5 Man Bun Braid Styles for Guys with Long Hair

(roaring) (typing) – Hello, hair growers, and
welcome back to my channel. My name is Thomas if
you’re brand new here, and I make style and hair
related videos every single week. In this video today I’m
going to be covering five different man bun
braid hair styles for you. I probably should have
been wearing a man braid in this video, but I’m just
rocking this pony right now. What do you guys think?
It’s pretty cool, eh? I never wear a ponytail. No, I’ve just been getting
really inspired lately, not only from looking on
Instagram and Pinterest, but in the Facebook group,
“Man Buns & Manes” that I have. If you’re not a part of the group yet, I really want to encourage
you to go over and join. The link is in the description box. But a lot of these braided
styles came from inspiration from me looking in the group. It seems to be a really cool place where guys growing their hair out and looking for style
inspo can come together and kind of support each
other. I really feel like the community environment
is something that we need, particularly with growing our hair out. So if you have haven’t
joined the community yet make sure you come over and visit. The link is in the description. And without further ado, let’s get on with these
five braided man bun styles. All right so man bun
braid style number one is a really practical
one that I came up with. So other than wanting to be, like, entertaining and all these other things, I really like practical
things that solve problems. Now, if you’re in on the running joke, of my crooked hairline,
here on this channel, I came up with a braided man bun style called The Hairline Man Bun Braid. Okay, now what this is, is instead of the braid starting at the front of
the head and going back, it actually starts around here and comes forward along the hairline. And then tucks up in here. I did do filming for some of
these, as well. When I was I actually pre filmed the
hairstyles of me making them so that when I came to filming day, I just had footage that I
could already, you know, show. So the shitty thing is I only
got footage for three of them. The other two are just images.
But this one in particular, I didn’t get any footage
for it, unfortunately. However, here is the side
and the front on profile of this man bun braid. It does, I don’t know if I should say this on here, it kind of looks like a Jewish
hat or something like that. It looks a little bit funny
going across the hairline. But I thought it was a really,
really cool thing to try just because of the
hairline problem, you know? I mean, I’m not really that
insecure about my hairline, but I wanted to play around with it and just bring it to life, just to see if there was
something I could do. And this is what I came up with. So promoting covering up your flaws is probably not the best thing either. But it pays to have options, right? And I thought if I could create this and bring it to life and show you somebody might find
really good inspo from it. Particularly if you
have a crooked hairline and aren’t happy with yours.
Try it out. See how you go. It is, with this hairstyle, though, it is a little bit different compared to how you would normally braid. So, if you’ve been teaching
yourself how to braid, you’re going to get
really confused because it’s actually flipped around
and braided the other way. So you kinda gotta get
some ninja skills in there or just hand it over to your brother. Or just hand it over to your mother, your sister, or your girlfriend. Cool idea though, right?
Let me know what you think. Now for man bun braid style number two. So this one is called
The Tribraid Man Bun. They’re so long, these names.
I can’t remember them all. So the Tribraid Man Bun is literally just a braid on the side, a braid on this side, a braid on the top. And what happens is when the braid gets to
just behind the ear, what happens then is the braid it stops being a braid
and becomes a plait. So they leave the head. Then what I did with this
was I bunned all my hair up, and I actually use the
braids to wrap around the bun to give me like this really
cool, I wouldn’t even say, I don’t know if it’s a
samurai sort of look, but it looks really awesome. Here’s the images, and unfortunately this is another one of those hairstyles that I didn’t get any footage of. I’m gonna get these two, just
the pictures, out of the way. I’ll show you the
footage of the other ones a little bit later. I really love this one, actually. This one ended up being the new
Featured Image on my website for the man bun section. Go to the website and you
can have a closer look. Actually, for all of these hairstyles, if you want a closer look, there is a blog post sitting
in the description box as well over on manbunsandmanes.com. Make sure you repin it on Pinterest. Like and subscribe. Alrighty, and now for man
bun braid number three. So this is The Side
Braided Lowered Man Bun. Give me better names! Come
on, like, help me out here. So this one was actually a feature in my Vikings hairstyle video. I thought, seeing as I could
just repurpose it for this, because I actually
created those hairstyles all at the same time.
And what this one was, was just having two braids on one side, one braid on the other side, and having it tied up low down here. And if you guys remember from the Viking styles video that I did, the comparison image that
I used, or the inspo image, was vastly different. It had like two man buns
with the side braids, and my version was actually
just the lowered man bun with the side braids, so really,
really intricate as well. I mean, if you can learn how to braid, go and check out my braiding videos because they’ll definitely help you along with creating something like this. It’s one of my favs. I really love it. And in the Viking styles video, I did put a beard on myself with no shirt and this gold chain. But in this video, I actually switched the
look up a little bit like I wore my really cool
like geisha looking shirt with my chain and gave
a very different vibe. And no beard. So looks
really cool. Love that one. That’s probably going to be
the cover one on Instagram, it’s probably gonna be
in this thumbnail, too. And now for man bun braid number four. This one’s called The Top Braid Man Bun. So this one’s a very, very plain one. And it’s quite subtle and very easy to do. So if you know how to braid your hair, or you can even get away with
doing this with just a plait. But all it is, is a
braid in the front here. It goes from about here
to about here on the head. Once we get to here with the braid, we then plait it and then we tie it up and then we wrap the plait
around the bun as well. This one’s actually very simple. And I just thought it
would be really good for a man bun with a subtle hint of braid if you don’t want to go too extravagant, because when you do do
braids on your head, it’s very obvious. And I don’t know, it was just more of a
subtle one. It’s cute right? I did have footage of this one. So this is what this one
looked like in real life. The braid was a little bit messy, it could’ve been a bit tidier. However, when it’s hot, and
you’re braiding your hair and trying to do a million
hairstyles at once, it can be a difficult gig. So
give me a break, all right? but it’s a good one to try if you’re looking for something simple and not too, like, out there. These names like I’m just
going to get so confused. Thank God I wrote them down. So the next man bun is called The Double Side Braided Man Bun. And what this one is, is pretty much just like
The Tribrain Man Bun, except we’re missing the braid on the top. We just have two braids on the side and what these two braids do, again, we’re going to the back of the ear. Once we get to the back of the ear, we then turn it into a plait. And around the back of my head, I wrapped them around each other to give like a really cool look on
the actual back of my head. I really adored this one actually, it gave me more of a vibe where I could probably wear this in casual wear, or I could even wear it somewhere formal. It gave me a bit of a mix, and I really really
enjoyed creating that one. And I think with the the shirt as well. There’s something about florally
flowy boho and a man bun that really works together. I should probably do a video about wearing man buns with
what kind of clothes. I’m not sure why it works so well. But when I put my boho outfits on, and then toss my man bun into it, everything just seems to work. Have you guys notice that? Not just on me, but on you? So guys that is my five
man bun braid hair styles that I have come up with lately. Let me know in the comment section which one was your favourite. And if you’ve actually tried any of them, send me pictures somewhere. I mean, insert it into the Facebook group. That’s what it’s there
for. It’s there for inspo. And I wouldn’t have
created any of these styles if I wasn’t part of the
Facebook group and got inspired. In saying that, some
people would say that the entry process into the group is probably a little bit tedious. But there’s a really good reason for it. So when you click the link
in the description box, it’s going to actually take you to the Man Buns & Manes website where you can actually
read about the group, and what you can expect in there. And then from there, you can click a link, and it’s going to take you to Facebook, where it’s going to offer you to join. But the next step after that is: There’s three questions
that I ask you in there. Now, the reason I asked
those questions is because depending on how detailed they are, if people just write one thing or write really silly answers, it’s an indication to me that they’re not like really in it for the group. They’re just wanting to come
and see, or maybe even spam. And the idea of the community is to keep it really spam free, and just keep it really inspirational. So if you’re wondering
why it’s such a like, long process, then that’s why. And if you do enter, please make sure you answer
the questions correctly because if you don’t, to
me, that’s a signal of like, not really giving a shit. So and I don’t want
anybody in there like that. But there is, however, two and a half thousand
people already in there and I’m very, very excited for that. I just want to keep growing. Alright, cool! Links
in the description box. Also, if you want to get featured on the Man Buns & Manes Instagram page, all you have to do is follow the account and tag @manbunsandmanes. And
we’ll get you on that feature. In saying that, as well, there is like a certain look
that we’re going for there. We got to keep everything congruent. So, if you can have a look at some of the photos
there before tagging, and I want the grid to look
good. So just keep that in mind. But I’m happy to share any
of you that have great hair. Okay, thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the
next video. Goodbye. (kissing hands) (explosion)


  1. I feel like the braids gives off a masculine touch to show that guys can rock it to and the Facebook group really helps with inspo has helped me

  2. 4:16 I have a new name for this hairstyle could be: Valkyrie Braid because it thinks me of a picture from a poem from the Viking Age in Denmark Hope u all have a good dag

  3. Timely video. ( I liked all but the first look ). Last night I was headed to a friends house and wanted to wear my long curly hair down but the shear volume in the back was making me second guess myself. The hood on my hoodie makes it even bigger than it is. So i plaited the under side into left and right coming forward over my shoulders. That allowed my hair when loose to hang closer to my head and I just tucked the braids into my hoodie collar. Worked great.

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