5 Ways to RECYCLE Your DENIM JEANS! 👖♻️ Cute DIY Fashion Trends

– All right, you guys. ♫ You hear the stories ’bout the ♫ Girls and the boys ♫ Who finally meet – [Bailey] I don’t know
if you guys know this, but Brooklyn and I just got back from our first weekend of touring. We honestly had so much fun, you guys. We got to hug all of you and
see your beautiful signs, and you guys brought us presents, and ooh, so many boxes of Life cereal, and we just felt so blessed and just having the
opportunity to be onstage and perform for you guys
was honestly so amazing. And we are starting our second
weekend of tour tomorrow. We are going to Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Columbus, and we’re so excited to be
able to meet all you guys and hug you guys, and just, oh
my goodness, I’m so excited. So if you guys want to buy your tickets, make sure you click the link
in the description box below. I would love nothing more than to see your beautiful
faces at our tour. We want to be able to meet you guys, so buy your tickets right now. (upbeat music) – [Both] Hey guys, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. – And in today’s video,
we’re gonna be showing you five different amazing ways
you guys can recycle old jeans. So we’ve been seeing a lot of really cool jean styles recently, like a lot of like this– – [Both] Fringey– – [Brooklyn] Like hems and
these florally pattern designs. – [Bailey] Patches. – And stuff, and so
we’re gonna show you guys all of that in this video today on how you guys can do a DIY style and recycle those old jeans that you just do not want to use anymore. But before we get on
and show you guys that, be sure to click down below, click that bell, ring
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because we really hope that a lot of you did it. So leave a comment below. Now, let’s get on to the video. – Woo! (cheerful music) – [Brooklyn] In this DIY,
I’m gonna be showing y’all how to create your own
pair of ripped jeans. To start, we need a pair
of plain jeans, a ruler, some sandpaper, an X-ACTO knife, a piece of cardboard, some scissors, and a piece of chalk. For these jeans, I’m
going to be showing you how to make holes in your jeans and how to rough them up
so that they look natural. To start, you’re going
to take a piece of chalk and outline where you want the hole to start and end on your jeans. Then you’re gonna take
your piece of cardboard and put it inside the
pant leg of your jeans, right where you’re going
to be making the hole. Now, you’re going to
take your X-ACTO knife and start cutting across the
line of chalk you made earlier, where you want your hole to start and where you want your
hole to end in your jeans. Once you’ve done that,
you can make minor cuts in between those two lines of where you want your
hole to start and end, so it kind of makes a ripped-up effect. Although your cuts may currently
look like Swiss cheese, like this, after washing
them, they fray a little and end up turning out just like these. (upbeat music)
After you’ve made your holes, you can take your cardboard and place it inside the
pocket of your jeans. Now you can take your X-ACTO knife and cut horizontal lines across the seam of the pocket of your jeans. After you’re done cutting,
you can take your sandpaper, which I actually really hate the feeling of sandpaper (laughs) and just rub it along the cuts that you’ve made in your pocket to kind of just rough
them up a little bit more. And after a few minutes
of extreme arm workout, you will get the results
you’re looking for with a roughed-up pocket edge. And there you have your ripped up jeans. (upbeat music) – [Bailey] All right, you guys, it’s time to make these
adorable rose patch jeans. So for these jeans, all you
need is an old pair of jeans, these super cute rose
patches, and fabric glue. So as you can see, I have
already done one leg of my jeans and they look super cute, so I’m gonna flip it on over and show you guys how I
did it on the other leg. All right, step uno. Take your rose patches and place them on your
jeans where you want them. Make sure you like where
you’re putting them because that’s where
you will be gluing them, and trust me, it’s really
hard to get those patches off once they’ve been glued. I’ve tried it, it’s not possible. So make sure that you like
where you’re placing them. Next, take this fabric glue
and glue the back of the patch. Make sure you’re getting
those cracks and crevices and all the edges so
that it sticks perfectly. Now, flip it on around and
press it onto those jeans and hold it for a couple seconds to make sure it does not move. You want it to stay on those jeans. So once you have pressed it
for a long amount of time, you can go ahead and
take the next rose patch and just do the exact same steps. Put glue on the back and then
press it down on the jeans and make sure it stays there, and voila, you’ve got your beautiful, gorgeous rose patch jeans. (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] Now it’s time for us to make these cut hemmed jeans. We need a pair of jeans,
a piece of cardboard, an X-ACTO knife, and some scissors. In order to make these jeans, we have to cut a half circle from the back of the ankle of your jeans, as you can see right here. So we’re going to be starting
with a pair of scissors and we’re going to go to the
ankle on the back of our jeans and we’re going to cut out a
half circle from seam to seam. After cutting, you
should have a half circle shape of your jeans left over, which if you’re really crafty, I’m sure you can find a use for, but I just plan on throwing away. (laughs) Then, you’re going to place your cardboard inside the leg of your
pants, as you can see, and make sure that the fabric
is on top of the cardboard. Then take your X-ACTO knife
and cut just tiny little cuts up the pant leg, so you rough
up the edge just a little bit. After you wash your jeans, they will turn out a little
bit more rough on the edges, and you’ve finished your jeans. (upbeat music) Now it’s time to make our
faux embroidered jeans. To start, you need a pair of jeans, some floral patches of your choice, and some fabric glue. For these jeans, we’re
gonna make everyone think that we are absolutely
amazing at embroidery and embroidered all these
flowers onto our jeans, when, in reality, we cheated a little and just glued some patches
on with some fabric glue. To start, I’m going to lay out my jeans and start placing patches
in a pattern that I like. Once you’ve finished placing the pattern, you can take a piece of cardboard and place it underneath the jean pant leg right where you’ve placed your patches. Now take your fabric glue,
take one of your patches, and start lightly
applying your fabric glue all over the back of the patch. Once you’re done gluing, you can put it on the
jeans where you want. Press down and hold and let the glue dry so the patch sticks to the jeans. This is super easy, but
honestly, the hardest part is trying not to glue
your fingers down too. Continue doing this for all your patches and then you will have your
faux embroidered jeans. (cheerful music) – [Bailey] I’m saving the
best for last, you guys, so I’m gonna show you guys how to make these super cute DIY fringe jeans. So first things first. All you need is an old pair of jeans, a ruler, some tweezers, scissors, and chalk or even a marker. Something to mark on the
jeans that will show up. So as you can see, to start off this DIY, I already have one leg done and it is so cute. So before we go on to the second leg, I’m gonna have you whip out that ruler. Now, take that ruler
and measure four inches at the bottom end of the leg. So you can see, I’ve
started the bottom end, measured four inches and
marked it off with my chalk. So now that I have it marked off, I’m gonna go ahead and cut
that end off with my scissors. All right, you guys, so now
that I’ve cut off the leg, it’s time to pull out that ruler again and measure about two inches above the bottom part that we just cut off. So you can see I’m marking
two inches with my chalk. I told you guys this
chalk would come in handy. So now that we have it marked, go ahead and take your scissors and just cut small strips
all the way up to that line, and we’re gonna continue
cutting these small strips all the way around that
bottom leg of the jean. Okay, so now that you
have finished cutting all the way to the edge, we’re gonna take one of those strips and you can see those blue
threads on the inside. We’re just gonna take them one by one and peel it kind of like a banana, and we’re just gonna continue
peeling those blue strips down until we are able to pull
out the mini white threads. This is basically unthreading
the stitching in the jean, so that way, all you have left is the blue threads hanging down below. So this might seem like
it would take forever, and it does take a little while, but guys, I promise that it
goes fast once you get started and I literally wear
these jeans all the time, so it is so worth it. And if you don’t feel like doing these jeans all by yourself, you can always holla for
a little bit of help. Asa was next to me, so I
had him help me make these, and so that’s how I got
them done so quickly, so if you feel like
it’s taking a long time, just ask somebody to help you. So as you guys can see,
I continued that step all the way around the
bottom end of the jean, and voila, you can see
we have our fringe jeans. They’re so cute on and I always get compliments
when I wear them, so guys, definitely try out this DIY. It’s so worth it. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this DIY. You guys will definitely catch us wearing these jeans in
our Instagram pictures. – Oh, oh yeah.
– Because they’re cute jeans. – And so now I have five
new pairs of jeans. (laughs) – Yes, and if you guys make this DIY, we definitely want to see you guys. We want to see your versions
of it, see your jeans, so tag us in pictures
on Instagram and Twitter so that we can see y’all
recreate our DIY jeans. – ‘Cause y’all are, I cannot wait to see how you guys do this.
– You guys are more creative than we are,
(Brooklyn laughs) so I cannot wait. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, definitely go do that by clicking the button right over here, and if you want to watch more
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