5 perfect stylish ways to dress up your jeans | How to dress up your jeans | Men Style Tips

Hello everyone, My name is Rainis and I am back with another How to wear tutorial Today topic is JEANS! Jeans is a very versatile outfit that you can wear it almost anywhere You can wear it to the club, to the party, hang out with your friends, to the beach Or even go to the shower. You you heard it right. It’s gonna be very sexy. Yup! I’m just kidding guys! What I mean is it is so popular that Everyone has a least one pair of jeans in their closet. I guess… If you don’t, leave me a comment bellow let me know. But do you really know how to wear it? If not, I’ll show you Five formulas, 5 ways you can wear your jeans and be stylish this Summer. So without further due, let’s jump right into it! Okay that’s it guys. Thank you for watching and please give me a comment bellow let me know which outfit is your favorite and also thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Please please please. I’m begging you guys! I will be back next week. Remember, be kind and have style! Bye!


  1. Job well done bro!!! I like all the styles specially, #2 and korean style!! And i saw that wink lol… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😋

  2. Shower jeans! My favourite, haha. I love your humour! Keep up the good work.
    Love all the outfits by the way. I think my favourites are number 3 and 5. Next time I go shopping I'll definitely try to get something similar to you!

  3. Can't choose which one I like the most since I like them all~~keep up with the good work, and I loved your video💕💕

  4. Wow you need more viewers and subs ! your fashion is on point * GUYS SHOULD DRESS LIKE THIS* ahem AHEM HAHHA!

    Btw what's the music you played in the video ? What's it called ?

  5. White shirts can never go wrong. & Hey thanks for following me on Twitter although I'm not very active. But I have found you on YouTube and I like your style. Watching all your videos now, good to find a new good looking you tuber. 😍 Good luck.

  6. I like the 1st one and the 4th and the last ones too. I came from twitter and discovered your video. It's cool, keep on the good work!

  7. Love all of them….it was hard to choose I do like the classic white tee look and look 3 ♡. Ive just subbed ^_^

  8. thánh thần ơi em thấy set đồ cuối là đẹp nhất!! À tiện thể anh có thể làm skincare routine của anh được không ạ? Các video của anh đều rất thú vị, cảm ơn anh đã chia sẻ gu ăn mặc tới mọi người ạ

  9. Oh wow! Great combinations! Especially the all denim that's my favorite one who knew that denim on denim on denim could look that good? Good Job man I loved all your looks 🙂

  10. They were all wonderful, but I think I like sporty guy the best, and when you started petting your dog that was too cute😂

  11. I listen to these tips and effeminate them for my self…ssssh ~

    no but really! It's great that you make fashion videos for men I feel like there is very few of those around if you compare with all the female woman youtubers 🙂

  12. I really really love this video!
    Two words: SO COOL!

    My favorite in his styles is the Businessman's. Really cool and formal!
    I have learned another fashion style in this video! Thanks.

    BTW, are you Korean?

  13. Everything about your voice and accent is adorable, and added to your amazing style makes you literally the cutest guy ever

  14. I was searching for men dresses in german but only could find men they were 25 but dressed up like they would be 13… Thank you, I searched for this! Good vids and perfect style!

  15. Bro.. Plzz tel mei abt the dressing in hot summers…. Plzz….. I'm really puzzled up…. Thnxx

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