500 Years of Correcting “Historical” Halloween Costumes


  1. I should clarify: I'm not meaning to roast anyone who wears these costumes due to timing, budgetary, craft skill or any other restraints. The purpose is to point out why these costumes don't actually represent history, so that we don't live our merry lives with skewed understandings of the past. By all means, rock your Sexy Renaissance Guinevere with my full enthusiasm, as long as we're all aware that these are fantastical costumes and not educational representations of history. 🙂

  2. I know this isn't really historically related, but I'd be really interested to see you analyze Padme Amidala's costumes in Star Wars – again, likely not your thing, but I'd be curious to see your take on those really intricate designs and where you thought their inspirations may have been from. That said, I've been having tons of fun watching your videos and learning stuff (I'm trying to get better at drawing clothes and….).

  3. Hi Bernadette Banner i was wonderin if you could dosomething simulair but then from the scandinavian 500 to 1500 eras?

  4. Years ago when I was in middle school I needed to have an Elizabethan dress made and the seamstress didn’t even follow the directions it was so terrible and not even from the right time period 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I assumed “Elizabethan” would have been specific EBOUGH

  5. i’m attracted to your fancy speech, incredible knowledge AND the fact that you also have scoliosis and i understand my pain
    edit: got to the point where you start drawing and painting the dresses… i’m a dead gay

  6. Is it just me or is someone else having difficulty understanding her because she’s incredibly wordy! I just hear someone talking almost musically. 😄🎶

  7. “Maybe you can sally forth fully armed into your Halloween party this year, readily equipped to expound the importance of waistline placement to the first unsuspecting muggle you happen upon.

    Maybe don’t do that.”

    awkward thumbs up

    I’m dead

  8. Currently looking up clothing styles for a book I'm working on which will have a mix of late 18 to early 19 century clothing. And to put it simply…. it is a lot to sift through. I knew that going in, at least for the most part, but boy there is a lot, especially, majorly, for the women. Having fun looking at all the styles but man you can get serious burn out if not careful. 😛

  9. This is why I respect the titanic so much because they made their costumes extremely accurate some even copied from actual dresses that Rose might of bought in 1912

  10. I feel like I'm watching Sheldon Cooper presents Fun with Flags. ☺️ It's so nice learning things that I wasn't interested a second ago.

  11. Can you… do this but with male costumes?

    And also where are you selling those little images.

    Edit: oh shit you’re selling them on eBay.

  12. I think I learned more about historical costume in this video than my entirety of art history and general history class!

  13. halloween is an excuse for married and decent women to dress and act like hookers. thats the current version so any costume, accurate or not, will do.

  14. I am completely in love with a stranger. I can now say I’ve completed my internet rite of passage. Where may I send you poetry on par with that of Billy Shakespeare?

  15. Came for historical info on fashion and got a kind of art video. As a crafter I can appreciate this. So, I love your artwork! And… thanks for the facts, too!

  16. I cracked up at "unsuspecting Muggle," haha – amazing video, by the way! Your art is gorgeous, and this video idea was educational and creative ❤ If I may ask, what time period are hats that tie under the chin from? I can't recall where I've seen them before.

  17. Ok… as if your artfully articulated and extremely entertaining fusions of the linguistics across centuries & different video styles of your depeche möde weren't enough… You said "pedantically"! …. I'm in love! (no homo… Well… If you're romantically squeamish, anyway…)
    I'm definitely a new fan, anyway!

  18. I played this by accident. However I thoroughly enjoyed it and chuckled most of the way through. As a steampunk I take terrible liberties with period costume, but I love seeing someone who really knows their subject exposing inaccuracies in an informative manner. I don't blame you for displaying a hint of huffiness, it was justified. 😎

  19. I’d love to see some of this placed on some older styles of costumes. Like the ‘Egyptian’ ones. Those make me cringe to no end and I will charge right past them to find the single piece I need for my costume… this year it was elf ears and fairy wings… thankfully, those were side by side and I got out of there in ten minutes

  20. I do want to say; I love your ‘sexualintellectualness’ about fashion history. As a fashion student with shitloads of history interests this is so satisfying to watch. I have been nodding at every sentence you said here. 👍🏻👍🏻

  21. I think it would be really interesting if you tackled Disney characters’ clothes and checked how historically accurate they are. I’ve always wondered if Disney movies used historically accurate clothes!

  22. Fun fact: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation does have a black 18th century gown in there collection. (Or did about a decade ago when I saw it.) If you reach out, usually the curators and conservators are happy to talk shop.

  23. Bernadette, girl, you need to learn to not be so uptight, OCD, and how to have some fun. Lol no judgement. I enjoy your history vids, but sometimes, your dedication to adhere to past times can be a tad bit overbearing.

  24. Your sewing machine in the background is a bit like the Singer I inherited from my grandmother, but mine is treadle-powered.

  25. I feel like she is to fashion what John Maclean is to makeup. Just two Vampires calmly explaining what the mortals have been doing wrong all this time 😂

  26. It seriously buggs me seeing somebody that care about historical things so much and then seeing somebody that DOSNT give a damn and tries to make a profit out of it

  27. Guenevere was a title, was not Anglo-Saxon at ALL(Celtic) and Britain was not Anglo-Saxon at that time. Yes, I'm an Arthurian nut LOL
    Loved this whole video BTW!

  28. My boyfriend, his mother and I are actually saving up for the renaissance fair in a few months and were doing research to see what would be more accurate while still being practical

  29. 0:15
    Bernadette Banner: What’s That? Blatantly unresearched mass marketed attempts at the very thing I spend my entire life obsessing about?
    Me: quietly leaving
    Bernadette: Come back. Were about to banish the southern belle hat to the deepest dungeons of hell!

  30. For the black gown, wasn’t it common for a widow to wear black mourning gowns for 2 years ? So the black is plausible.

  31. Hello huys ! I have a question to all the English speakers, I am French (I live in Paris), English is not like my second language or anything and I actually understood her easily. So am I bilingual or just at a very good level ? I guess my question is what criterias have to be crossed for a French person to be an actual bilingual ? Thanks !! (because I was just scrolling through the comments and I was like oh wait she’s speaking Old English didn’t noticed !) 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Thank you for caring about this subject! (And describing the differences with so much wit.) A few weeks ago I was at an actual castle in Ireland for a banquet. There was reasonably authentic 1600s food (no utensils) and music that was of the period, but, oh, the costumes. When the harpist turned around a long zipper was clearly visible. I've seen Ren Faire participants take greater care in costume accuracy.

  33. What I get from this video is yeah, the real thing would be crazy expensive, but they could actually do research, make accurate looking costumes, and sub in shiney polyester for silk where they need to to make a better product that could come at near the same price but they don't because? Idk. Specifically to infuriate those of us that care?

  34. I am jealous of your skill in drawing those. I'm an amateur artist, but I'm still learning how clothing and different materials work. Were you taught the art aspect for your job or were you self taught?

  35. for the purpose of historical accuracy.
    and at the risk of telling people something they already know.
    it isn't YE OLE it is THE OLD.
    the E was removed from the end of "olde" and the Y was pronounced TH.

    explanation? something something adopted viking runes modified to Y because it was easier to carve into signs and later changed to the modern TH.

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