5 MORE Style Tips For Big Guys – Clothing Tips For Big Guys

What’s up, everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today’s video guys, I’ll be going for five more style tips for bigger man as always gentlemen There’s a video summary with timestamps linked in the description if you guys likes to review certain points And I’ll be sure to leave a link to every item mentioned in this video. Let’s get started tip. Number one on this list is hoodies the great thing about hoodies Especially for bigger men is that they will fit you a lot better than they do other guys You won’t get that baggy saggy feeling when you wear a hoodie Because since you are a larger guy, you have probably larger arms larger torso larger back. You will actually fill out this Traditional piece of very comfy baggy clothing, you know actually make it look pretty good you’ll actually get a more of a fitted look little actually make your arms look bigger make your chest look more muscular and Also, you’ll look comfy and we won’t have to overdo it like layering since hoodies are a bit of a thicker material This is an excellent option for you Sometimes I personally like to wear a hoodie especially for the context or office for bigger, man Is it simply won’t throw on a fun pair of dark wash or light wash blue jeans? And I personally if you have one it’s a bit distressed. It’s a little bit more bold You stand a little bit more throw on a great pair of white sneakers Maybe something a little more Unique and I personally think and go with a 10 or white hoodie and you’ll look great as a bigger I’ve seen it guys in public where it’s similar Outfits and I give it a try for myself and I actually do like and I think for you it’ll be actually be a great option tip number two deals with a summer and warmer weather fashion and that is polo shirts in last video I mentioned layer your white t-shirts to cover up any love handles and yet stay cool and not so sweaty during the warmer winds But what if it’s a super hot day what if it’s like 30 degrees Celsius outside, you’re not gonna wear a bomber jacket With a t-shirt and this is where polo shirts come in the green polo shirt is that again? They are a bit of a thicker material. They are a lightweight. You won’t really sweat too much But the great thing here is that the sleeves are cut just a little bit higher which will actually make your arms look a bit Bigger in a bit more muscular go with a darker palette as previously mentioned because these will obviously make you look tall darker And thinner darker which is because we’re going with black But then again also The great thing here is that caller to feature actually give you a nice separation between your chest shoulders and neck I think it’s a great look for bigger men in the summertime if you want to be a little more unique with it go with A pair of suit trousers and a pair of loafers with it I think you will get an excellent look and I personally think polo shirts or excellent for bigger, man Or if you have a little bit of a gut or a little bit You know, not the best developed Chest is a great way to mask some of that and stay cool and stylish in summertime if you guys are enjoying these videos So far be sure to drop a like and subscribe to channel for more Men style content like this as well as other lifestyle based Videos, let’s continue The number three on this list is to be more bold with some of your outfits Now a lot of times you watched video tutorials for style and fashion. Everything is pretty basic a cookie cutter and sort of universal they first I think if every guy no matter shape size and build follow that it will all kind of all dress the same there’s No, real fashion or style there everybody sort of wearing the same thing. I personally think as a bigger man You need to be a little bit more bold with your up and mix up Traditional pieces to stand out a little bit more and gain more Attention for the right reason not just people like look dad You huge not that or not like you got a bit of a love handle but make your sense of style wear a certain piece that you wear in your outfit sort of a point of conversation or just really attention grab this give me done with obviously sneakers are the easiest bet go for something like for example like a retro inspired sneaker or just you know, some pair of Jordans or some sort if you got the money some Collaborations are always great and just wear pieces that you don’t want see men traditionally wear This will take them traveling air and does come with experience But once you find something that’s a little bit more bold and it works for you and follow some basic style principles for a bigger Store style for bigger men which I mentioned previously and somewhat in this video You’ll actually be out dressing guys who are in great shape or just know or just have a lot more clothes in your wardrobe and then your size wouldn’t Really matter to people who you’re trying to attract tip number four deals with dressing comfortably and that is to go with a fitted Tracksuit I personally think for bigger men track suits. I’ve actually gained a lot of popularity because he combines two things simplicity and comforta just because something is comfortable and Simplistic doesn’t mean you can cut corners on your style if you want to have a good outfit for your frame some of the things that I personally do when I wear fitted tracks is cuz I you know Bigger side right now is to go with something That is a darker tone will make you look slimming and something that you can actually layer which is going with a zip versus a crewneck or a hoodie Great options that I like the idea of layering because you didn’t I wasn’t able to a white t-shirt like previously mentioned or another Short sleeve or long sleeve kind of t-shirt and I also like to be a little bit more bold here Which is one navy blue tractor that I’m wearing right now I have the red stripe down the side neck personally like it is a bit more It bit more breaks up the monotony of having wearing one single telling and the great thing is now projectors have become a lot more available in pieces and as well as individual sets on websites like Totman and fashion over meant for bigger men as well is actually a low-key banger hidden terrified on this list is sort of gonna take a little bit of time and that is for you to find a page and influence or a channel or or Person to follow on Instagram cool it a bit bigger and is also into style because I can do so many videos on Fashion tips for bigger men and outfits from bigger, but I think that would be a boring over time So if you really want to enhance your style as a bigger man and find out what really works for you what really doesn’t? find someone that’s already been through that and pick up something from them because every time you’re going on YouTube or Instagram you see men’s fashion influencers that are very attractive no homo and that are also a very good shape and that’s just not the majority of the public out there And I personally think if you really want to take your style seriously a hero and you sort of like the size that you’re at Right now or they’re just a little chunky or you’re you’re a big burly bear You’ve got to find somebody who has a similar build Into an instructor to you that it’s into style as well and learn from it. It could be a friend It could be a relative it could be again somebody on the internet and just find what works and what doesn’t specifically to you because I can’t give every single one of you a specific tip that would work or specific outfit where I can give Guidelines and parameters to follow that’s it for me today guys Those are five more style tips for bigger, man If you guys found this video helpful please drop a like and subscribe to channel for more men to our content like this as well as Grooming Dan your relationship of is over all confidence building videos to help you become the best version of yourself DVR so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video please


  1. Great job man but you're not big at all when it comes to people who look for clothing tips because they're big.

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