been waiting to wear this cupcake dress with
so long and now is the time rule number five is undergarments are so important I
feel like a lot of us don’t pay enough attention to it and I’m not saying that
you have to go and invest in this like silky sexy pieces it’s all about
functional undergarments that will actually help make you look your best so
some of the most essentials are a nude bra to wear under white or see through
clothing seamless underwear very important underwear that you may need to
help with some support or to make it all smooth and nice for you and then we also
have a sticky bra in case you have something with the low back if you guys
want to know all the top essential ones I actually did a video about the top ten
bras and underwear that I think every girl should own rule number six is the
art of tucking a very overlooked tactic there is a whole art behind it and
there’s so many ways to make an outfit look so much better if you know where to
tuck and where to cover and where to pin we have the front hug the navel tug the
mid tuck the full tug there are so many tacking look out for a video about it I
felt like that specific subjects deserve much more time and spotlight and I’m
gonna give you all my favorite favorite tactics to upgrade an outfit just by
learning how to talk another point with knowing your body is when you figure out
what is your body shape and what suits you best it’s really important to find a
tailor I can’t tell you how many things I buy and cuz I know what looks better
on my body I’ll go and tailor it according to that thank you guys so much
for watching I hope it was helpful for you and I will
see you next time to find out which eight items I no longer wear click here
thank you so much for watching


  1. You’re adorable. I’m over 50 yo and I enjoy watching you. And from one stylish lady to another, most of the things you suggest are en pointe. Brava!

  2. Things in a closet for every size girl .. slim, thin, fat, chubby, hourglass, roundy shapes and so on..
    This list is easy and affordable
    – black plain trouser
    – black bell bottom/ flapper
    – white plain trouser
    – black/white/blue/grey tights
    – hoodies black, blue, white, red
    – sweatshirts any color is ok.
    – sweat pants grey, black, red, green, blue
    – socks (half socks, knee high, foots, toes)
    color should be (skin, black, white)
    – belts (plain black, a designed, colorful, raibow belt)
    – bra (plain balck, skin, white, sports bra)
    – underwear (black, pink, purple, skin and silk one)
    – camisole (white, black, blue and red)
    – skirts are a gogo for some girls but u should have
    (Long skirt, thigh skirt, mini skirt, knee skirt)
    – shorts (gym shorts, balck plain shorts, jeans shorts)
    -shoes (one joggers set, plain canvas, heels, flipflops
    sandals, pums)
    – jeanss can't be forget (white, blue, black and light blue)
    – t-shirts plain (white, vertical lining, black, any other color u like)
    And this is a complete set of wardrobe u should have and these clothes aren't sure to branded, these can be even bought from a simple store and yes.. u can style them with any others.. cz these are basics.. but if u want to have a flashy and beautiful wardrobe, u can go for jakcets, coats, shawls, mufflers, scarfs, swinsuits etc . But they aren't essentials that u must have other then any season possibility😄 I'm happy to share it. Took a long time to write it, also thanksss alot if u read it 💘

  3. My husband has that very slim Asian build…our clothes fit exactly the same on each other. There are no “borrow from the boys” in this house 😂

  4. I wish my bf had nice clothes for me to borrow but he has like 2 outfits he wears every day and like 5 tshirts that i absolutately hate.. I am a bit jealous haha

  5. Valeria, I have noticed on your Instagram how thin you have gotten. I just want to say I don't want to sound nosy but I am so concerned about your weight. You seem to be unhealthily underweight and I am just concerned for ur well being. Hope ur ok. Love ur channel xxx

  6. Please Please PLEASE do a how-to tuck your shirts video. I love this look but It always makes the stomach of my skirts look bloated 🙁

  7. I’ve been following you for such a long time that your style has inspired the way I dress, show up to events, get ready and in general feel my best self.. but COLOUR code information would be a GAME CHANGER for me !!! P.S. I adore ya !!

  8. Could you make a video on fashion for thick women? My upper arms are really fat compared to the rest of my hands below elbow.. my upper thighs are fat as well i have wide hips and also a little tummy and back fat now… I am a pear shaped but my body is getting out of proportion in weird areas. So now i am having trouble finding what to wear that would help me get rid of these factors (hide them) and also that would suit me… Please help Val

  9. lol I have that pink giambattista valli dress too and I keep asking myself why did I buy it because I’m sure I will never wear it

  10. I love the enthusiasm but a kind little feedback maybe to the audio department to adjust the shouting parts a bit 🙉📣 I almost always lower the volume by at least 50% after switching to this channel lol really like the content otherwise 💕

  11. 3:33 This is extremely relatable to me. During my childhood I spent lots of time with my grandmother who always said: "wear something more simple now, you will stain everything, leave the nice dress for an occasion". Thus, I spent wearing trashy clothes while having nice ones hanging in the closet waiting for their turn to shine. I am 26 now and I still force myself to dress nicer.

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  13. Yes to colors! <3
    I love your videos and really look foward to seeing new ones… Im not always up to date tho, so you mightve already made the colors vid.
    Love You <3 <3 <3

  14. I’ve found SO many contradicting articles and videos on colour theory, but I do trust your judgement on style, so I would definitely like to see one from you!

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