okay, so i have been seeing this shirt on pinterest. I’ll insert some pictures. so you’ve probaly seen this gucci shirt and i’m not somebody who really wears a lot of high end clothing you know im the kind of girl who goes to Forever 21, get something that looks expensive, and just like hope that i’m tricking everybody, Anyway, that’s the kind of girl I am. i saw this shirt on pinterest and I feel like everyone has it. I thought it was kind of cool. I was like, you know what, everyone has it. You know it’s a luxury brand, but it can’t be more than like 50 bucks, right? I mean you can’t just charge that much for a t-shirt. I don’t know. i’m gonna look up how much the shirt is and maybe I’ll buy it So this shirt umm… for a white t-shirt. This is Gucci on it four hundred and fifty dollars. Oh Okay, yeah, I’m not going to get this shirt, originally I was like you know, if it’s 50 bucks sure I’ll drop 50 bucks on a white t-shirt that says Gucci on it Just because like just because they want to look cool to you. They want to be Trendy. You know okay? Sure, you know. I’m willing to drop the big bucks to buy a cool sure sure but for 450 bucks No, would you want I’m not going to give up right now because I could just look at this price and be like Ice there’s no way I could do this. I can’t just buy a $450 shirt I’m not a celebrity and I’m not loaded so you know what I supposed to do just look at this and give up and just edit you know I Know I’m on you. You won’t get the Gucci shirt, no I’m gonna Dig matters into my own Frickin hands, and I’m gonna get myself a gucci shirt. How am I gonna do it? I don’t know Brb I’m back Let me show you what I got. It’s time to do a little gucci haul. So first I got this plain white t-shirt This is Brighter brands, Gildan next I got some paint brushes and last but not least I got Fabric paint in the colors Crimson ganache that is classy metallic pure gold pure gold people I’m not skimping out I want a GucCi shirt And I’m going to get pure gold Frickin paint like what do you think in Shamrocks because I’m like Channeling my Irish roots Firm as you can see I did not go out and purchase an actual Gucci shirt, because well I have maybe 20 dollars in my bank account right now So that just wasn’t going to work now that I have these beautiful materials I’m going to attempt to create my own Gucci shirt, and you know what I’m gonna wear this around Every single day of my entire life and people are screaming like oh my God like wow that’s like really cool like where’d you get? It and I’ll be like I got it from the Gucci store. You just kidding Huh, I don’t really know how to do this But I’m just going to do it shout out to Michael’s for making this happen make creativity happen Sadly This is not me being creative. This is just me being cheap We’re going to see what we can do okay, so you got a nice little white tee going on here going to lay this out out oh Okay, the first step is to write the words Gucci on the front that’s easy enough I mean like right Gucci big whoop with a pencil by the way I’m using a pencil because you know if I mess up then I can erase it even though I don’t even think you can actually erase on a shirt, but I don’t really even care okay I just finished drawing the g looks pretty good I’d show you guys, but you guys don’t probably care about the pencil part so far this looks pretty real I say if I walked around right now and people would just be like oh, yeah It’s just Gucci’s new line like whatever Gucci if you’re watching this video Please send me a real one just so that I can like compare you know just for like marketing purposes It doesn’t make any sense, okay net okay now I have to draw the Gucci logo, and this is a little bit complicated But I think that we can make it work kind of a g, and then it’s like achieve backwards, okay? We can make that work. I can make it work, okay? We’re getting somewhere This is just the easy part. This is just sketching it out. You know This is the part anyone can do when it comes to the paint part that’s when things are going to get Frickin intense Now that I’d find us Now that I finally finished my sketch I think it’s time for me to start painting but this paint is like permanent when you will stain your clothes So I kind of need to protect my outfit because like you know, I’m wearing a very high-end outfit right now a hoodie and leggings, so I need to protect my outfit, so Let’s get started I mean, I knew that I was trashed before but I’m really feeling it now I’m going to take my solid gold paint. This is actual gold trying to make an actual Gucci shirt So why would I get something that wasn’t gold just paint alone with a hundred bucks? But it’s still gonna be cheaper than the actual beauty sure is so like whatever. I’m just kidding This is not gold okay. Think guys that kind of money Are you kidding me? I knew screw the top off. I need this is oh You know when they like put a little plastic thing on top to like keep it all you know safe inside Oh, I forgot to take that off um Threw that out of the thought that was way too much, okay? I probably shouldn’t be doing this right on top of the shirt I’m honestly I’m kind of an idiot, but just go with it, okay Okay, I’m gonna take this brush, and I’m just going to dip it in the gold And I’m just going to start painting. This is kind of like too light like I feel like this should be darker It’s like the gold is like too light color. So maybe I should add some brown Do you know what? I’m Gonna add some brown oh? My God this trash bag is like. No joke inflating my heat, so I’m like sweating so much wow I am sweating okay Okay, this time. I’m actually taking the little thing off the top ah I hope this is non-toxic some of it on my mouth It doesn’t say if it’s non-toxic, and I just got some of it in my mouth So if I die, that’s why I added a little bit of brown And I think that this might help it look a little bit more gucci You like because you know like there’s always that look to like fake gold color it looks too yellow Gucci desires every they’re Disrespected and angry at me right now for its even thinking that I could just use that kind of shade as goal So rude of me okay, not even gonna Lie Just like Loki looks really good and I’m like kind of scared because I hope duty doesn’t try to like kill me for like stealing their brand because like I am Making their $400 shirt for like 20 bucks. Okay. I kind of messed this up. Okay. The sea is not going so good I just can’t wait to wear this in public forever like every single day of my life to school to the store to bed like I just can’t wait to wear this constantly and For people to just be like wow she is the most rich person. I’ve ever seen in my life You know she’s the kind of girl that would drop that much money on a t-shirt. I love that girl You know one like on t-Shirts and stuff There’s like that little like are in the corner that I don’t even know what it means, okay? That didn’t really works. We’re looking freaking good. Okay. I’m not even kidding like no joke I don’t know if they’ll probably sue me, but you know I don’t even care if they sue me I’m going to take it as flattery They’re actually like nervous because I’m so good at this like you know that would be flattering It’d be like I’d be walking into jail, and I’d be like yo like Like I trolled Gucci. This is just my own form of art. You can’t sue me. I’m going fun Don’t sue a little girl for having freaking fun. I’m living for this bit books bomb next step outlining the Gucci logo Let’s get into it, okay So far this isn’t going so well because the g is a little bit sick So I’m supposed to be kind of sin And it’s kind of a little bit bigger than I think it should be in it if it’s a little bit unique to me then I don’t like brag to people about how is nobody else has this you know. It’s a limited edition. You can’t find it online That’s why it looks so different because like Gucci made it for me That’s the tips if anybody ever tries to say that your clothes are fake to see like no I just got the most limited edition one that you could ever get so like good luck finding it buddy Because it doesn’t exist. I mean because Because I was made for me one is they’re little mini cheese They’re supposed to be the same size But one is a little bit bigger than the other but I don’t even care because do you know what everybody makes mistakes And there’s no going back now, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Yeah this logo is not the cutest. It’s definitely struggling I’m not going to lie to you right now It is struggling after seeing that I’m a little bit worried But you know what you just can’t give up And you just have to keep going I have to add the lines on the side you get it that’s easy enough we go oh ah I keep getting some of it in my mouth, but I forget I doesn’t even face in on topic So like I could be dying from this right now now all I have to do is draw a line I think I can do this Okay, I think that I definitely center this properly It’s definitely a little bit shifted over to the side But whatever you know what if you are going to notice and stuff like that They’re going to notice quality paint job and everything else about it. That’s so perfect and flawless last paint color of the day Okay, I’m going to try to take this off without using my mouth this time because I really don’t want to get any more paint Into my mouth because you know what like I don’t want to die. You know, but it’s hard to get it off without your teeth shoot There we go when in doubt stab it with scissors Don’t do that actually perfect wait Why does this like an all of that bad like I’m low-key impressed as myself right now Be this kind of looks like it’s kind of good like it doesn’t look real but like maybe this should be a new thing for people like me who just Can’t drop that much money on a gucCi shirt. Just freaking diy it I think that the future diy people at some point people just aren’t even going to buy clothes anymore They’re just going to freaking diys everything all the times because not only is it freaking fun But it’s fricking cheap didn’t want I said make my own Gucci shirt I wanted to be able to buy my own busy shirt But now I’m starting to realize that you know what this is actually waste Frickin better and this looks awesome This is like too. Spot-on. I’m actually concerned as to how good this looks, but I’m also excited. So there’s that – hey Oh my God. I’m talking to the camera you hear the anatomy I Literally thought you’re go get out the last detail just add a little bit of gold at the end Why is why does this look so good? I’m like genuinely weirded out right now. Oh my God what the heck? I don’t even know this do with myself right now. Okay. Here’s the final shirt. I mean come on Okay, yeah like this side is a little bit shorter than this side the proportions are really done that well But I mean I even have like the little the little are right here. You feel like I did a little rei Wow Yes, yes, when the universe shoots you down And you’re just like what the heck you forget to take a deep breath and you go to the craft store? And you just do it You know what a great feeling because this shirt now Very personal meaning to me these you know what I made it not somebody in a factory somewhere I made this so it means so much more to me and if people come in. They’re like What is she doing wearing a freaking painted Gucci shirt, and then I would respond What are you doing with your real Gucci shirt like what are you doing with it? It’s cute and I’m jealous that would be nice. This is way cooler No one else has a shirt that you may doubt it. Do you think anybody else has a shirt no? It’s impossible You can’t have a shirt. Sorry buddy. I made it this is limited edition, and I love it So don’t hate on me actually you can hate on me you walk Because haters are my motivators and honestly if you’re at home, and you want to make this fricking shirt? Do it anybody who hates on you about your Frickin Gucci shirt? They’re lost and also I’d rather spend $450 on something like iced coffees. That’s a way better use of that money $450, okay? I could get 100 iced almond milk latte a hundred for the amount of that shirt a hundred iced almond milk lattes Do you know how much joy that would bring me in my life a lot that solves all my problems look at it It has frickin personality It’s a little bit wonky, but like it has personality and it has a soul, and it was created by yours truly So that just makes it 10 times freaking dope er. You know what I mean wow Thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down below anything you want. I love you I appreciate you, and I will see you next time you


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