5 Tips for Shopping the CTR Sale | Hack the Rack ft. Alex Garza

– Hey everyone, welcome back. I am so excited to share all
of my tips with you guys today on how to get a great deal
when you’re shopping a sale. So, for today’s haul, I got
to shop at the Nordstrom Rack Clear The Rack Sale. I’m gonna tell you guys all about it. It’s a really great
sale and I’m gonna share my top five tips for getting a great deal. Thanks to Nordstrom Rack for supporting and collaborating with
me on today’s video. So, when you go into the
store to shop the sale, basically you’ll head
over to the sale section and it’s a sale on top of a sale, so it’s 25% off the items
that are already marked down. So, you just wanna look out for pieces that have the red tag on them. That’s how you’ll know
it’s part of the sale. I had so much fun picking out
all these really cute pieces to share with you guys. I went a little bit
overboard, but that’s okay because everything was such a good deal. So, let’s get started with tip number one. (upbeat music) So, tip number one is to
search out those great brands that you already know, you love, they have really great quality pieces, and sometimes they’re a
little bit more expensive. So, I like to search for them in the sale. I ended up finding these
shoes from Mark Fisher. I love Mark Fisher, but
his prices tend to be a little bit more expensive for me. So, I found these blue
platforms in the sale. I just think they’re
really cute and trendy, they’ll go with anything,
and they were $79.97, so they were already marked down, but then they were 25%
off of that as well. So, these were such a great deal. I can’t wait to wear them,
I think they’re so cute, I love that baby blue. Tip number two is to
stick to neutral tones and classic pieces. So I found this DVF top which I love. I love that it’s a classic
and timeless piece. It’s also a great neutral color. It does have a little
feminine detail at the bottom. You can dress it up or dress it down, so I love that I can buy so
many more things on this sale and still stay in budget. Tip number three is to try new trends. This is a great way to test
the water on new trends without breaking the bank. So, I ended up finding
this dress, which I love. I feel like it’s so me, but
it’s also pretty trendy, so it has the off the
shoulder detail at the top which I think is so pretty. The blush pink color is
really in style this year, and I just think it’s a
really cute flattering cut. This would look great on anybody. So, if you’ve been wanting to test out the off the shoulder trend,
or the millennial pink trend, definitely go check this one out. Tip number four is to find
pieces for the upcoming season. So, I found this top from
Hinge that I really love because I think it’s a piece
you can wear all year round. I’ve been wearing it right now tucked into high-waisted jean shorts. It’s a really cute, summery look. But because of the detail and the color, I think it also works really
great for fall and winter. It has a long sleeve, so
it’s a little bit warmer. You could pair it with
some boyfriend jeans, it’d be really cute, so
I really love this top. And my last tip is to
always check out the shoes when you’re at Nordstrom Rack. I think their selection is great. I always find so many great pieces there. So, I found these wedges. I’ve had my eye on this exact
pair of wedges for years. I just think they’re so cute. I’m so glad that I found them in the sale. I held out, I found
them for a great price, and I just think they’re the
perfect type, perfect color. I love them, great for all year round too. So, definitely check out the shoe section, and I actually bought four
pairs because I just really liked everything they had there. So, I love these. That is my haul, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. The next Clear The Rack
Sale is actually coming up really soon, so all the
details will be down below in the description box, so don’t forget to check that
out as well as my channel. I did a video kind of like
my outfits of the week, styling all these different pieces, so go ahead and check that out as well. Thanks so much to Nordstrom
Rack for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video. I hope you guys liked
it and I’ll see you over on my channel, bye.


  1. How awesome!!!! Thank you Nordstrom Rack for giving me another outlet to see my favorite YouTuber doing her awesome thang!!! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼

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