5 Ways To ALWAYS Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room

5 Ways To ALWAYS Be The Best Dressed Man In
The Room [0:00:00]
[Music] In today’s video, gents, five tips to always
be the best-dressed man in the room. The first step to being the best-dressed man
in the room, you have to have the courage to be the best-dressed man the room. This sounds simple, but guess what? This right here is holding so many men back
because they’re very conscious about being stared at. They’re okay with being in the shadows. They don’t want to be the go-to guy. For a lot of guys this is not natural, being
in the limelight being the person that people are going to for advice for leadership. But, if you know your why, if you know the
message you want to send if you understand that, hey, if I am going to succeed with getting
that business up off the ground with going for that promotion with being looking like
management material, you’re going to need to step it up. Now, I get it there are some situations in
which you don’t want to be the best-dressed man in the room. Perhaps that somebody else is not — you’re
there to support somebody else. But, for a lot of guys, they are unconsciously
they’re always thinking, you know what? I’m not good enough to be that guy that could
be the leader in the room. If this is you, think back why are you holding
yourself back? Why aren’t you stepping up? And that is the first thing that you’re going
to have to overcome. You’ve got to learn to develop the courage
the confidence to be the go-to guy. The second step to always being the best-dressed
man in the room, develop your own personal uniform. This is your default clothing, your go-to
outfit that sends the message you want to send to the world. You’ve taken the time to think through to
think, okay, for me it’s going to be a sports jacket with a pocket square with a nice button-down
shirt and I’m usually got jeans or a pair of odd trousers on with boots. This is my go-to uniform in my area. I live in a rural town, I want something that’s
functional at the same time I’m always representing my company. I have a message I want to send. Now, for you your uniform, it’s going to be
different because you live in a different area. You’ve got different professional needs, you’ve
got different personal tastes. All of this should go into developing out
the look that you want every day pretty much default to. I’m not saying you got to wear the same thing
again and again, but when you don’t want to think about what you’re going to wear, you’ve
got that clothing that uniform that you can default to. The issue here is that most human beings fall
into fashion trends. We don’t actually think about what we’re wearing,
we go for the bare minimum instead of actually using style using clothing as a tool to be
able to send the message you want to send, to be able to actually wear clothing that’s
going to accentuate your natural strengths. We’re talking about jackets which build up
your shoulders slim your waistline. Colors that make you look taller make you
actually look just — just leaner and meaner. Seriously, the color black can make you look
more aggressive, the color blue it can make you appear to be more trustworthy. When you understand that the color red when
introduced even in a small pocket square can make you actually more believable when you’re
giving a presentation, why wouldn’t you use this to your advantage and make it actually
part of your default uniform especially if you’re in sales. Now, before I get into my next point, I want
to share with you the big problem with today’s video. The issue is I don’t have enough time here
on YouTube to get into as much detail as I would like. So, if you enjoy videos like this, but you
want more detail, you need to check out the masterclass I’ll be linking to down in the
description, where I talk about how to get the most out of the science of style how to
leverage it to become the man you know yourself to be. In this training, we go into a lot of detail,
so you’re going to want to have a pen and paper to be able to take notes. You can submit questions and most importantly,
you can set up a time to talk with an RMRS certified style coach to be able to, you know,
go into more detail about how you can leverage style to get what you want out of life. The master course and the phone call, absolutely
free. Why are we doing this? Because we understand that so many guys have
these barriers that want to step up their style, but they need additional help. Again, I’m putting a link down in the description. Go check it out. The third step to becoming the best-dressed
man in the room, you’ve got to practice. Now, a lot of people think that practice makes
perfect. That’s not true. Practice makes permanent. And if you are already dressing poorly, it
doesn’t matter how many times you practice getting dressed you’re still going to dress
poorly. You need to practice stepping it up because
when you first start to dress better to send that message you want to send, wear clothing
that maybe you’re a little bit unfamiliar with, you will feel uncomfortable. You’re going to be conscious of everything,
“Oh, what are other people going to think?” How are you going to deal with when somebody
says, “Oh, why are you so dressed up? Do you have a job interview?” You’re really worried about those things,
but after you dress sharp a few times after you dress sharp for a few weeks, all sudden
this starts to become normal. This becomes the new reality and you feel
very comfortable and you start to reap the huge benefits of dressing up for opportunity. Because when you look like opportunities should
come its way to you, it does. All of a sudden, people start saying, “Hey. Would you like to maybe…” You get invited to be a part of this group
a part of this project, all because you look the part of a successful individual. And, here’s the thing is when you look back
a year later, you’re going to kind of laugh at some of the outfits some of the looks that
you went for, but that’s fine because you put in the reps you made those mistakes. When you practice, you fall down a few times,
but you pick yourself up and cumulatively over the period of a week, of months, of the
year, all of a sudden you’re going to see a huge improvement. [0:05:10]
The next tip to being the best-dressed man in the room, make dressing sharp easier than
dressing like crap. Seriously, if dressing well is difficult for
you, you may be able to power through it for a few days, but eventually you’re going to
have that morning that everything’s going to go wrong and you’re going to go back to
your old standard. All of a sudden, you’re going to wear that
clothing which is easy to find. So, the way to overcome this is to put that
clothing in the back of the closet and to put the new uniform that new look, everything
put it lay it out the night before. When you do this when you lay out your clothing
— your parents actually probably taught you to do this — you have made it incredibly
easy. Everything is already right there. This step, gents, is all about habits. And you want to try to work to get rid of
the bad habits such as whenever you pull your clothing out of the laundry, leaving it in
the laundry basket versus putting things away. After you wear nice shoes, shine them after
wearing them versus thinking that you’re going to shine them right before you wear them because
you’re not going to have time to do that. The next tip to always be the best-dressed
man in the room, nail the style pyramid. We’re talking about fit, function, and fabric. So, when it comes to fit, everything that
you put on your body when it comes to clothing needs to fit. And, if it doesn’t fit perfectly, you want
to take it to get it adjusted because every body type can have clothing adjusted to fit
it better, and all of a sudden this is going to accentuate your natural strengths versus
actually focusing in and drawing attention to your weaknesses. Don’t ever buy anything that even if it’s
90% off if it doesn’t fit you or it can’t be just to fit really you’re going to want
to pass on it. Now, with the function this is choosing the
right clothing for the right job. And, you know I’m all about sports jackets,
but there are so many different options out there especially for a lot of you guys that
want to go casual. If you’re in the street style, if you’re into
just more of a casual look because that’s your workplace you work for a tech company
out in San Francisco. Whatever it may be, understand that you want
to pay attention to the function of the clothing because it always is sending a message that
you want to send. Again, I’m not saying that you got to wear
a full-on suit, but I am saying pay attention to that environment and make sure that you
wear the appropriate clothing for the right situation. Now, when it comes to fabric, I always put
this last in the style pyramid because it’s the one area that I think you can compromise
on initially. So, if you’re just graduating school and you’re
looking at suits. Okay, you buy $100 or $200 suit that you get
adjusted you nail the fit, you make sure it’s functionally it’s, you know, the right design. You go for a navy suit that’s a classic overall
look in the terms of the style. But, the fabric you compromise, you get 50%
wool 50% synthetic. This is perfectly fine. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
actually be able to find that at a lower price, but once you start to make some money let’s
say you’ve been a consultant now for a few years, the money is starting to roll in, you
want to save up and as soon as possible upgrade that fabric. So, to be honest that’s just the tip of the
iceberg when it comes to the style pyramid. And if you are getting started with transforming
your image or you’ve watched my videos for a while, but you have not watched this one. Guys, you’ve got to know the style pyramid. Click on this video, I go into a lot more
detail about fit, function, and fabric and why those three things are so important to
building your wardrobe. [0:08:13] End of audio


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