$425 Muddy Jeans Vs. DIY

– (laughs) That’s the good stuff. I was going around on the internet when I came across these mud jeans. I mean, they look like
a normal pair of jeans, but they are pre-dirtied so that you can put them on and immediately look like
you’ve done a hard day’s work. I’ve found myself outside
on a few occasions, but I’m definitely not
a get your hands dirty, let’s build a barn, type of person. Yeah, I’m kinda envious of that lifestyle. I wish I could maybe be
a little more outdoorsy. Oh God, they’re so dirty. Like, oil spill meets demolition derby. Oh no. These pair of jeans are $425. I wish I could pull that
off, but there’s no way. Hey, so we’re gonna go try and find some denims to DIY our
own inexpensive version, so let’s go. Looks like we found the pants. We’ve got the denim outfit. We’re gonna dirty this up. Let’s do this. Okay, so we have our denim suit. We have our blank slate here. I think it’s time we try to get this as dirty as the expensive one. But first, it’d be a real shame if we got our hands dirty. Let’s get started. Alright, so we’re gonna
take this mixture here. A lot of pocket work, as they
say in the fashion world. I think it looks pretty cool. Go ahead and dirty up the knees. Rub that bleach in. These jeans are, they’re gonna smell good. I think we are going to graduate to just brown shoe polish. Yeah, I worry I should
have worn dirtier socks. I’m just rubbing dirt on me. But the look, to be fair, we’re definitely getting there. I mean, this absolutely
looks real ’cause it is. This also looks real. And the pants, I mean, I think we’re definitely
coming pretty close to replicating the $900 outfit. This is our denim recreation, and I think we did a pretty good job. I am pretty amazed at how this turned out. This looks real. This looks like I actually
had a terrible accident. This smells way worse. The other one just
smells like new clothes. This smells like a garbage disposal. You can buy a jacket and regular jeans, and I think you can get
that sort of rugged, dirty look on your own without literally spending a
month’s rent on one outfit. I’m the same person I was before. I’m a phony. I gave it a valiant effort. Medically, it looks like
something’s wrong with me. The expensive ones still look like mud. This looks like I poop out of the front. I don’t know.


  1. seriously i think the human population is geting dumber and dumber who the hell pays 425 dollars for a pair of god damn dirty pants

  2. I havent read any comment cause i do not wanna know if anyone is thinking the same thing..but this really pisses me off..its degrading to people like me who get our hands dirty to make clean money unlike these high payed paper pushers, the world we live in wasnt built by men in suits!

  3. maybe I should sell my husband's dirty work clothes. he does hard labor and comes home with head to toes in real dirt and oil.

  4. omg to much it's like you want muddy clothes give me your clothes and let's go roll in my yard after it rained. Pls…. bye

  5. I bought a pair of jeans for $25, rolled in some mud and then was kicked out of a restaurant. So I had $400 on me and spent it on buying nice clean clothes. I ended up walking past that same restaurant giving them the bird while I ate food I found in the dumpster. I think I have my priorities straight 😉

  6. I honestly liked the diy more in the thumbnail without reading I thought those where the mudd jeans

  7. With the diy version, you have to dirty it so specifically after every wash. That would take so much time. (Probably the only good thing about the expensive jeans.) Also, why would people want to look like they have crap on themselves?

  8. SAD…. The video and the fact u made fake mud… and you bought the jeans and jacket for 850$? lmao Buzzfeed sucks.

  9. 40% of comments: Why are these a thing?
    50%: Get your own ideas BuzzFeed
    8%: Mentioning the price of the regular ones
    2%: People who actually want to do this

  10. If you're going to use someone else's ideas, at least give them credit. Jeez buzzfeed. Unsubscribing ✌️. I'll go watch Annika Victoria's funny video again.

  11. I'm sorry if Buzzfeed "copied" Annika Victoria like who cares people have the same video ideas all the time and Buzzfeed posts so frequently it's bound to happen

  12. Don't get me wrong, I hate them both, but the DIY outfit looks slightly better to me and I'm not shocked

  13. I have a $5 denim jacket from the flea market. I absolutely won't destroy it as a look…

    Who the hell has nearly $1000 to spend on clothing?

  14. So you copy Annika Victoria's video and it's not even more entertaining or as good of a DIY or any new idea added even?!???

  15. They also actually have a whole giant line of clothes like this. They also have paint dirtied clothes and whatnot

  16. don't feel like doing laundry? just sell your dirty clothes for a ridiculous price, apparently someone will buy them

  17. This. This right here is what's wrong with the world. Why. Why would you spend good money for dirty clothes. Why. Why would you go out wearing muddy clothes. Why. Why would you make a mess of perfectly clean brand new clothes and wear it out out. Why. Why is this a thing. Why 🙄😒😷😤😡

  18. Imagine this scenario:
    Me: Goes to the laundry shop
    Me: hey dude ! Can u plz just clean these $$$ jeans?
    Laundry guy: ya sure! It'll be ready in 2 days!
    Me: thnx

    Mean while….
    Laundry guy: * Goes mad*

  19. I think the real one looks a teeny tiny bit better but considering the price I would defiantly go for the DIY version.

  20. for the little people like me $110 & $800 sound like the same numbers for this look. $30 max for the outfit (jeans are $10 but I don't know if I could find similar jacket for less than $20). pretty sure I can stain them at a range from free to $10.

  21. So someone went to a thrift store and got a homeless guys pants and now sells them for $400….
    I have a pair of pants that look like that and they made me over $400.

  22. So, buying someone else's laundry is a cool thing? I can sell you mine for less… and get myself a new wardrobe!

  23. Anyone listening: I work in a scolding hot metal foundry and I have a weekly supply of 5 – 7 pairs of premium dirty work pants. Holes and the occasional sharpie mark included for you fashionistas out there. I'll sell you them for a discounted price of $1,000 for a weekly pair. Email me your orders to be expedited immediately.

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